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November 15, 2005 Stock Pick: SINA Corporation (SINA)

Stock Price:$24.77

SINA Corporation is an online media company and value-added information services provider. The company offers a network of localized Websites targeting China and the Chinese community acrossed the globe.

SINA's website holdings can be thought of as a sort of of China with search, email, news, social, and game offerings. At a market cap of $1.31 billion, SINA has the opportunity to befriend over a billion Chinese and grow their market cap to the size of comparable US search sites.

SINA now has a P/E of just over 30, which doesn't seem extreme for a company in China and in the search space. SINA is near its 52-week low and appears to have strong support at the $24 level. It's time for SINA to start trending upwards again. The company plans to buy back $15 million of its stock.

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