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China Stocks & ETFs, Headlines, and Posts Bucket Watchlist of China Stocks, ETFs, Headlines and Posts

Types of Stocks and ETFs: China, Chinese technology, online China, etc.

Watchlist of Stocks and ETFs Based on Theme: Companies Related to China.

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Important Note: Most of the stocks and ETFs in this list directly relate to China; however, a few may just somewhat depend and/or be indirectly related to China. As always complete your own due diligence.

China Stocks & ETFs

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08/21/2017: China blasts U.S. 'protectionism' after Trump triggers trade probe

08/15/2017: China responds to U.S. trade probe

08/11/2017: China neutral if North Korea strikes U.S.: state-run newspaper editorial

08/08/2017: Trade data out of China

08/05/2017: This is why U.S. investors should be worried about China

08/02/2017: U.S. weighs trade case against China

07/31/2017: Trump warns China on N.Korea

07/30/2017: Trump warns China on N.Korea

07/27/2017: 'China is everywhere' in Africa's rising technology industry

07/27/2017: US start-up WeWork raises $500 million from SoftBank and Hony Capital to expand into China

07/26/2017: China's banks are now stable as 'shadow' banking looks less threatening, Moody's says

07/26/2017: Wynn Resorts shares crater after walk-in business in China slows down

07/26/2017: The great fall of China stocks is near

07/25/2017: China to turn all centrally owned giants into joint-stock firms by the end of the year

07/25/2017: China's HNA just saw a $416 million investment pact fall apart after regulators disapproved

07/25/2017: China securities regulator says will steadily expand opening of capital markets

07/25/2017: Apple is at risk of falling out of the top 5 smartphone vendors in China

07/25/2017: As India and China face off in the mountains, a new confrontation is growing in the ocean

07/24/2017: China harshly warns India on border face off: Will protect sovereignty 'at all costs'

07/24/2017: LVMH's Louis Vuitton launches e-commerce website in China

07/23/2017: China may face a brain drain as VPN crackdown creates 'unthinkable' trial by firewall

07/23/2017: Op-Ed: China will cooperate to narrow US trade deficit

07/22/2017: One of China's hottest start-ups was just hit with a lawsuit after the death of a minor

07/21/2017: A grain deal may signal the U.S.-China relationship isn't as bad as it seems

07/20/2017: A grain deal may signal the U.S.-China relationship isn't as bad as it seems

07/20/2017: China's yuan climbs against the dollar, boosted by Trump's troubles

07/20/2017: US toughens stance on foreign deals in blow to China's buying spree

07/20/2017: US bank card companies to seek licenses to operate in China in months

07/20/2017: China is clamping down on foreign firms' internet use and there's a worry it might jeopardize trade secrets

07/19/2017: More US-China trade tensions expected after disappointing talks

07/19/2017: US, China fail to agree on trade, casting doubt on other issues

07/19/2017: US, China disagreed on how to reduce trade deficit, official says

07/19/2017: US officials demand China make its trade 'more fair' at talks

07/18/2017: Taiwan watches as China closes in on Hong Kong

07/18/2017: 'Making China great again': Beijing-run media crows as US stumbles

07/18/2017: The world's largest sharing economy has everything: Bikes, basketballs, beds and batteries

07/18/2017: Indonesia is protecting its South China Sea turf against 'foreign' threats

07/18/2017: Copycat no more: China's shedding its image with innovation after innovation

07/18/2017: The threat of a trade war is straining US-China relations

07/18/2017: Watch out, Tesla: This Warren Buffett-backed Chinese electric vehicle maker plans US expansion

07/17/2017: Asian markets pressured as dollar tumbles on US health-care news

07/17/2017: China to keep monitoring 'irrational' overseas investments

07/17/2017: Asia markets mixed a day after mainland China sees 'Black Monday'; dollar tumbles

07/17/2017: China bank watchdog to tighten control amid regulatory shake-up

07/17/2017: Asia markets subdued a day after mainland China sees 'Black Monday'; ASX down 0.4%, Nikkei off 0.3%

07/17/2017: Asia markets look to data after mainland China sees 'Black Monday'

07/17/2017: Despite expectation-beating China GDP, mainland markets close down; rest of Asia mixed

07/17/2017: China maintains GDP growth rate

07/16/2017: China's top graft buster attacks 'unhealthy' political culture

07/16/2017: Despite expectation-beating China GDP, mainland markets down; rest of Asia in the green

07/16/2017: China GDP beat expectations, but its markets are rattled - here's why

07/16/2017: Winnie the Pooh just got blacklisted by China

07/16/2017: China property investment, sales quicken in June despite government curbs

07/16/2017: China reports 6.9% second-quarter GDP growth on year, topping expectations

07/16/2017: China is set to report its quarterly GDP - here's what investors are watching

07/16/2017: Asia markets mixed in early trade ahead of China Q2 GDP; Kospi gains 0.5%, ASX down 0.4%

07/16/2017: Asia markets to focus on China Q2 GDP; dollar defensive after softer US data

07/16/2017: China central bank told by Xi to play bigger role in managing financial risk

07/13/2017: South China Sea concerns flare up as Duterte weighs drilling in Beijing's claims

07/13/2017: Chinese spy ship reportedly lurking off coast of Alaska, watching anti-missile test

07/13/2017: China could be using fusion power in 50 years, nuclear scientist predicts

07/13/2017: Heightened trade tensions with China?

07/12/2017: China reports expectation-topping June trade data as global demand holds strong

07/12/2017: China is still playing catch up to Silicon Valley, says drone maker co-founder

07/12/2017: Asian markets gain after Wall Street closes up as Yellen comments digested; Kospi hits record high

07/12/2017: Asia gains after Wall Street closes up; Yellen comments digested; ASX up 0.9%, Nikkei gains 0.4%

07/12/2017: Asian markets expected to digest Yellen comments as Wall Street closes up; dollar slips overnight

07/12/2017: Apple sets up China data center to meet new cybersecurity rules

07/12/2017: There's a strange accounting trick behind one of China's largest property deals ever

07/11/2017: KFC - yes that KFC - is selling its own smartphones in China

07/11/2017: China slams repeated calls from the US to put more pressure on North Korea

07/10/2017: One of China's top tech firms plans to flood the world with 2,000 stores within three years

07/09/2017: Chinese June inflation year-over-year data matches expectations: CPI up 1.5%, PPI up 5.5%

07/09/2017: China is set to release inflation data: Here's what investors are looking for

07/09/2017: Stripe strikes global partnerships with China's Alipay, WeChat Pay

07/06/2017: What happened when superstar pianist Lang Lang took a trip down memory lane in Beijing

07/06/2017: Superstar pianist Lang Lang shows CNBC the best of Beijing

07/06/2017: China is focusing on the wrong things to fix its economy, says economist

07/06/2017: US bombers challenge China in South China Sea flyover

07/06/2017: Asian markets pressured after softer US close and rise in bond yields

07/06/2017: China-USA relations may have reached a turning point - and not for the better

07/06/2017: China and India embroiled in worst stand-off in decades: A road on the border led to it

07/06/2017: Asian markets pressured following softer US close and rise in bond yields

07/06/2017: Asian markets pressured following softer US close and bond yields rise

07/06/2017: Asian markets set to open lower following softer US close and bond yield rise

07/06/2017: Early movers: TSLA, INTC, COST, YUMC, P, F, PSMT & more

07/05/2017: Pizza Hut weighs on Yum China growth

07/05/2017: China could export a recession to everyone else, says ex-IMF economist

07/05/2017: Diplomacy with China is the only option left to 'put a ceiling' on North Korea

07/05/2017: Trump suggests the pressure on China over North Korea may just be beginning

07/05/2017: Trump denounces China trade with North Korea, casts doubt on cooperation

07/04/2017: China cuts use of dirty coal by 40 percent, Wood Mackenzie says

07/04/2017: 'Best time in history' for China-Russia relationship: Xi and Putin boost ties

07/04/2017: China Caixin Services PMI slowed in June, but signals continued expansion

07/04/2017: China shadow banking is slowing amid more coordinated government measures, says Moody's

07/03/2017: ‘Negative factors' affecting US relationship with China, Xi tells Trump

07/03/2017: Markets in Asia close mostly higher after Caixin PMI beat forecasts

07/02/2017: Trump discusses North Korea threat in calls with China, Japan leaders

07/02/2017: Asia markets mostly tad up after Caixin PMI beat forecasts, with modest gains in Nikkei, Hong Kong

07/02/2017: Stocks in Asia mixed in early trade with Caixin PMI awaited

07/01/2017: Trump is taking the wrong approach to China on tech, says ex-Reagan official who helped beat Soviets

07/01/2017: China's Xi talks tough on Hong Kong as thousands protest for democracy

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