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October 11, 2004 Stock Pick: Charter Communications, Inc. (CHTR)

Stock Price: $1.32

Charter Communications, Inc. is a broadband communications company providing a full range of advanced broadband services to the home. Charter provides cable television, business-to-business video, data and Internet protocol (IP) solutions through Charter Business(TM).

CHTR's largest investor is Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft. CHTR is also heavily owned by Wally Weitz, a famous Nebraska-based investor. These two names are keeping CHTR afloat even when the company has $18 billion in net debt.

Everyone is saying sell CHTR, we believe there is still a pop in store for the speculative investor. At this moment 55% of the stock is being shorted. If good news ever came out or the company somehow began to turn around operations then there'd be a spectacular short squeeze.

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