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September 7, 2006 Stock Pick: Oxigene, Inc. (OXGN)

Stock Price: $3.78

Oxigene, Inc. is an emerging pharmaceutical company developing novel small-molecule therapeutics to treat cancer and eye diseases.

OXGN just filled out a cup pattern in its chart emerging from a 52-week low of $2.82 in late July.

OXGN has $51.67 million in cash and marketable securities. Assets total $53.26 million while liabilities total only $4.04 million. OXGN has a very clean balance sheet with a book value of $1.75.

Indicating the promise of OXGN is the huge insider buying occurring recently. Look at this massive insider buying. Over $700,000 in OXGN shares have been bought buy insiders since June betwee $3.07 and $3.53.

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