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Food Shortage Stocks & ETFs, Headlines, and Posts Bucket Watchlist of Food Shortage Stocks, ETFs, Headlines and Posts

Types of Stocks and ETFs: farming, agriculture, etc.

Watchlist of Stocks and ETFs Based on Theme: Companies Related to Food Shortage.

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Important Note: Most of the stocks and ETFs in this list directly relate to food-shortage; however, a few may just somewhat depend and/or be indirectly related to food-shortage. As always complete your own due diligence.

Food Shortage Stocks & ETFs

Company / ETF Name
Market Cap



Recent Food Shortage Posts (Pulses)

10/19/2017: $KHC Kraft Heinz: Suntory Beverage & Food Limited to transfer all the shares in CPL's three entities, operating the food and instant coffee business to KHC. -- Go to this Pulse Post

09/27/2017: $CMG Chipotle Mexican Grill earns an 'A' grade in the Chain Reaction III Report and Scorecard, a ranking of the country's largest fast food and fast casual restaurant companies based on their policies for antibiotic use in farm animals. -- Go to this Pulse Post