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December 18, 2007 Stock Pick: Live Person, Inc. (LPSN)

Stock Price: $5.78

LivePerson, Inc. provides hosted software that enables customers to assist their online visitors.

LPSN has grown revenues from $17.39 million in 2004 to $22.27 million in 2005 to $33.52 million in 2006. The company has already generated revenue of over $35 million for the first three quarters of 2007. Net income has been strong for LPSN and continues to be strong with profit in the first three quarters of 2007 at $3.41 million.

Chat assistance software on retail sites and other Web sites is becoming increasingly popular. We believe LPSN is a leader in this space and has solid fundamentals to continue growth. The Live Person brand can be leveraged to build even greater success.

LPSN had cash and cash equivalents of $30.16 million as of September 30, 2007 with no long-term debt. LPSN has been cash flow positive over the past several quarters.

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