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Symbol Company Name Price
G Genpact Limited $31.27
GA Giant Interactive Group, Inc. $
GAB Gabelli Equity Trust, Inc. $6.055
GABA Georgia Bancshares Inc. $0.016
GABC German American Bancorp Inc. $35.48
GACR Green Automotive Company $0.0005
GAEC Gulf Alternative Energy Corp. $0.001
GAF SPDR S&P Emerging Middle East & Afric $
GAGA Le Gaga Holdings Ltd $
GAGXF Agennix AG $0.09
GAHC Global Arena Holding, Inc. $0.017
GAI Global-Tech Advanced Innovations Inc. $
GAIA Gaiam Inc. $12.35
GAIMF DealNet Capital Corp $
GAIN Gladstone Investment Corporatio $10.74
GAINN Gladstone Investment Corporation $25.6399
GAINO Gladstone Investment Corporation $
GAINP Gladstone Investment Corporatio $
GAL SPDR SSgA Global Allocation ETF $37.56
GALE Galena Biopharma, Inc. $0.2996
GALOF Galore Resources Inc. $
GALT Galectin Therapeutics, Inc. $2.7184
GALTU Galectin Therapeutics Inc. $
GALTW Galectin Therapeutics Inc. $
GALXF Galaxy Resources Limited $3.01
GAM General American Investors Company, Inc. $31.47
GAME Shanda Games Limited $
GAMN Great American Food Chain, Inc. $0.0104
GAMR Great American Group, Inc. $45.28
GAMZ Gamzio Mobile, Inc. $0.005
GANK GankIt Corporation $
GANS Gainsco Inc. $17.00
GAPFF Aimia Inc. $2.68
GAPJ N/A $0.0001
GARB Garb Oil & Power Corporation $0.0001
GARPF Golden Agri-Resources Ltd. $0.28
GARPY Golden Agri-Resources Ltd. $27.77
GARQF Gallery Resources Ltd. $0.0003
GARS Garrison Capital Inc. $8.20
GARWF Golden Arrow Resources Corp. $0.3301
GAS AGL Resources Inc. $65.97
GASE Great East Energy, Inc. $0.0103
GASL Direxion Daily Nat Gas Rltd Bull 3X Shrs $22.49
GASNF Gas Natural SDG SA $
GASNY Gas Natural SDG SA $4.55
GASS StealthGas, Inc. $3.83
GASX Direxion Daily Nat Gas Rltd Bear 3X Shrs $27.78
GATA Groupe Athena, Inc. $0.15
GATX GATX Corp. $56.54
GAWK Gawk Incorporated $0.0001
GAXCQ Global Axcess Corp. $
GAXFF Galahad Metals Inc. $0.0001
GAYGF Galway Gold Inc. $0.0577
GAYMF Galway Metals Inc. $0.2701
GAZ iPath DJ-UBS Natural Gas TR Sub-Idx ETN $0.45
GB Greatbatch, Inc. $
GBAB Guggenheim Build America Bonds $22.2668
GBAUF Global Met Coal Corporation $0.09
GBB iPath GBP/USD Exchange Rate ETN $32.10
GBBFF Gold Bullion Development Corp. $0.0299
GBBYF Goodbaby International Holdings Limited $0.45
GBCI Glacier Bancorp, Inc. $37.11
GBCS Global Healthcare REIT, Inc. $0.42
GBDC Golub Capital BDC, Inc. $19.00
GBDX Global Diamond Exchange, Inc. $0.0001
GBEI Great Basin Energies, Inc. $
GBEN Global Resource Energy Inc $0.1725
GBERF Geberit AG $461.3761
GBERY Geberit AG $43.18
GBF iShares Government/Credit Bond $113.81
GBGD Global Gold Corporation $0.015
GBGLF Great Basin Gold Ltd. $
GBGM Global Gaming Network, Inc. $
GBHD Global Holdings, Inc. $
GBHL Global Entertainment Holdings, Inc. $0.0035
GBHPF Global Hemp Group Inc. $0.033
GBIM GlobeImmune Inc. $0.83
GBL GAMCO Investors, Inc. $28.41
GBLBF Groupe Bruxelles Lambert $106.685
GBLI Global Indemnity plc $40.79
GBLIL Global Indemnity Ltd. $26.00
GBLIZ Global Indemnity plc $24.66
GBLL Green Ballast, Inc. $0.004
GBLX GrowBlox Sciences, Inc. $0.2425
GBLXF Groupe Bruxelles Lambert Stripp $
GBN CAE Inc. $
GBNK Guaranty Bancorp $28.30
GBNW Global Networks Corp. $0.00
GBNXF Gibson Energy Inc. $13.731
GBOE GeoBio Energy, Inc. $0.0006
GBOOF Grupo Financiero Banorte, S.A.B. de C.V. $6.2122
GBOOY Grupo Financiero Banorte, S.A.B. de C.V. $29.78
GBR New Concept Energy, Inc. $1.30
GBRIF Golden Band Resources Inc. $0.0001
GBRRF Gabriel Resources, Ltd. $0.31
GBSN Great Basin Scientific, Inc. $0.095
GBSNU $16.22
GBSX GBS Enterprises Incorporated $
GBT Global Blood Therapeutics, Inc. $31.17
GBTC Bitcoin Investment Trust $905.50
GBTZF Global Logistic Properties Limited $2.36
GBX The Greenbrier Companies, Inc. $47.00
GCA Global Cash Access Holdings, Inc. $
GCAP GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc. $7.08
GCBC Greene County Bancorp, Inc. $30.00
GCC GreenHaven Continuous Commodity Index $19.085
GCDAF NorthWest International Healthcare Propertie $
GCE Claymore CEF GS Connect ETN $15.91
GCEH Global Clean Energy Holdings, Inc. $0.0022
GCEI Global Clean Energy, Inc. $0.0047
GCFB Granite City Food & Brewery Ltd. $
GCFFF Goldcliff Resources Corp. $
GCGMF Great Canadian Gaming Corp. $
GCH Aberdeen Greater China Fund, In $12.01
GCHK Greenchek Technology, Inc. $0.00
GCHT GC China Turbine Corp. $0.00
GCI Gannett Co., Inc. $11.48
GCIH Great China International Holdings Inc. $
GCIN GC International Inc. $
GCLL GreenCell, Inc. $0.0021
GCLMF GCM Resources Plc $0.4546
GCLT GainClients Inc. $0.0121
GCMI Geos Communications, Inc. $
GCMN Gold Crest Mines, Inc. $
GCO Genesco Inc. $28.75
GCP GCP Applied Technologies Inc. $29.55
GCPEF GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Ltd. $0.1725
GCRIF Rogue Resources Inc. $
GCRXF Green Cross Co.,Ltd. $9.2716
GCTAF Gamesa Corporaci $13.00
GCTAY Gamesa Corporaci $2.48
GCV Gabelli Convertible & Income Securities F $5.73
GCVRZ Sanofi $0.392
GCWOF Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua SAB de CV $
GCYO Gold Canyon Bank $0.0294
GD General Dynamics Corp. $199.77
GDAR Golden Age Resources, Inc. $
GDAY ProShares Ultra Australian Dollar $
GDCRF Gold Canyon Resources Inc. $
GDEF Global Defense & National Security System $
GDEN Golden Entertainment, Inc. $32.92
GDF Western Asset Global Partners Income Fund Inc $
GDFI Goldfields International Inc. $0.001
GDFLF Goodman Fielder Ltd. $
GDFLY Goodman Fielder Ltd. $
GDFNF $0.00
GDGI Greenway Design Group Inc. $0.0001
GDGR CorGreen Technologies Holding Corp. $
GDI Gardner Denver Holdings Inc. $27.96
GDJJ ProShares Ultra Junior Miners $
GDJS ProShares UltraShort Junior Miners $1.99
GDL GDL Fund, The Common Shares of $10.08
GDLNF Greenland Minerals and Energy Limited $0.082
GDNEF Golden Eagle Retail Group Ltd. $1.27
GDO Western Asset Global Corporate $18.04
GDOCF Golden Ocean Group Ltd. $
GDOCY Golden Ocean Group Ltd. $
GDOT Green Dot Corporation $55.51
GDP Goodrich Petroleum Corp. $10.25
GDPAN Goodrich Petroleum Corp. $
GDPM Goodrich Petroleum Corp. $
GDQMF Goldquest Mining Corp. $
GDRRF Goldrush Resources Ltd. $
GDRZF Gold Reserve Inc. $3.7826
GDSI Global Digital Solutions Inc. $0.0089
GDSKF $0.29
GDSM Gold Coast Mining Corp. $
GDTK GDT Tek Inc. $
GDV Gabelli Dividend & Income Trust $21.95
GDVE Global Development & Environmental Resour $0.00
GDVM Global Developments, Inc. $
GDWWF Goodwin plc $0.00
GDX Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF $22.92
GDXJ Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF $34.00
GDXRF Goldex Resources Corp. $0.6823
GDXS ProShares UltraShort Gold Miners $17.69
GE General Electric Company $17.90
GEAGF GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft $44.25
GEAGY GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft $44.67
GEAHF Great Eagle Holdings Ltd. $5.30
GEAR Gear International Inc. $
GEB General Electric Capital Corporation $24.93
GEBHF Genting Berhad $2.06
GEBHY Genting Berhad $9.53
GEBRF Greenbriar Capital Corp. $1.0496
GEC Great Elm Capital Group, Inc. $
GECR Georgia Carolina Bancshares Inc. $
GEECF Global Environmental Energy Corp. $0.001
GEEK Internet America, Inc. $
GEEPF Greenfields Petroleum Corporation $0.123
GEF Greif, Inc. $51.82
GEFI Geo Finance Corporation $0.00
GEGI Genesis Electronics Group, Inc. $0.0012
GEGP Gold Entertainment Group, Inc. $0.0001
GEGPQ Global Geophysical Services, Inc. $
GEGR $0.0002
GEGSQ Global Geophysical Services, Inc. $
GEGYF Genel Energy plc $1.479
GEH General Electric Capital Corporation $25.05
GEHDY Great Eastern Holdings Ltd. $33.04
GEIG GEI Global Energy Corp. $0.05
GEK General Electric Capital Corporation $25.14
GEL Genesis Energy LP $22.98
GELGD Antipodes Gold Limited $
GELV Green Energy Live, Inc. $0.01
GELYF Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd. $
GELYY Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd. $67.7499
GEMP Gemphire Therapeutics Inc. $9.30
GEN Genesis Healthcare, Inc. $0.95
GENC Gencor Industries Inc. $17.60
GENE Genetic Technologies Limited $0.8021
GENGF Gear Energy Ltd. $
GENM Genmed Holding Corp. $
GENSF Genus plc $27.75
GENT Gentium S.p.A $
GENTY Gentium S.p.A $
GENX Genex Pharmaceutical Inc. $0.002
GEO The GEO Group, Inc. $26.58
GEOR GeoPetro Resources Company $0.008
GEOS Geospace Technologies Corporation $15.80
GEPC Gepco, Ltd. $
GEQ Guggenheim Equal Weight Enhance $16.15
GEQU Global Equity International, Inc. $0.0022
GER Goldman Sachs MLP and Energy Renaissance Fund $6.03
GERFF Glen Eagle Resources Inc $0.08
GERJ Market Vectors Germany Small-Cap ETF $
GERN Geron Corporation $1.92
GERS GreenShift Corporation $0.04
GERSD GreenShift Corporation $
GES Guess' Inc. $16.64
GESI Green Energy Solution Industries, Inc. $0.0008
GETG Green Earth Technologies, Inc. $0.0077
GETH Green EnviroTech Holdings Corp. $
GETVF Mediaset Espa $10.75
GEUR AdvisorShares Gartman Gold/Euro ETF $13.01
GEVA Synageva BioPharma Corp. $
GEVI General Environmental Management Inc. $0.0009
GEVO Gevo, Inc. $0.635
GEX Market Vectors Glb Alternatve Energy ETF $54.41
GEYI Global Energy, Inc. $0.0006
GF New Germany Fund, Inc. $18.89
GFA Gafisa S.A. $9.04
GFCI Grifco International, Inc. $
GFED Guaranty Federal Bancshares Inc. $16.57
GFF Griffon Corporation $23.75
GFGU GetFugu, Inc. $0.0005
GFI Gold Fields Ltd. $3.96
GFIG GFI Group Inc. $
GFIOF Gold Fields Ltd. $3.95
GFKSY Gulf Keystone Petroleum Limited $0.3005
GFLDF Gemfields Plc $0.38
GFMH Goliath Film and Media Holdings. $
GFN General Finance Corporation $5.35
GFNCP General Finance Corporation $
GFNL Genesis Financial Inc. $0.16
GFNSL General Finance Corporation $24.7287
GFOO Genufood Energy Enzymes Corporation $0.0004
GFOX Gray Fox Petroleum Corp. $
GFPMF Gale Force Petroleum Inc. $
GFRP GFR Pharmaceuticals Inc. $
GFRTF Good Friend International Holdi $
GFSZF G4S plc $3.30
GFSZY G4S plc $18.7975
GFY Western Asset Variable Rate Strategic Fund In $17.15
GG Goldcorp Inc. $13.36
GGACU Garnero Group Acquisition Company $
GGAL Grupo Financiero Galicia S.A. $49.96
GGAZF Goldgroup Mining Inc. $0.0404
GGB Gerdau S.A. $3.25
GGBL Guar Global Limited $0.001
GGBMQ GigaBeam Corporation $
GGBP AdvisorShares Gartman Gold/Britsh Pd ETF $13.25
GGDVF Guangdong Investment Ltd. $1.39
GGDVY Guangdong Investment Ltd. $
GGE Guggenheim Enhanced Equity Stra $
GGG Graco Inc. $131.97
GGGG Global X Pure Gold Miners ETF $
GGIFF Garibaldi Resources Corp. $3.3587
GGII Green Globe International, Inc. $0.0001
GGLR GeoGlobal Resources Inc. $
GGLXF GGL Resources Corp $
GGM Guggenheim Credit Allocation Fu $22.84
GGN GAMCO Global Gold, Natural Reso $5.63
GGNDF GN Store Nord A/S $31.95
GGNPF PT Gudang Garam Tbk $5.83
GGO $17.50
GGOV ProShares German Sov / Sub-Sov Debt ETF $36.422
GGP General Growth Properties, Inc $22.51
GGRGF Groupe Gorge SA $20.57
GGRGY Groupe Gorge SA $23.15
GGRN Global Green Solutions, Inc. $
GGROU Golden Growers Cooperative $
GGSM Gold and GemStone Mining Inc. $0.0002
GGT Gabelli Multi-Media Trust, Inc. $8.77
GGTCF Auryn Resources Inc. $
GGTHF Golden Goliath Resources Ltd. $0.0214
GGVTW Gevo, Inc. $
GGVVW Gevo, Inc. $0.00
GHC Graham Holdings $599.90
GHDC Goldland Holdings Co. $
GHDS Greater Hudson Bank, NA $6.00
GHDX Genomic Health Inc. $33.62
GHGH GuanHua Corporation $0.0057
GHI Global High Income Fund, Inc. C $
GHIFF Gamehost Inc. $
GHII Gold Horse International Inc. $27.9895
GHIL Green and Hill Industries, Inc. $0.0001
GHL Greenhill & Co., Inc. $19.025
GHM Graham Corporation $18.74
GHML Gold Hills Mining, Ltd. $
GHRI Goliath Resources Inc. $0.003
GHST Ghost Technology, Inc. $0.0016
GHY Prudential Global Short Duratio $14.72
GHYG iShares Global High Yield Corporate Bond $50.11
GI ECPM Holdings, LLC $0.05
GIB CGI Group, Inc. $52.13
GIDYL GI Dynamics, Inc. $0.038
GIFI Gulf Island Fabrication Inc. $13.10
GIFLF Grifols, S.A. $27.85
GIG GigOptix, Inc. $3.07
GIGA Giga-tronics Inc. $0.4299
GIGL Giggles N' Hugs, Inc. $0.0358
GIGM GigaMedia Ltd. $3.075
GIGNF Genting Singapore PLC $0.862
GIGNY Genting Singapore PLC $43.24
GII SPDR S&P Global Infrastructure $51.88
GIII G-III Apparel Group, Ltd. $25.12
GIKLY Grifols, S.A. $13.90
GIL Gildan Activewear Inc. $
GILD Gilead Sciences Inc. $72.13
GILT Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. $7.5311
GIM Templeton Global Income Fund, Inc. $6.66
GIMO Gigamon Inc. $38.95
GIMU Global Immune Technologies Inc. $0.0005
GINBF Grupo Industrial Maseca, SAB de CV $1.29
GIS General Mills, Inc. $50.66
GITH Global IT Holdings, Inc. $0.0000
GIVE AdvisorShares Global Echo ETF $
GIVN Given Imaging Ltd. $
GIXEF Geologix Explorations Inc. $0.033
GJH Synthetic Fixed-Income Securiti $
GJNSF Gjensidige Forsikring ASA $
GJNSY Gjensidige Forsikring ASA $18.70
GJO Synthetic Fixed-Income Securiti $22.1495
GJP Synthetic Fixed-Income Securiti $22.50
GJR Synthetic Fixed-Income Securiti $
GJS Goldman Sachs Group Securities $19.41
GJT Synthetic Fixed-Income Securiti $19.49
GJV Synthetic Fixed-Income Securiti $
GK G&K Services Inc. $
GKDLF Greka Drilling Limited $0.048
GKIN General Kinetics Inc. $0.003
GKIT Greenkraft Inc. $
GKLGF GasLog Ltd. $
GKNGY Greene King plc $14.91
GKNLY GKN plc $4.28
GKNT Geeknet, Inc. $
GKOS Glaukos Corp. $35.07
GKPRF Gatekeeper Systems Inc. $0.1138
GLA Group Lease PCL $1.93
GLAD Gladstone Capital Corporation $9.77
GLADO Gladstone Capital Corp. $25.50
GLADP Gladstone Capital Corporation $
GLAG Gala Global Inc. $0.30
GLAPF Glanbia plc $19.40
GLAPY Glanbia plc $98.156
GLAXF GlaxoSmithKline plc $17.545
GLBCF Global Cobalt Corporation $
GLBH Globaltech Holdings, Inc. $
GLBL TerraForm Global, Inc. $4.80
GLBR Global Brokerage Inc. $1.395
GLBS Globus Maritime Limited $1.3208
GLBXF Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. $0.3664
GLBZ Glen Burnie Bancorp $10.61
GLCB WisdomTree Global Corporate Bond $
GLCH Gleacher & Company, Inc $0.381
GLCNF Glencore Xstrata plc $4.78
GLCO Global Links Corp. $0.0008
GLD SPDR Gold Shares $120.67
GLDC Golden Enterprises Inc. $
GLDD Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation $5.05
GLDE AdvisorShares International Gold ETF $
GLDFF Golden Leaf Holdings Ltd. $0.27
GLDG Golden Global Corp. $0.01
GLDI Credit Suisse Gold Shrs Cov Call Exc ETN $9.08
GLDL Direxion Daily Gold Bull 3X Shares $
GLDLF GoldMining Inc. $1.1391
GLDN Gold Dynamics Corp. $0.0021
GLDS Direxion Daily Gold Bear 3X Shares $
GLDW SPDR Long Dollar Gold Trust $120.7298
GLDX Global X Gold Explorers ETF $
GLEC Global Ecology Corp. $
GLER Global Earth Energy, Inc. $
GLF Gulfmark Offshore, Inc. $29.22
GLFC Greenleaf Technologies Corporation $
GLFE Gulf United Energy, Inc. $0.00
GLFH Galenfeha, Inc. $0.035
GLFW Gulf West Investment Properties, Inc. $0.0068
GLGDF GoGold Resources Inc. $0.3517
GLGI Greystone Logistics, Inc. $0.475
GLGLF GLG Life Tech Corporation $0.808
GLGT Global General Technologies, Inc. $
GLHO Global Enterprises Group, Inc $
GLHV Global Health Voyager, Inc. $
GLIAQ Gliatech Inc. $
GLKFF Raise Production Inc $0.248
GLL ProShares UltraShort Gold $70.99
GLLA Gilla Inc. $0.1279
GLLK TNX Maverick Corp. $0.0001
GLLRY Galliford Try plc $0.00
GLMB Global MobileTech, Inc. $0.012
GLMD Galmed Pharmaceuticals Ltd. $7.72
GLMFF Glacier Media, Inc. $0.525
GLNCF Standard Tolling Corp. $
GLNCY Glencore Xstrata plc $9.69
GLNG Golar LNG Ltd. $23.75
GLNIF Glentel Inc. $
GLNV Glenville Bank Holding Company, Inc. $95.00
GLO Clough Global Opportunities Fun $11.38
GLOB Globant S.A. $35.15
GLOFF GameLoft SA $
GLOFY GameLoft SA $
GLOG GasLog Ltd. $16.18
GLOH Glow Holdings, Inc. $0.40
GLOP GasLog Partners LP $22.95
GLOV AHPC Holdings, Inc. $
GLOW Glowpoint, Inc. $0.26
GLP Global Partners LP $17.85
GLPEF Galp Energia SGPS SA $18.5739
GLPEY Galp Energia SGPS SA $
GLPGF Galapagos NV $102.00
GLPI Gaming and Leisure Properties, Inc $36.82
GLPT Global Profit Technologies, Inc. $0.30
GLPW Global Power Equipment Group Inc. $4.05
GLPYY Galapagos NV $
GLQ Clough Global Equity Fund Cloug $13.46
GLRE Greenlight Capital Re, Ltd. $22.90
GLRFF Montana Gold Mining Company Inc $
GLRI Infinity Cross Border Acquisition Corporation $0.0122
GLRIW Glori Energy Inc $0.00
GLRP Glen Rose Petroleum Corp. $0.0007
GLSO GlassesOff Inc. $1.25
GLT PH Glatfelter Co. $19.06
GLTC GelTech Solutions, Inc. $0.19
GLTR ETFS Physical PM Basket Shares $63.57
GLU The Gabelli Global Utility & Income Trust $19.97
GLUSF Gluskin Sheff + Associates, Inc. $
GLUU Glu Mobile, Inc. $4.37
GLUX Great Lakes Aviation, Ltd. $0.0211
GLV Clough Global Allocation Fund C $
GLVMF Golden Valley Mines Ltd. $
GLVNF Gallant Venture Ltd $0.075
GLW Corning Inc. $31.73
GLWA Global Water Asset Corp. $0.01
GLXC Gilax, Corp. $
GLXKY GlaxoSmithkline Pharmaceuticals Limited $0.00
GLXZ Galaxy Gaming, Inc. $1.13
GLYC GlycoMimetics, Inc. $12.27
GLYE GlyEco, Inc. $
GLZNF Golfzonyouwonholdings Co., Ltd. $0.00
GM General Motors Company $44.705
GMALF Genting Malaysia Berhad $1.41
GMAN Gordmans Stores, Inc. $
GMBXF Grupo M $3.10
GMCP GMS Capital Corp. $
GMCR Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. $
GMDMF Gem Diamonds Limited $1.00
GMDTF Golden Meditech Holdings Limited $0.1344
GME GameStop Corp. $17.37
GMEC Great China Mania Holdings, Inc. $
GMED Globus Medical, Inc. $36.59
GMEI Gambit Energy, Inc. $0.02
GMELY GOME Electrical Appliances Holding Limited $11.73
GMET Geomet, Inc. $0.0026
GMETP GeoMet, Inc. $0.15
GMEV $0.01
GMF SPDR S&P Emerging Asia Pacific $
GMFS SPDR S&P Small Cap Em Asia Pacific ETF $
GMGI Golden Matrix Group, Inc. $0.0003
GMGLF Arrowstar Resources Ltd $0.0271
GMGSF Goodman Group $6.62
GMHLF GAM Holding AG $
GMHLY GAM Holding AG $2.645
GMICF Genworth MI Canada Inc. $
GMK Gruma S.A.B. de CV $
GML SPDR S&P Emerging Latin America $49.47
GMLFF Global Minerals Ltd. $
GMLP Golar LNG Partners LP $21.01
GMM SPDR S&P Emerging Markets $
GMMB Columbia Intermediate Municipal Bond ETF $
GMND Green Mountain Development Corp. $0.0018
GMNFF GobiMin Inc. $0.3982
GMNI Gemini Group Global Corp. $
GMO General Moly, Inc. $0.30
GMOS Giant Motorsports Inc. $0.0051
GMOYF $16.86
GMPXF GMP Capital Inc. $2.1438
GMRE Global Medical REIT, Inc. $9.27
GMS GMS $35.35
GMT GATX Corp. $
GMTB Columbia Core Bond ETF $0.00
GMUI Gold Mining USA, Inc. $0.0249
GMWKF Games Workshop Group plc $30.25
GMXAY Genmab A/S $104.50
GMXS Gemini Explorations Inc. $
GMZ Goldman Sachs MLP Income Opport $9.44
GMZP GEMZ Corp. $0.0004
GNAT WisdomTree Global Natural Resources $
GNAUQ General Automotive Company $
GNBA Groen Brothers Aviation Inc. $
GNBC Green Bancorp, Inc. $20.85
GNBF GNB Financial Services, Inc. $
GNBT Generex Biotechnology Corp. $2.79
GNC GNC Holdings Inc. $6.70
GNCA Genocea Biosciences, Inc. $1.15
GNCC Genco Corporation $0.0017
GNCGF Greencore Group plc $2.5333
GNCGY Greencore Group plc $10.1429
GNCMA General Communication Inc. $41.12
GNCMB General Communication Inc. $41.19
GNCP GNCC Capital, Inc. $0.0001
GNE Genie Energy Ltd. $5.53
GNEW Global New Energy Industries Inc. $
GNFTF Genfit SA $26.70
GNGBF Getinge AB $18.20
GNGBY Getinge AB $19.32
GNGR Gunther Grant, Inc. $0.0057
GNGT Golden Gate Partners, Inc. $0.05
GNGYF Guangshen Railway Co. Ltd. $0.5281
GNHAF Galenica Ltd. $1,078.00
GNHRF Arian Resources Corp. $
GNI Great Northern Iron Ore Properties $
GNID GeneSYS ID, Inc. $0.0432
GNIN Green Innovations Ltd. $0.0008
GNK Genco Shipping & Trading Ltd. $11.85
GNL Global Net Lease Inc. $
GNLAF Genesis Land Development Corp. $2.515
GNLK GeneLink Inc. $
GNMA iShares GNMA Bond $49.54
GNMK GenMark Diagnostics, Inc. $4.64
GNMLF Genomma Lab Internacional SAB de CV $1.43
GNMSF Genmab A/S $205.00
GNMT General Metals Corporation $
GNMX $1.47
GNNDY GN Store Nord A/S $95.95
GNOLF Genoil Inc. $0.04
GNOW American Caresource Holdings Inc. $0.0031
GNPG Green Planet Group, Inc. $0.015
GNPR Genius Products, Inc. $0.00
GNPT GreenParts International, Inc. $0.0001
GNR SPDR S&P Global Natural Resources $
GNRC Generac Holdings Inc. $50.25
GNRD General Datacomm Industries Inc. $0.05
GNRT Gener8 Maritime Inc. $4.61
GNRV Grand River Commerce, Inc. $5.921
GNSZ Genspera, Inc. $
GNT GAMCO Natural Resources, Gold & $6.78
GNTOF Gentor Resources Inc. $
GNTP Global Entertainment Corp. $
GNTX Gentex Corp. $19.04
GNTY Guaranty Bancshares Inc. $28.63
GNUS $3.17
GNUSD Genius Brands International, Inc. $
GNVC GenVec, Inc. $
GNW Genworth Financial Inc. $3.48
GNWSF GeneNews Limited $0.0628
GNXP Guinness Exploration Inc. $0.0011
GNYS GeNOsys, Inc. $
GNZUF Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. $2.50
GOAS Xiangtian $
GOBK Globalink Ltd. $
GODYF Deer Horn Metals Inc. $0.006
GOF Guggenheim Strategic Opportunit $21.41
GOFF Goff Corporation $0.0006
GOFPY Greek Organisation of Football Prognostics S. $5.62
GOGC Global Green Inc. $
GOGL Golden Ocean Group Limited $8.10
GOGO Gogo Inc. $9.99
GOGR Go Green Global Technologies Corp. $0.03
GOGY Golden Energy Corp. $0.005
GOHE Global Payout, Inc. $0.0171
GOHG Global Holdings, Inc. $0.02
GOIG GoIP Global, Inc. $0.0001
GOL GOL Linhas A $20.78
GOLCF Golconda Resources Ltd. $
GOLD Randgold Resources Limited $90.905
GOLDF Pele Mountain Resources Inc. $0.20
GOLHF Golden Hope Mines Limited $0.0717
GOMO Sungy Mobile Limited $
GOMRF Geomega Resources Inc. $0.0708
GOOAV Google Inc. $
GOOCV Google Inc. $
GOOD Gladstone Commercial Corp. $22.41
GOODM Gladstone Commercial Corp. $25.20
GOODN Gladstone Commercial Corp. $1,350.10
GOODO Gladstone Commercial Corp. $26.00
GOODP Gladstone Commercial Corp. $26.72
GOOG Google, Inc. $1,020.91
GOOGL Google Inc. $1,036.41
GOOO Golden Opportunities Corporation $
GOOS Gooroo Ventures Ltd. $27.07
GOOXF Givot Olam Oil Exploration LP $0.005
GOPH Gopher Protocol Inc. $0.48
GORAF Goldrea Resources Corp. $0.0281
GORO Gold Resource Corp $3.65
GORV Golden River Resources Corp. $0.085
GOSY GeckoSystems International Corporation $0.004
GOV Government Properties Income Trust $18.17
GOVB Gouverneur Bancorp Inc. $
GOVT iShares U.S. Treasury Bond $25.25
GOVX GeoVax Labs, Inc. $0.093
GPACU Global Partner Acquisition Corp. $
GPACW Global Partner Acquisition Corp. Wt $1.05
GPAGF Gruma S.A.B. de CV $12.70
GPBIF GP Batteries International Limited $0.55
GPC Genuine Parts Company $85.56
GPCM, Inc. $
GPDB The Green PolkaDot Box, Inc. $0.07
GPDNF Danone $81.9526
GPEAF Great Portland Estates plc $7.60
GPFOF Grupo Financiero Inbursa, S.A.B. de C.V. $1.64
GPFOY Grupo Financiero Inbursa, S.A.B. de C.V. $8.39
GPHBF Graphene 3D Labs, Inc. $0.0921
GPHOF Graphite One Resources Inc. $0.0374
GPI Group 1 Automotive Inc. $78.29
GPIAU GP Investments Acquisition Corp. $
GPIC Gaming Partners International Corporation $11.25
GPIIF GP Investments $2.1002
GPIW Grand Perfecta Inc. $0.0698
GPK Graphic Packaging Holding Company $12.86
GPL Great Panther Silver Ltd $1.16
GPLA GamePlan Inc. $
GPLS Geopulse Explorations Inc. $0.01
GPM Guggenheim Enhanced Equity Inco $8.73
GPMCF Grupo Modelo, S.A.B. de C.V. $0.0002
GPMT Granite Point Mortgage Trust Inc. $17.83
GPMTF GPM Metals Inc. $
GPN Global Payments Inc. $100.03
GPNE Next Graphite, Inc. $
GPOFF Codrington Resource Corporation $
GPOPF Promotora de Informaciones, S.A. $3.5278
GPOR Gulfport Energy Corp. $14.14
GPOVF Grupo Carso, S.A.B. de C.V. $3.3246
GPOVY Grupo Carso, S.A.B. de C.V. $
GPP Green Plains Partners LP $20.20
GPPDF Gippsland Ltd. $
GPR Anadarko Petroleum Corporation $
GPRC Guanwei Recycling Corp. $0.0001
GPRE Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc. $16.55
GPRK GeoPark Limited $9.9672
GPRO GoPro, Inc. $8.51
GPS The Gap, Inc. $29.17
GPSI General Payment Systems, Inc. $0.0189
GPT Gramercy Property Trust Inc. $29.01
GPTC Golden Patriot Corp. $0.0002
GPTRF Grande Portage Resources Ltd. $0.1546
GPTX Global Payment Technologies Inc. $
GPVRF Greenpower Motor Company Inc. $0.334
GPX GP Strategies Corp. $24.20
GPXM Golden Phoenix Minerals Inc. $
GQMLF Great Quest Metals Ltd. $0.1201
GQMNF Golden Queen Mining Co. Ltd. $0.216
GQRE FlexShares Global Quality Real Estate $
GRA W.R. Grace & Co. $
GRAM Gra $3.06
GRAS Greenfield Farms Food, Inc. $0.0001
GRBG Green Bridge Industries, Inc. $0.00
GRBK Green Brick Partners, Inc. $11.30
GRBMF Grupo Bimbo, S.A.B. de C.V. $2.37
GRBS Greer Bancshares Incorporated $
GRC Gorman-Rupp Co. $32.47
GRCK Grey Cloak Tech Inc. $0.0131
GRCLF GrainCorp. Ltd. $6.512
GRCO Greenbelt Resources Corporation $0.1054
GRCU $0.0118
GRCV Grand Capital Ventures, Inc. $0.001
GRDH Guardian 8 Holdings $
GRDO Guard Dog, Inc. $0.0001
GRDSF Groundstar Resources Ltd. $0.0072
GRDZF Giordano International Limited $0.57
GREEF Green REIT plc $1.70
GREI Global Recycle Energy, Inc. $
GREK Global X FTSE Greece 20 ETF $7.31
GREMF Gener8 Media Corp. $
GREN Greensmart Corporation $
GRES IQ Global Resources ETF $25.4778
GREW Greenworld Development, Inc. $0.0033
GRF Eagle Capital Growth Fund, Inc. $7.96
GRFS Grifols, S.A. $23.14
GRGNF Golden Reign Resources Ltd. $
GRGR Green Energy Resources, Inc. $0.00
GRH GreenHunter Resources, Inc. $0.04
GRHFY GRUH Finance Limited $0.00
GRHHQ GreenHunter Resources, Inc. $0.007
GRI Cohen & Steers Global Realty Majors ETF $44.77
GRID First Trust NASDAQ Cln Edge Smrt Grd Inf $50.69
GRIF Griffin Land & Nurseries Inc. $37.16
GRKZF Greek Organisation of Football Prognostics S. $11.0713
GRLL Roadhouse Grill Inc. $
GRLT Healthy & Tasty Brands Corporation $0.0001
GRMC Goldrich Mining Company $0.0299
GRMN Garmin Ltd. $59.21
GRMS Green Energy Management Services Holdings, In $0.015
GRMX Garmatex Holdings Ltd. $
GRN iPath Global Carbon ETN $6.15
GRNBF Greenbank Capital Inc $0.2793
GRNE Green Endeavors, Inc. $0.16
GRNED Green Endeavors, Inc. $
GRNH GreenGro Technologies, Inc. $0.0391
GRNKF Greenko Group PLC $0.00
GRNL Greenlite Ventures Inc. $0.0036
GRNO Green Oasis Environmental, Inc. $0.0005
GRNQ Greenpro, Inc. $5.70
GRO Agria Corporation $
GROC Great Rock Development Corp. $0.004
GROUF Grafton Group plc $11.00
GROV GroveWare Technologies Ltd. $
GROW U.S. Global Investors, Inc. $2.83
GRPEF Graphene NanoChem plc $0.025
GRPFF Grupo Televisa, S.A.B. $4.14
GRPH Graphite Corp. $0.0043
GRPI Grupo International Inc. $0.00
GRPN Groupon, Inc. $5.62
GRPR Grid Petroleum Corp. $
GRPS Gold River Productions, Inc $0.0003
GRPTY Groupe Eurotunnel SA $25.42
GRPX GreenPlex Services, Inc. $0.05
GRR Asia Tigers Fund, Inc. $12.91
GRRB Grandsouth Bancorp. $13.50
GRRMF Gerresheimer AG $78.50
GRSH Gores Holdings, Inc. $
GRSHU Gores Holdings, Inc. $
GRSO $0.03
GRST Greenestone Healthcare Corporation $0.0695
GRSU Greenhouse Solutions Inc. $0.0028
GRT Glimcher Realty Trust $
GRTSF $0.93
GRUA Garuda Capital Corp. $0.0009
GRUB GrubHub Inc. $63.10
GRVFF Grenville Strategic Royalty Corp. $
GRVY Gravity Co., Ltd $76.49
GRWC Grow Condos Inc. $0.0185
GRWN iPath Pure Beta Softs ETN $26.14
GRWTF $15.9934
GRX The Gabelli Healthcare & Wellne $9.65
GRYCF Gold Royalties Corporation $
GRYE GreenGold Ray Energies, Inc. $
GRYIF Gerry Weber International AG $12.70
GRYIY Gerry Weber International AG $5.75
GRYN Green Hygienics Holdings Inc. $0.01
GRYO Gryphon Resources, Inc. $0.0014
GRZG Grizzly Gold Corp. $0.002
GS The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. $242.80
GSAC GelStat Corp. $0.0025
GSAG Global Security Agency Inc $
GSAT Globalstar Inc. $1.69
GSB GlobalSCAPE, Inc. $3.99
GSBB Golden State Bank $
GSBC Great Southern Bancorp Inc. $51.70
GSBD Goldman Sachs BDC, Inc. $22.08
GSBX Golden State Bancorp $10.25
GSC GS Connect S&P GSCI Enh Commodity TR ETN $23.23
GSCB Greater Sacramento Bancorp $
GSDC Goldsands Development Company $0.0006
GSEH GSE Holdings Inc. $
GSEN GS EnviroServices, Inc. $0.00
GSET Global Senior Enterprises Inc. $5.1766
GSF The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. $
GSFD Global Seafood Technologies, Inc. $0.006
GSFVF GASFRAC Energy Services, Inc. $
GSG iShares S&P GSCI Commodity-Indexed Trust $14.73
GSGO ALPS/GS Mom Bldr Gr Mkts Eq& US Trs ETF $
GSH Guangshen Railway Co. Ltd. $27.292
GSHTW Gores Holdings II Inc. $1.20
GSI General Steel Holdings, Inc. $0.26
GSIG GSI Group Inc. $
GSIT GSI Technology Inc. $8.37
GSJ The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. $24.98
GSJK Compressco Partners, L.P. $
GSK GlaxoSmithKline plc $36.48
GSKNF Genco Shipping & Trading Ltd. $
GSL Global Ship Lease, Inc. $1.20
GSLO Go Solar USA, Inc. $0.0001
GSM Globe Specialty Metals, Inc. $15.20
GSMA ALPS/GS Momentum Builder Multi-Asset ETF $
GSMF GSM Fund Group Inc. $1.00
GSMGF IMX Resources Limited $
GSML G&S Minerals, Inc. $0.0011
GSNC Global eScience Corp. $0.0388
GSOL Global Sources Ltd. $
GSP iPath S&P GSCI Total Return Index ETN $
GSPE GulfSlope Energy, Inc $0.051
GSPH Geospatial Corporation $0.0246
GSPI Green Star Products Inc. $0.0013
GSPN Goldspan Resources, Inc. $27.57
GSPT Golden Star Enterprises Ltd. $0.11
GSRA ALPS/GS Risk-Adjusted Ret US Lrg Cap ETF $
GSS Golden Star Resources, Ltd. $0.83
GSSRF Gossan Resources Ltd. $0.0747
GST Gastar Exploration, Inc. $0.79
GSTB Great State Bank $
GSTV Global Stevia Corp. $
GSTY Green St. Energy, Inc. $0.0001
GSUXF Golden Sun Mining Corp. $
GSV Gold Standard Ventures Corp $1.47
GSVC GSV Capital Corp. $6.46
GSVI GSV, Inc. $0.0025
GSXN Gasco Energy Inc. $
GSY Guggenheim Enhanced Short Dur ETF $50.17
GT The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company $29.07
GTAA AdvisorShares Cambria Global Tacticl ETF $23.28
GTAGF Golden Tag Resources Ltd. $0.036
GTARF GTA Resources and Mining Inc. $0.0412
GTAT GT Advanced Technologies Inc. $0.00
GTATQ GT Advanced Technologies Inc. $
GTCP Georgetown Corporation $0.0017
GTE Gran Tierra Energy, Inc. $2.18
GTGP Global Technologies Group, Inc. $0.00
GTGT GTG Ventures, Inc. $1.10
GTHKF Genting Hong Kong Limited $0.255
GTHP Guided Therapeutics, Inc $0.032
GTHR GeneThera Inc. $0.0052
GTHX G1 Therapeutics Inc. $23.40
GTI GrafTech International Ltd. $
GTIM Good Times Restaurants Inc. $2.70
GTIP iShares Global Inflation-Linked Bond $
GTIV Gentiva Health Services Inc. $
GTKP GateKeeper USA, Inc. $0.00
GTLA GT Legend Automotive Holdings Inc. $0.00
GTLL Global Technologies, Ltd. $0.0001
GTLS Chart Industries Inc. $44.31
GTMAY Grupo TMM S.A.B. $1.20
GTMM The Guitammer Company Inc. $0.0162
GTN Gray Television Inc. $15.40
GTOFF Gemalto NV $
GTOMY Gemalto NV $19.70
GTOP Genitope Corp. $
GTOPQ Genitope Corp. $
GTPH Great Plains Holdings, Inc. $
GTPPP The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company $
GTPS Great American Bancorp Inc. $34.90
GTRL Get Real USA, Inc. $
GTRQ GeoTraq Inc. $0.25
GTS Triple-S Management Corporation $24.02
GTSO Green Technology Solutions, Inc. $0.011
GTT GTT Communications, Inc. $39.15
GTU Central GoldTrust $
GTVCF Globetech Ventures Corp. $0.00
GTVI Joway Health Industries Group Inc. $0.05
GTWN Georgetown Bancorp Inc. $
GTXI GTX Inc. $11.7101
GTXO GTX Corp $0.0034
GTY Getty Realty Corp. $24.84
GTYH $9.90
GUA Gulf Power Company $
GUAZY Yuexiu Property Company Limited $3.30
GUERF Guerfal Inversiones SICAV $84.30
GUESF GuestLogix Inc. $0.00
GUEXF Guardian Exploration Inc. $0.0359
GUGO Forza Environmental Building Products, Inc. $0.00
GUID Guidance Software, Inc. $
GUKYF Gulf Keystone Petroleum Limited $1.445
GULD Gold Hill Resources, Inc. $
GULF WisdomTree Middle East Dividend $17.29
GULRY Guoco Group Limited $26.65
GULTU Gulf Coast Ultra Deep Royalty Trust $0.038
GUNR FlexShares Mstar Gbl Upstrm Nat Res ETF $28.35
GUORF GuocoLeisure Limited. $0.65
GUORY GuocoLeisure Limited. $6.20
GUR SPDR S&P Emerging Europe $
GURE Gulf Resources, Inc. $1.77
GURI Global X Guru International Index ETF $15.55
GURU Global X Guru™ Index ETF $
GURX Global X Guru Small Cap Index ETF $
GUSH Direxion Dly S&P Oil&Gs Ex&Prd Bl $23.90
GUT Gabelli Utility Trust $6.74
GUYFF Guyana Goldfields Inc. $3.48
GUZBY Grupo Herdez,Sociedad An $8.28
GV Goldfield Corp. $4.15
GVA Granite Construction Incorporated $62.84
GVAL Cambria Global Value ETF $
GVBP Genova Biotherapeutics, Inc. $
GVCM Geovic Mining Corp. $0.0103
GVDBF Givaudan SA $2,254.38
GVDI Golden Valley Development, Inc $0.0006
GVDNY Givaudan SA $35.10
GVFF Greenville Federal Financial Corp. $9.30
GVHIB Global Vision Holdings, Inc. $0.0055
GVI iShares Intm Government/Credit Bond $
GVLMF Greenvale Mining NL $0.01
GVP GSE Systems Inc. $3.21
GVSI Good Vibrations Shoes Inc. $0.0001
GVT Columbia Select Large Cap Value ETF $38.21
GVXNF Guerrero Ventures Inc. $0.0104
GVYB Golden Valley Bank $11.85
GWB Great Western Bancorp. Inc. $40.49
GWBU Great Wall Builders Ltd. $0.003
GWDCQ Growers Direct Coffee Company, Inc $
GWGH GWG Holdings, Inc. $10.09
GWGWF GWR Global Water Resources Corp. $
GWIN Glorywin Entertainment Group, Inc. $0.51
GWIV Globalwise Investments Inc. $
GWL SPDR S&P World ex-US $29.82
GWLIF Great-West Lifeco Inc. $27.87
GWLLF Great Wall Motor Company Ltd. $1.34
GWLLY Great Wall Motor Company Ltd. $
GWMGF Great Western Minerals Group, Ltd. $0.001
GWPC Wholehealth Products, Inc. $0.05
GWPH GW Pharmaceuticals plc $127.54
GWPRF GW Pharmaceuticals plc $8.60
GWR Genesee & Wyoming Inc. $72.14
GWRE Guidewire Software, Inc. $82.52
GWRRF GWR Resources Inc. $0.1424
GWRS Global Water Resources $9.41
GWRU Genesee & Wyoming Inc. $
GWSAF Gowest Gold Ltd $0.1116
GWSC GWS Technologies, Inc. $
GWSO Global Warming Solutions, Inc. $0.003
GWTCF Great Wall Technology Co. Ltd. $
GWTR Global Water Technologies, Inc. $0.01
GWW W.W. Grainger, Inc. $195.79
GWWTF Growthpoint Properties Limited $1.45
GWX SPDR S&P International Small Cap $34.915
GWYT Greenway Technology $
GX Asbury Automotive Group, Inc. $0.06
GXC SPDR S&P China $
GXF Global X FTSE Nordic Region ETF $23.67
GXG Global X FTSE Colombia 20 ETF $9.84
GXMLF Geodex Minerals Ltd. $0.1493
GXP Great Plains Energy Incorporated $
GXSFF Goldsource Mines Inc. $0.056
GXYEF Galaxy Entertainment Group Limited $6.92
GXYEY Galaxy Entertainment Group Limited $
GY GenCorp Inc. $
GYB CABCO Series 2004-101 Trust Gol $23.01
GYC Corporate Asset Backed Corp CAB $23.8534
GYEN AdvisorShares Gartman Gold/Yen ETF $11.90
GYLD Arrow Dow Jones Global Yield ETF $18.06
GYOG Green Energy Enterprises, Inc. $
GYPHQ Gryphon Gold Corporation $0.003
GYRO Gyrodyne Co. of America Inc. $21.40
GYSLF Eco Oro Minerals Corp $
GYSN Greyson International, Inc. $0.0035
GYST The Graystone Company, Inc. $0.0019
GYTI Gyrotron Technology, Inc. $0.25
GZPFY Joint Stock Company Gazprom Neft $22.05
GZPHF Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Holdings $2.80