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September 27, 2007 Stock Pick: TradeStation Group, Inc. (TRAD)

Stock Price: $11.67

TradeStation Group, Inc. offers the TradeStation platform to the active trader and certain institutional trader markets.

TRAD has grown revenue from $71.84 million in 2004 to $100.51 million in 2005 to $128.54 million in 2006. Net income has grown from $14.69 million to $21.06 million to $31.01 million over the same period.

In the company's most recent quarter, the company reported revenue of $38.21 million and net income of $8.13 million.

TRAD has been in an uptrend since bottoming at $9.41 in August and generally has a history of performing well during the second half of the year. We believe TRAD's uptrend can continue into the new year.

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