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Social Media Stocks & ETFs, Headlines, and Posts Bucket Watchlist of Social Media Stocks, ETFs, Headlines and Posts

Types of Stocks and ETFs: social media, social networking, messaging, etc.

Watchlist of Stocks and ETFs Based on Theme: Companies Related to Social Media.

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Important Note: Most of the stocks and ETFs in this list directly relate to social media; however, a few may just somewhat depend and/or be indirectly related to social media. As always complete your own due diligence.

Social Media Stocks & ETFs

Company / ETF Name
Market Cap


08/22/2017: The solar eclipse was more popular than the Super Bowl on Facebook

08/17/2017: Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook will remove 'any post that promotes or celebrates hate crimes'

08/16/2017: How companies like Google and Facebook are standing up to neo-Nazis and other hate groups

08/11/2017: In China, Facebook tests the waters with a stealth app

08/09/2017: Why Facebook should pay us a basic income

08/07/2017: Alphabet, Facebook and Twitter price targets hiked as analyst sees double-digit gains

07/31/2017: Analyst who had Facebook wrong before doubles down, predicts nearly 20% drop

07/31/2017: Analyst downgrades Facebook to rare sell rating, predicts nearly 20% drop

07/27/2017: Stocks hit record highs as Facebook rises on strong earnings

07/27/2017: Mark Zuckerberg's got the next 5 years figured out and Facebook stock is cheap, Cramer says

07/27/2017: Stocks open at record highs as Facebook soars on strong earnings

07/26/2017: Live blog: Facebook profits jump 71% ahead of the busiest day of the earnings season

07/25/2017: Here’s why Amazon, Facebook and the gang are not going to take down this market

07/25/2017: Elon Musk: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's knowledge of A.I.'s future is 'limited'

07/20/2017: Wall Street has trimmed its estimates on Facebook this quarter, expecting an expensive video push

07/19/2017: United CEO on passenger dragging: We need to adapt to the new social media era

07/15/2017: Meet the man who helped Facebook bring Snapchat to its knees

07/13/2017: Facebook's HR chief reveals how to get a job at the social media giant

07/12/2017: Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook is open to working with Congress on net neutrality

07/11/2017: Op-Ed: Why a messaging start-up is making its own digital currency instead of going public

07/03/2017: Here's how Snapchat can escape the Facebook 'death star,' according to analyst Mark Mahaney

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