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Symbol Company Name Price
F Ford Motor Co. $11.72
FAB First Trust Multi Cap Value AlphaDEX $52.024
FABK First Advantage Bancorp. $19.55
FABP Farmers Bancorp $
FAC First Acceptance Corp. $1.17
FAD First Trust Multi Cap Growth AlphaDEX $56.7524
FAF First American Financial Corporation $49.25
FAGI Full Alliance Group Inc. $
FAHLF First Asia Holdings Limited $0.40
FAIRF Santonia Energy Inc. $
FALC Falconstor Software Inc. $0.46
FALN iShares Trust - iShares Fallen Angels USD Bon $27.65
FAM First Trust/Aberdeen Global Opp $
FAMDF Futura Medical plc $0.34
FAME Flamemaster Corp. $9.50
FAN First Trust ISE Global Wind Energy $
FANDY FirstRand Limited $41.3016
FANG Diamondback Energy, Inc. $93.97
FANH Fanhua Inc. $8.48
FANUF Fanuc Corporation $201.58
FANUY Fanuc Corporation $20.37
FAPXF Full Apex Holdings Ltd. $
FARE World Moto, Inc. $
FARM Farmer Brothers Co. $29.05
FARO FARO Technologies Inc. $33.0828
FARYF FAR Limited $
FAS Direxion Daily Financial Bull 3X Shares $49.97
FASC First American Scientific Corp. $
FAST Fastenal Company $44.10
FASV First American Silver Corp. $0.0115
FATE Fate Therapeutics, Inc. $4.25
FAUS First Trust Australia AlphaDEX $32.15
FAV First Trust Dividend and Income $
FAVS First Aviation Services Inc. $
FAX Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Fu $
FAZ Direxion Daily Financial Bear 3X Shares $
FB Facebook, Inc. $171.11
FBAK First National Bank Alaska $1,780.00
FBASF Fibra UNO $1.75
FBAYF Fortune Bay Corp. $
FBBN Bank of Southern California, N.A. $
FBBPF FIBRA Prologis $1.73
FBC Flagstar Bancorp Inc. $33.82
FBCD FBC Holding, Inc. $
FBCE FiberCore Inc. $0.001
FBCI First Banking Center, Inc. $
FBCP Founders Bancorp $
FBEC Frontier Beverage Company, Inc., Prior To Rev $
FBER Agritech Worldwide, Inc. $0.0028
FBFS FirstBank Financial Services Inc. $
FBG UBS Fisher Enhanced Big Cap Growth ETN $
FBGRF Finbond Group Limited $
FBHS Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc. $64.31
FBIO Fortress Biotech, Inc. $4.37
FBIP FNB Bancorp, Inc. $160.00
FBIZ First Business Financial Services, Inc. $21.30
FBM Foundation Building Materials Inc. $15.20
FBMI Firstbank Corporation $
FBMS First Bancshares Inc. $28.90
FBNC First Bancorp $32.005
FBNIQ FBI Wind Down, Inc. $
FBNK First Connecticut Bancorp, Inc. $24.85
FBOHY Forbo Holding AG $
FBOO First Bank Of Ohio $
FBOP Augusta Industries Inc. $
FBP First Bancorp $5.55
FBPA The Farmers Bank of Appomattox $26.10
FBPI First Bancorp of Indiana Inc. $
FBPRM First Bancorp $
FBPRN First Bancorp $
FBPRP First Bancorp $24.25
FBR Fibria Celulose SA $
FBRC FBR & Co. $
FBSI First Bancshares Inc. $11.05
FBSS Fauquier Bankshares Inc. $
FBSW First National Bankshares Corp. $
FBT First Trust NYSE Arca Biotech Index $106.15
FBTN FreeButton, Inc. $
FBTT First Bankers Trustshares Inc. $26.76
FBTXQ Franklin Bank Corp. $
FBVI FCN Banc Corp. $28.75
FBZ First Trust Brazil AlphaDEX $
FC Franklin Covey Co. $18.50
FCA First Trust China AlphaDEX $19.26
FCAFF F&C Asset Management plc $
FCAN First Trust Canada AlphaDEX $23.09
FCAP First Capital Inc. $32.47
FCAU Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. $10.05
FCB FCB Financial Holdings, Inc. $
FCBC First Community Bancshares, Inc. $27.12
FCBE FCB Bancorp Inc. $
FCBI Frederick County Bancorp Inc. $21.00
FCBN First Citizens Bancorp., Inc. $
FCBS First Century Bankshares Inc. $23.08
FCCG Fog Cutter Capital Group Inc. $0.51
FCCN Spectral Capital Corporation $0.01
FCCO First Community Corporation $
FCCY 1st Constitution Bancorp $16.80
FCE Microsoft Corporation $
FCEL FuelCell Energy Inc. $1.47
FCELB FuelCell Energy Inc. $
FCF First Commonwealth Financial Corp. $13.09
FCFP First Community Financial Partners, Inc. $12.55
FCFS First Cash Financial Services Inc. $
FCG First Trust ISE-Revere Natural Gas Idx $23.48
FCGD First Colombia Gold Corp. $
FCGN FCG, Inc. $2.00
FCGYF Veresen Inc. $14.12
FCH FelCor Lodging Trust Incorporated $7.31
FCHAF Franchise Services of North America, Inc. $
FCHI iShares FTSE China $
FCHS First Choice Healthcare Solutions, Inc. $1.60
FCIC FCCC Inc. $0.15
FCLF First Clover Leaf Financial Corp. $11.77
FCMKF Funcom N.V. $
FCMP First Community Financial Partners, Inc. $
FCMUF F@N Communications, Inc. $
FCN FTI Consulting, Inc. $35.02
FCNCA First Citizens Bancshares Inc. $346.31
FCNCB First Citizens Bancshares Inc. $310.00
FCNE Four Corners, Inc. $0.60
FCNH First Colebrook Bancorp, Inc. $23.00
FCO Aberdeen Global Income Fund, In $8.98
FCOB 1st Colonial Bancorp Inc. $11.00
FCOM Fidelity MSCI Telecom Svcs ETF $32.90
FCPG First China Pharmaceutical Group, Inc. $
FCPN First Capital International Inc. $
FCPT Four Corners Property Trust, Inc. $21.15
FCREY Fletcher Building Ltd. $12.1453
FCRGF First Capital Realty Inc. $
FCRM Franklin Credit Management Corporation $
FCS Fairchild Semiconductor International Inc. $
FCSB Focus Business Bank $
FCSC Fibrocell Science, Inc. $3.4569
FCSMF Focus Graphite Inc. $
FCT First Trust Senior Floating Rat $
FCTOA FACT Corporation $
FCTY 1st Century Bancshares, Inc. $
FCUUF Fission Uranium Corp. $0.5361
FCUV Focus Universal Inc. $1.50
FCVA First Capital Bancorp, Inc. $
FCVT First Trust SSI Strat Convert Secs ETF $24.64
FCX Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. $14.13
FCZA First Citizens Banc Corp. $
FCZAP First Citizens Banc Corp. $38.50
FDBC Fidelity D&D Bancorp Inc. $
FDBL Friendable, Inc. $0.0002
FDC First Data Corp $
FDCFF Forum Uranium Corp. $0.045
FDD First Trust STOXX Euro Select Div Idx $13.53
FDEF First Defiance Financial Corp. $48.94
FDEI Fidelis Energy, Inc. $0.00
FDEU First Trust Dynamic Europe Equity Income Fund $
FDFT Foodfest International 2000 Inc. $
FDGMF Tango Gold Mines Incorporated $
FDI Fort Dearborn Income Securities Inc. $
FDIS Fidelity MSCI Consumer Discretionary ETF $35.61
FDIT Findit, Inc. $0.0353
FDL First Trust Morningstar Div Leaders Idx $28.29
FDM First Trust Dow Jones Select MicroCp Idx $42.24
FDMCF Mood Media Corporation $
FDMF Freedom Energy Holdings, Inc. $
FDML Federal-Mogul Corporation $
FDMSF Fandom Sports Media Corp. $0.075
FDN First Trust Dow Jones Internet Index $78.87
FDNH Foundation Healthcare, Inc. $
FDO Family Dollar Stores Inc. $79.39
FDOC Fuel Doctor Holdings, Inc. $0.0051
FDP Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. $
FDRVF First Derivatives plc $
FDS FactSet Research Systems Inc. $166.53
FDT First Trust Dev Markets Ex-US AlphaDEX $59.48
FDTC FNDS3000 Corp. $0.0016
FDTS First Trust Dev Mkts ex-US SC AlphaDEX $39.7511
FDUS Fidus Investment Corporation $15.91
FDVA Freedom Bank of Virginia $13.35
FDVF Fortune Industries, Inc. $0.57
FDX FedEx Corporation $220.50
FE FirstEnergy Corp. $31.15
FECOF FEC Resources, Inc. $
FEEC Far East Energy Corp. $
FEEDQ AgFeed Industries, Inc. $
FEEU Barclays ETN+ FI Enhanced Europe 50 ETN $125.81
FEFN iShares MSCI Far East Financials $
FEGR Friendly Energy Exploration $
FEI First Trust MLP and Energy Inco $
FEIC FEI Company $
FEIM Frequency Electronics Inc. $
FEL Clean Harbors, Inc. $
FELE Franklin Electric Co., Inc. $43.875
FELP Foresight Energy LP $4.27
FEM First Trust Emerging Markets AlphaDEX $
FEMS First Trust Emerging Markets SC AlphaDEX $
FEN First Trust Energy Income and G $
FENB 1st Enterprise Bank $
FENC Fennec Pharmaceuticals Inc. $11.80
FENG Phoenix New Media Limited $6.50
FENY Fidelity MSCI Energy Index ETF $18.19
FEO First Trust/Aberdeen Emerging O $
FEOVF Oceanic Iron Ore Corp. $0.0863
FEP First Trust Europe AlphaDEX $36.56
FERN Fernhill Corp. $0.0017
FES Forbes Energy Services Ltd. $
FET Forum Energy Technologies, Inc. $
FETM Fentura Financial Inc. $15.65
FEU SPDR STOXX Europe 50 $33.75
FEWP Far East Wind Power Corp. $
FEX First Trust Large Cap Core AlphaDEX $
FEXXF Fjordland Exploration Inc. $
FEYE FireEye, Inc. $17.18
FF FutureFuel Corp. $
FFA First Trust Enhanced Equity Inc $
FFBC First Financial Bancorp. $24.80
FFBCW First Financial Bancorp. $
FFBH First Federal Bancshares of Arkansas Inc. $
FFC Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred S $
FFCO FedFirst Financial Corp. $0.00
FFDF FFD Financial Corp. $42.45
FFEX Frozen Food Express Industries Inc. $
FFFC FastFunds Financial Corp. $0.0001
FFG FBL Financial Group Inc. $
FFHD FirstAtlantic Bank $11.20
FFHL Fuwei Films $2.57
FFIC Flushing Financial Corp. $27.94
FFIN First Financial Bankshares Inc. $41.30
FFIV F5 Networks, Inc. $116.82
FFKT Farmers Capital Bank Corporation $35.55
FFKY First Financial Service Corp. $
FFLO Free Flow, Inc. $1.00
FFMGF $0.53
FFNGY Fufeng Group Limited $
FFNM First Federal of Northern Michigan Bancorp, I $
FFNW First Financial Northwest, Inc. $
FFR First Trust FTSE EN Dev Mkts Rel Est Idx $45.24
FFRMF Future Farm Technologies Inc. $0.227
FFSL First Independence Corporation $
FFWC FFW Corporation $38.50
FFWM First Foundation Inc. $17.09
FFXDF Fairfax India Holdings Corporation $12.65
FG AmeriGas Partners LP $0.04
FGB First Trust Specialty Finance a $
FGBDF $0.2046
FGBI First Guaranty Bancshares Inc. $
FGD First Trust DJ Global Select Dividend $25.565
FGELF $20.80
FGEN FibroGen, Inc. $52.75
FGFH Foresight Financial Group, Inc. $25.43
FGL Fidelity & Guaranty Life Common $
FGLD Focus Gold Corporation $
FGM First Trust Germany AlphaDEX $
FGMGQ Florida Gaming Corp. $
FGNT, Inc. $2.27
FGOVF Freegold Ventures Ltd. $0.105
FGP Ferrellgas Partners LP $
FGROY Firstgroup plc $1.40
FGRPF Fingerprint Cards AB $
FH FORM Holdings Corp. $1.4338
FHAI Fountain Healthy Aging, Inc. $
FHB $28.65
FHBC Fernhill Beverage, Inc. $0.0054
FHBR First Home Bancorp, Inc. $
FHCO The Female Health Company $
FHGDF Founder Holdings Ltd. $
FHK First Trust Hong Kong AlphaDEX $36.99
FHLB Friendly Hills Bank $8.45
FHLC Fidelity MSCI Health Care Index ETF $35.47
FHN First Horizon National Corporation $17.83
FHNIY The Foschini Group Limited $21.3725
FHRT First Hartford Corp. $
FHWY FITT Highway Products, Inc. $
FHY First Trust Strategic High Inco $
FI Frank's International N.V. $7.78
FIADF Fiat S.p.A. $
FIATY Fiat S.p.A. $
FIBG Credit Suisse FI Enhanced Big Cap Gr ETN $57.70
FIBK First Interstate Bancsystem Inc. $28.12
FICO Fair Isaac Corporation $137.68
FIDS FNB, Inc. $35.00
FIDU Fidelity MSCI Industrials Index ETF $35.485
FIEB First Intercontinental Bank $8.80
FIEC Frontier National Corp. $
FIEG DB FI Enhanced Global High Yield ETN $165.00
FIEU Credit Suisse FI Enhanced Europe 50 ETN $121.81
FIF First Trust Energy Infrastructu $18.22
FIG Fortress Investment Group LLC $7.97
FIGO FIGO Ventures, Inc. $
FIGR The First National Bank of Groton $425.00
FIGY Barclays ETN+ FI Enhanced Glb Hi Yld ETN $123.69
FII Federated Investors, Inc. $
FILL iShares MSCI Global Energy Producers $27.28
FILM Cre8tive Works, Inc. $
FIMA Fima, Inc. $
FIND Inc. $0.01
FINF ProShares Short 30 Year TIPS/TSY Spread $42.47
FINGF Finning International Inc. $
FINL Finish Line Inc. $9.97
FINMF Finmeccanica SpA $12.72
FINMY Finmeccanica SpA $8.98
FINN First National of Nebraska Inc. $
FINU ProShares UltraPro Financials $63.90
FINW Firstin Wireless Technology, Inc. $
FINZ ProShares UltraPro Short Financials $
FIO Fusion-io, Inc. $
FIRE Sourcefire, Inc. $1.03
FIRM Firstmark Corporation $
FIRRF First Tractor Co. Ltd. $0.62
FIRRY First Tractor Co. Ltd. $5.37
FIRT First BancTrust Corporation $20.70
FIS Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. $77.13
FISB 1st Capital Bank $14.00
FISH Marlin Midstream Partners, LP $22.93
FISI Financial Institutions Inc. $29.35
FISK Empire State Realty OP, L.P. $20.42
FISOF Fission 3.0 Corp. $
FISV Fiserv, Inc. $124.45
FIT Fitbit Inc $6.53
FITB Fifth Third Bancorp $26.87
FITBI Fifth Third Bancorp $29.96
FITX Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. $0.0007
FIVE Five Below, Inc. $49.43
FIVN Five9, Inc. $22.30
FIVZ PIMCO 3-7 Year U.S. Treasury Index ETF $
FIW First Trust ISE Water Idx $45.07
FIX Comfort Systems USA Inc. $34.55
FIZZ National Beverage Corp. $119.77
FJP First Trust Japan AlphaDEX $54.69
FJTSF Fujitsu Limited $7.48
FJTSY Fujitsu Limited $
FKO First Trust South Korea AlphaDEX $26.77
FKRAF Fiskars Oyj Abp $
FKU First Trust United Kingdom AlphaDEX $33.91
FKURF $5.50
FKWL Franklin Wireless Corp. $2.30
FKYS First Keystone Corporation $28.00
FL Foot Locker, Inc. $35.56
FLAG Forensic Accounting ETF $33.74
FLASR Compass Biotechnologies Inc. $
FLAT iPath US Treasury Flattener ETN $
FLC Flaherty & Crumrine Total Retur $21.47
FLCR FullCircle Registry, Inc. $
FLDM Fluidigm Corporation $4.96
FLEW Fleetwood Bank Corp. $
FLEX Flextronics International Ltd. $16.745
FLIB Formosa Liberty Corporation $
FLIC The First of Long Island Corporation $
FLIDY FLSmidth & Co. A/S $6.56
FLIR FLIR Systems, Inc. $39.51
FLKI Falken Industries Ltd. $0.0025
FLKKF Frankly Inc. $
FLKOF Falkland Oil and Gas Ltd. $
FLKS Flex Pharma, Inc. $3.53
FLL Full House Resorts Inc. $2.85
FLM First Trust ISE Glbl Engnrg & Const Idx $
FLMCQ Florida Micro, Inc. $
FLMJF JPMorgan Japanese Ord $
FLML Flamel Technologies SA $
FLMP Flame Seal Products, Inc. $
FLMTF Full Metal Minerals, Ltd. $
FLN First Trust Latin America AlphaDEX $18.82
FLNA FuelNation Inc. $0.0001
FLNXF Flinders Resources Limited $
FLO Flowers Foods, Inc. $17.00
FLOT iShares Floating Rate Bond $50.879
FLOW Flow International Corporation $37.98
FLPC First Liberty Power Corp. $0.001
FLR Fluor Corporation $40.18
FLRAF Essentra plc $7.19
FLRE Flameret, Inc. $
FLRN SPDR Barclays Cap Inv Gr Floating Rt ETF $30.685
FLS Flowserve Corp. $42.19
FLSR FLASR, Inc. $0.0001
FLST FuelStream, Inc. $
FLT FleetCor Technologies, Inc. $
FLTB Fidelity Limited Term Bond ETF $50.69
FLTR Market Vectors Inv Grade Floating Rt ETF $25.11
FLTT Flint Telecom Group, Inc. $0.0003
FLTX Fleetmatics Group PLC $
FLUG Flurida Group, Inc. $0.25
FLUX Flux Power Holdings, Inc $
FLWS Inc. $9.45
FLXI FlexiInternational Software Inc. $0.43
FLXN Flexion Therapeutics, Inc. $24.76
FLXS Flexsteel Industries Inc. $47.15
FLXT Flexpoint Sensor Systems Inc. $0.07
FLY FLY Leasing Limited $
FLYBF $0.58
FM iShares MSCI Frontier 100 $31.00
FMAO Farmers and Merchants Bancorp Inc. $32.80
FMARQ First Mariner Bancorp $
FMAT Fidelity MSCI Materials Index ETF $30.37
FMBE FMB Equibanc Inc. $6.00
FMBH First Mid-Illinois Bancshares Inc. $33.46
FMBI First Midwest Bancorp Inc. $22.28
FMBJ First Menasha Bancshares, Inc. $135.00
FMBL Farmers & Merchants Bank of Long Beach $
FMBM F&M Bank Corp. $
FMBP First Mountain Bank $
FMBRF Famous Brands Ltd. $9.00
FMBRY Famous Brands Ltd. $18.96
FMC FMC Corp. $92.14
FMCB Farmers & Merchants Bancorp $
FMCC Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation $2.645
FMCCG Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation $
FMCCH Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation $
FMCCI Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation $9.4999
FMCCJ Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation $
FMCCK Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation $
FMCCL Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation $9.75
FMCCM Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation $
FMCCN Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation $9.40
FMCCO Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation $8.45
FMCCP Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation $10.85
FMCCS Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation $
FMCCT Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation $
FMCIU Forum Merger Corp. $
FMCKI Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation $7.82
FMCKJ Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation $
FMCKL Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation $5.55
FMCKM Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation $5.21
FMCKN Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation $
FMCKO Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation $
FMCKP Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation $10.51
FMCQF Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGAA $81.93
FMCXF Foran Mining Corp. $0.19
FMD The First Marblehead Corporation $
FMER FirstMerit Corporation $
FMETF Formation Metals Inc $
FMF First Trust Morningstar Futs Strat $46.92
FMFC First M&F Corporation $
FMFG Farmers & Merchants Bank $27.61
FMFP First Community Financial Corp. $20.00
FMI Foundation Medicine, Inc. $40.00
FMK First Trust Mega Cap Alphadex $28.63
FMMFF Fuji Machine Mfg Co., Ltd. $12.30
FMN Federated Premier Municipal Inc $
FMNB Farmers National Banc Corp. $13.90
FMNJ Franklin Mining, Inc. $0.00
FMNL Forum National Investments Ltd. $0.00
FMO Fiduciary/Claymore MLP Opportun $
FMPR Fame Productions, Inc. $
FMS Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGAA $49.03
FMSA Fairmount Santrol $4.203
FMTB Fairmount Bancorp, Inc. $
FMX Fomento Econ $76.74
FMY First Trust Motgage Income Fund $
FMYR Family Room Entertainment Corp. $
FN Fabrinet $
FNAM Fona, Inc. $3.50
FNAT First National Entertainment $0.00
FNB F.N.B. Corporation $13.12
FNBC First NBC Bank Holding Company $
FNBG FNB Bancorp $
FNBP FNBPA Bancorp, Inc. $
FNCB First National Community Bancorp, Inc. $7.502
FNCDY Fonciere des Regions $
FNCJF Fancamp Exploration Ltd. $
FNCL Fidelity MSCI Financials Index ETF $32.87
FNCTF Orange $
FNCX Function(x) Inc. $0.0641
FND Floor & Decor Holdings Inc. $39.1001
FNDA Schwab Fundamental US Small Company ETF $34.70
FNDB Schwab Fundamental US Broad Market ETF $34.57
FNDC Schwab Fundamental Intl Sm Co ETF $28.18
FNDE Schwab Fundamental Emerg Mkts Lg Co ETF $
FNDF Schwab Fundamental Intl Lg Co ETF $
FNDM Inc. $1.50
FNDX Schwab Fundamental US Large Company ETF $33.98
FNEC First National Energy Corp. $0.75
FNEVY Fraser and Neave Ltd. $8.30
FNF Fidelity National Financial, Inc. $44.58
FNFG First Niagara Financial Group Inc. $
FNFI First Niles Financial Inc. $
FNFV Fidelity National Financial Ventures $
FNGN Financial Engines, Inc. $
FNHC Federated National Holding Company $13.94
FNHI Franchise Holdings International Inc. $
FNHM FNBH Bancorp Inc. $
FNI First Trust ISE Chindia Idx $30.83
FNINF 49 North Resources Inc. $0.069
FNIO iShares Indl/Office Rel Est Capped $
FNJN Finjan Holdings, Inc. $2.35
FNK First Trust Mid Cap Value AlphaDEX $33.48
FNKLF First Nickel Inc. $0.0001
FNLC The First Bancorp, Inc. $23.85
FNLPF Fresnillo PLC $20.45
FNMA Federal National Mortgage Association $2.74
FNMAG Federal National Mortgage Association $
FNMAH Federal National Mortgage Association $
FNMAI Federal National Mortgage Association $
FNMAJ Federal National Mortgage Association $6.45
FNMAK Federal National Mortgage Association $10.55
FNMAL Federal National Mortgage Association $
FNMAM Federal National Mortgage Association $10.90
FNMAN Federal National Mortgage Association $
FNMAO Federal National Mortgage Association $
FNMAP Federal National Mortgage Association $
FNMAS Federal National Mortgage Association $
FNMAT Federal National Mortgage Association $
FNMFM Federal National Mortgage Association $
FNMFN Federal National Mortgage Association $13.75
FNMN FNBM Financial Corp. $
FNON Fonon Corporation $
FNRC 1st NRG Corp. $0.0001
FNRG ForceField Energy Inc. $0.0001
FNRN First Northern Community Bancorp $
FNSCQ First National Bancshares Inc. $
FNSI 4net Software Inc. $
FNSR Finisar Corp. $22.26
FNTCU $11.64
FNTCW FinTech Acquisition Corp. $
FNTEU FinTech Acquisition Corp. II Un $10.45
FNTRF Birch Hill Gold Corp. $
FNV Franco-Nevada Corporation $
FNVRF Finavera Wind Energy Inc. $
FNX First Trust Mid Cap Core AlphaDEX $
FNY First Trust Mid Cap Growth AlphaDEX $34.54
FOE Ferro Corporation $20.96
FOEAF Fred Olsen Energy ASA $
FOEAY Fred Olsen Energy ASA $
FOF Cohen & Steers Closed-End Oppor $13.10
FOFN Four Oaks Fincorp Inc. $
FOFU Force Fuels, Inc. $0.04
FOGC Fortune Oil & Gas, Inc. $
FOGO Fogo de Chao, Inc. $12.25
FOHL Frederick's of Hollywood Group Inc. $
FOIFF Arch Biopartners Inc. $
FOIL iPath Pure Beta Aluminum ETN $24.00
FOJCF Fortum Oyj $16.29
FOJCY Fortum Oyj $3.38
FOLB Folsom Lake Bank $
FOLD Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. $15.78
FOLGF Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd. $0.29
FOMX Foamix Pharmaceuticals Ltd. $5.60
FONE First Trust NASDAQ CEA Smartphone Idx $44.30
FONR Fonar Corp. $29.40
FONTF Frontera Resources Corporation $0.0001
FOR Forestar Group Inc. $16.9466
FORC Force Minerals Corporation $
FORD Forward Industries Inc. $1.2002
FORK Fuling Global Inc. $4.05
FORM FormFactor Inc. $16.15
FORR Forrester Research Inc. $40.60
FORSU Forestar Group Inc. $
FORTY Formula Systems $40.06
FORX PIMCO Foreign Currency Strategy ETF $42.76
FOSI Frontier Oilfield Services, Inc. $0.24
FOSL Fossil Group, Inc. $8.97
FOSUF Fosun International Limited $2.1069
FOSYF Forsys Metals Corp. $
FOTB First Ottawa Bancshares, Inc. $57.00
FOUR 4Licensing Corporation $
FOVSY Ford Otomotiv Sanayi AS $54.00
FOX Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc. $26.65
FOXA Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc. $26.70
FOXF Fox Factory Holding Corp $
FOYJ Foy-Johnston Inc. $
FPA First Trust Asia Pac Ex-Jap AlphaDEX $28.59
FPAFF First Pacific Company Ltd. $
FPAFY First Pacific Company Ltd. $
FPAY Flexshopper, Inc. $4.97
FPBF FPB Financial Corp. $
FPBI FPB Bancorp, Inc. $
FPCG First Physicians Capital Group, Inc. $28.90
FPE First Trust Preferred Sec & Inc ETF $
FPET Freedom Petroleum Inc. $31.41
FPF First Trust Intermediate Durati $
FPFCQ First Place Financial Corp. $
FPFI Fresh Promise Foods, Inc. $0.0002
FPH Five Point Holdings LLC $
FPHHF First Philippine Holdings Corporation $1.48
FPI Farmland Partners Inc. $
FPL First Trust New Opportunities M $12.36
FPLPF Provident Financial plc $10.25
FPLPY Provident Financial plc $
FPLSF 5N Plus Inc. $
FPMI FluoroPharma Medical, Inc. $0.03
FPNUF FP Canadian Newspapers Limited Partnership $
FPO First Potomac Realty Trust $9.53
FPOTF Hybrid PayTech World Inc. $
FPP Fieldpoint Petroleum Corp. $0.59
FPRGF Falco Pacific Resource Group Inc. $
FPRX Five Prime Therapeutics, Inc. $36.51
FPT Federated Premier Intermediate $
FPVD Force Protection Video Equipment Corp. $
FPVTF Silver Pursuit Resources Ltd. $0.154
FPX First Trust US IPO Index $
FQVLF First Quantum Minerals Ltd. $
FR First Industrial Realty Trust Inc. $
FRA Blackrock Floating Rate Income $13.93
FRAC Keane Group Inc. $15.42
FRACF Foraco International SA $
FRAF Franklin Financial Services Corp. $
FRAK Market Vectors Unconventl Oil & Gas ETF $18.18
FRAME United Cannabis Corporation $
FRAN Francesca's Holdings Corporation $7.10
FRBA First Bank $12.55
FRBK Republic First Bancorp Inc. $9.175
FRC First Republic Bank $99.63
FRCEF Fletcher Building Ltd. $4.77
FRCN Firemans Contractors, Inc. $
FRCOF Fast Retailing Co. Ltd. $
FRCOY Fast Retailing Co. Ltd. $29.10
FRD Friedman Industries, Incorporated $5.28
FRED Fred's, Inc. $7.10
FREE FreeSeas Inc. $
FREEF FreeSeas Inc. $
FREFF Frontier Rare Earths Limited $
FREGP Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation $
FREJN Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation $
FREL Fidelity MSCI Real Estate Index ETF $24.86
FREVS First Real Estate Investment Trust of New Jer $15.00
FRF Fortegra Financial Corporation $
FRFC First Robinson Financial Corp. $40.15
FRFHF Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited $516.72
FRFS Firefish, Inc. $0.001
FRGBQ First Regional Bancorp $
FRGI Fiesta Restaurant Group, Inc. $17.65
FRGY Frontier Energy Corporation $
FRHLF Freehold Royalties Ltd. $11.6502
FRHV Fresh Harvest Products, Inc. $0.0001
FRI First Trust S&P REIT Idx $23.2599
FRIE Friends Bank $3.10
FRIIF M.G.I. France Soci $34.60
FRM Furmanite Corporation $
FRMC Formcap Corp. $
FRME First Merchants Corporation $40.47
FRN Guggenheim Frontier Markets ETF $13.7353
FRNK Franklin Financial Corporation $
FRNTP Frontier Communications Corporation $
FRNV Frontera Investment, Inc. $0.01
FRNWF Future PLC $
FRO Frontline Ltd. $5.82
FROZ Frozen Food Gift Group, Inc. $
FRP Fairpoint Communications, Inc. $
FRPH FRP Holdings, Inc. $37.45
FRPT Freshpet, Inc. $15.25
FRRVF Ferrovial, S.A. $
FRRVY Ferrovial, S.A. $
FRS Frisch's Restaurants, Inc. $2.92
FRSB First Resource Bank $
FRSH Papa Murphy's Holdings, Inc. $5.14
FRSI First Rate Staffing Corporation $
FRSX Foresight Autonomous Holdings Ltd. ADR $
FRT Federal Realty Investment Trust $
FRTAF freenet AG $
FRTD Fortitude Group, Inc. $0.0001
FRTN Fortran Corporation $0.08
FRTR Fraternity Community Bancorp, Inc. $
FRTSF Fortis Inc. $
FRUTF Frutarom Industries Ltd. $58.25
FRWRF Fireswirl Technologies Inc. $0.029
FRWYZ Fairway Energy Partners LLC $0.00
FRX Forest Laboratories Inc. $8.75
FRXX Forecross Corp. $
FRZT Freeze Tag, Inc. $0.0008
FS $
FSACU Federal Street Acquisition Corp. $
FSACW Federal Street Acquisition Corp. Wt $1.23
FSAM Fifth Street Asset Management Inc. $3.90
FSB Franklin Financial Network $38.50
FSBC FSB Community Bankshares Inc. $15.27
FSBK First South Bancorp Inc. $17.40
FSBS First South Bancorp, Inc. $
FSBW FS Bancorp, Inc. $26.91
FSC Fifth Street Finance Corp. $5.33
FSCE Fifth Street Finance Corp. $25.21
FSCFL Fifth Street Finance Corp. $25.07
FSCI Fisher Communications, Inc. $
FSD First Trust High Income Long Sh $16.95
FSEI First Seismic Corp. $
FSFG First Savings Financial Group, Inc. $52.78
FSFR Fifth Street Senior Floating Rate Corp. $8.73
FSGI First Security Group, Inc. $2.34
FSHRF Feishang Anthracite Resources Limited $0.155
FSHUF $0.715
FSI Flexible Solutions International Inc. $1.71
FSIC FS Investment Corp. $8.10
FSJPF FastJet Plc $
FSL Freescale Semiconductor, Ltd. $
FSLR First Solar, Inc. $48.54
FSM Fortuna Silver Mines Inc. $4.60
FSNF Fresno First Bank $
FSNFP Fresno First Bank $
FSNN Fusion Telecommunications International, Inc. $2.94
FSNR Freestone Resources, Inc. $0.07
FSNUY Fresenius SE & Co KGaA $
FSOF First Southern Bancorp, Inc. $
FSP Franklin Street Properties Corp. $10.28
FSPKF Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Li $9.414
FSPM Fusion Pharm, Inc. $0.02
FSRL First Reliance Bancshares Inc. $
FSRV FirstService Corporation $
FSS Federal Signal Corp. $18.31
FST Forest Oil Corporation $
FSTA Fidelity MSCI Consumer Staples Index ETF $33.04
FSTC First Corp. $
FSTF First State Financial Corporation $
FSTO Forest Oil Corporation $0.22
FSTR LB Foster Co. $20.15
FSUGY Fortescue Metals Group Limited $
FSUMF Fortescue Metals Group Limited $4.25
FSV FirstService Corporation $
FSVEF Firestone Ventures Inc. $
FSVT $0.00
FSWA First Sound Bank $0.07
FSYS Fuel Systems Solutions, Inc. $
FSZ First Trust Switzerland AlphaDEX $51.41
FT Franklin Universal Trust Common $7.26
FTA First Trust Large Cap Value AlphaDEX $
FTBGF Fitbug Holdings PLC $
FTC First Trust Large Cap Gr Opp AlphaDEX $51.57
FTCS First Trust Capital Strength ET $
FTD FTD Companies, Inc. $13.18
FTDL FirsTime Design Ltd. $6.45
FTEC Fidelity MSCI Information Technology ETF $46.09
FTEG For The Earth Corp. $0.0001
FTEK Fuel-Tech, Inc. $
FTER American Addiction Centers, Inc. $
FTF Franklin Templeton Limited Duration Income Tr $
FTFS F&T Financial Services, Inc $65.00
FTFT Future FinTech Group Inc. $2.00
FTGC First Trust Global Tact Cmdty Strat $
FTGI Finotec Group Inc. $
FTHI First Trust High Income ETF $
FTI FMC Technologies, Inc. $27.21
FTK Flotek Industries Inc. $5.485
FTLB First Trust Low Beta Income ETF $22.1994
FTLF FitLife Brands, Inc. $
FTMDF Fortune Minerals Ltd. $0.1628
FTMNF Lundin Gold Inc. $4.42
FTNT Fortinet Inc. $38.87
FTNW FTE Networks, Inc. $
FTPLF Fortress Paper Ltd. $5.02
FTPM 420 Property Management, Inc. $0.0006
FTPR Futura Pictures, Inc. $
FTR Frontier Communications Corporation $12.505
FTRPR Frontier Communications Corporation $19.08
FTRRF Fonterra Shareholders Fund $4.15
FTRYF Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. $
FTS Fortis Inc. $31.37
FTSB First Sentry Bancshares Inc. $
FTSD Franklin Short Duration US Govt ETF $
FTSE FTSE 100 $6,545.37
FTSL First Trust Senior Loan $48.38
FTSM First Trust Enhanced Short Maturity ETF $59.89
FTSSF First Cobalt Corp. $
FTT Federated Enhanced Treasury Inc $25.81
FTTN First Titan Corp. $
FTUSQ Factory 2-U Stores Inc. $
FTV Fortive Corporation $70.31
FTW First Trust Taiwan AlphaDEX $30.51
FTWRQ FiberTower Corporation $
FTXN $19.47
FTY iShares Real Estate 50 $
FTYPF Francotyp Postalia Holding AG $
FU FAB Universal Corporation $
FUAIY Funai Electric Co., Ltd. $1.90
FUAPF Fundamental Applications Corp. $0.112
FUBC 1st United Bancorp, Inc. $
FUE ELEMENTS MLCX Biofuels Index TR ETN $8.00
FUEG Face Up Entertainment Group, Inc. $0.0010
FUEL Rocket Fuel Inc. $
FUGI Fuego Enterprises, Inc. $
FUIG Fusion Interactive Corp. $0.055
FUJHF Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. $
FUJHY Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. $17.85
FUJIF FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation $39.35
FUJIY FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation $39.25
FUJSF $21.16
FUL HB Fuller Co. $50.67
FULL Full Circle Capital Corporation $
FULLL Full Circle Capital Corporation $
FULO Fullnet Communications Inc. $0.04
FULT Fulton Financial Corporation $17.7045
FUN Cedar Fair, L.P. $
FUNC First United Corporation $
FUND Royce Focus Trust, Inc. $7.5562
FUPBY Fuchs Petrolub SE $
FUPEF Fuchs Petrolub SE $
FUR Winthrop Realty Trust $
FURCF Faurecia S.A. $65.00
FURGF Fugro NV $13.67
FURX Furiex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $
FUSN Fusion Networks Holdings $0.001
FUTL FutureLand Corp. $
FUTU Future Healthcare of America $
FUTY Fidelity MSCI Utilities Index ETF $31.97
FUWAY Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. $
FV First Trust Dorsey Wright Focus 5 ETF $22.47
FVAB First Vietnamese American Bank $
FVCB FVCBankcorp, Inc. $18.00
FVD First Trust Value Line Dividend Index $
FVE Five Star Quality Care Inc. $1.575
FVGCF Fire River Gold Corp. $
FVI First Trust Value Line Equity Allc Index $
FVL First Trust Value Line 100 ETF $21.404
FVRG ForeverGreen Worldwide Corporation $0.179
FVSTA Far Vista Petroleum Corp. $
FWDB AdvisorShares Madrona Global Bond ETF $
FWDD AdvisorShares Madrona Domestic ETF $48.063
FWDG FutureWorld Energy, Inc. $0.0002
FWDI AdvisorShares Madrona International ETF $24.13
FWDR FairWind Energy Inc. $3.05
FWFH FWF Holdings Inc. $
FWLAF FlatWorld Acquisition Corp. $0.1023
FWLT Foster Wheeler AG $
FWM Fairway Group Holdings Corp. $
FWONA Liberty Media Corp. Series A $
FWONK Liberty Media Corp. $38.30
FWP Forward Pharma A/S $6.07
FWRD Forward Air Corp. $46.78
FWV First West Virginia Bancorp Inc. $
FWVB First West Virginia Bancorp Inc. $17.85
FXA CurrencyShares Australian Dollar Trust $79.99
FXB CurrencyShares British Pound Sterling Tr $121.78
FXBY Foxby Corp. $
FXC CurrencyShares Canadian Dollar Trust $73.54
FXCB Fox Chase Bancorp, Inc. $
FXCH CurrencyShares Chinese Renminbi Trust $73.53
FXCNY FIH Mobile Limited $6.14
FXD First Trust Consumer Disc AlphaDEX $
FXE CurrencyShares Euro Trust $115.42
FXEN FX Energy Inc. $
FXENP FX Energy Inc. $24.00
FXF CurrencyShares Swiss Franc Trust $
FXFLF Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited $15.48
FXG First Trust Consumer Staples AlphaDEX $46.28
FXH First Trust Health Care AlphaDEX $66.86
FXI iShares China Large-Cap $
FXIT Forex International Trading Corp. $
FXL First Trust Technology AlphaDEX $35.85
FXLG FS Bancorp $90.00
FXN First Trust Energy AlphaDEX $13.35
FXNC First National Corporation $15.25
FXO First Trust Financials AlphaDEX $29.05
FXP ProShares UltraShort FTSE China 25 $27.40
FXPIF Fieldex Exploration Inc. $
FXPL First Exploration Co. $
FXPT Fox Petroleum, Inc. $
FXR First Trust Indust/Producer Dur AlphaDEX $
FXS CurrencyShares Swedish Krona Trust $119.00
FXSG CurrencyShares Singapore Dollar Trust $72.15
FXU First Trust Utilities AlphaDEX $
FXY CurrencyShares Japanese Yen Trust $95.82
FXZ First Trust Materials AlphaDEX $39.90
FYC First Trust Small Cap Growth AlphaDEX $
FYFFF Fyffes plc $2.3584
FYLD Cambria Foreign Shareholder Yield ETF $
FYRTY FamilyMart Co. Ltd. $
FYT First Trust Small Cap Value AlphaDEX $33.47
FYX First Trust Small Cap Core AlphaDEX $46.60
FZFC First Priority Financial Corp. $