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Symbol Company Name Price
W Wayfair Inc. $67.50
WAB Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corporati $74.07
WABC Westamerica Bancorp. $54.92
WAC Walter Investment Management Corp. $0.38
WACLY Wacoal Holdings Corp. $61.12
WAFD Washington Federal Inc. $34.175
WAFDW Washington Federal, Inc. $17.78
WAFR COREwafer Industries, Inc. $
WAG Walgreen Co. $
WAGE WageWorks, Inc. $
WAIR Wesco Aircraft Holdings, Inc. $11.85
WAL Western Alliance Bancorporation $56.51
WALK The Walking Company Holdings, Inc. $2.80
WANSF WANdisco plc $10.50
WARFF The Wharf $
WARFY The Wharf $16.75
WARGF War Eagle Mining Co. Inc. $0.03
WARM HPEV, Inc. $0.0888
WASH Washington Trust Bancorp Inc. $47.80
WAT Waters Corporation $181.09
WATT Energous Corporation $8.89
WAVX Wave Systems Corp. $
WAWL Wawel Savings Bank $2.88
WAXS World Access, Inc. $0.004
WAYN Wayne Savings Bancshares Inc. $17.851
WB Weibo Corporation $114.94
WBA Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. $71.33
WBAI Limited $10.94
WBB Westbury Bancorp, Inc. $20.0501
WBC WABCO Holdings Inc. $150.46
WBCO Washington Banking Co. $
WBJTF Webjet Ltd $
WBK Westpac Banking Corporation $24.82
WBKC Wolverine Bancorp, Inc. $41.529
WBMD WebMD Health Corp. $
WBNK Waccamaw Bankshares, Inc. $
WBPRJ W Holding Co. Inc. $
WBPRK W Holding Co. Inc. $
WBRBY Wienerberger AG $4.45
WBRE Wild Brush Energy, Inc. $0.0023
WBS Webster Financial Corp. $46.73
WBSI WebSafety, Inc. $0.2299
WBXU Webxu, Inc. $
WCC WESCO International Inc. $61.15
WCFB Webster City Federal Bancorp $9.94
WCG WellCare Health Plans, Inc. $206.50
WCIC WCI Communities Inc. $23.40
WCIG Wee-Cig International Corporation $0.16
WCN Waste Connections Inc. $68.54
WCRS Western Capital Resources, Inc. $
WCRX Warner Chilcott plc $
WCST $1.84
WCSY Wealthcraft Systems, Inc. $
WCUI Wellness Center USA, Inc. $0.179
WCYN West Canyon Energy Corp. $0.0038
WD Walker & Dunlop, Inc. $54.22
WDAS World Assurance Group Inc. $
WDAY Workday, Inc. $106.15
WDC Western Digital Corporation $90.88
WDDD Worlds Inc. $0.031
WDDYF Worldpay Group PLC $
WDFC WD-40 Company $
WDFN Woodlands Financial Services Co. $27.51
WDGJF John Wood Group PLC $9.45
WDHR WeedHire International, Inc. $0.0001
WDIV SPDR S&P Global Dividend ETF $68.171
WDKA Panache Beverage Inc. $
WDLF Social Life Network, Inc. $0.143
WDMG Winsonic Digital Media Group Ltd. $
WDOFF Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd. $
WDPSF Warehouses De Pauw SCA $0.00
WDR Waddell & Reed Financial, Inc. $18.73
WDRP Wanderport Corporation $0.0072
WDRW Direxion Daily Regional Bnks Bear 3X ETF $35.4701
WDTI WisdomTree Managed Futures Strategy $39.34
WEA Western Asset Bond Fund Share o $14.02
WEAT Teucrium Wheat $6.89
WEB Group, Inc. $24.75
WEBB Webb Interactive Services Inc. $0.0011
WEBC Webco Industries Inc. $78.00
WEBJF Webjet Ltd $8.48
WEBK Wellesley Bancorp, Inc. $27.05
WEBNF Westpac Banking Corporation $25.76
WEC Wisconsin Energy Corp. $67.47
WECFF White Energy Company Limited $0.038
WECFY White Energy Company Limited $0.14
WEDXF Westaim Corp. $2.4065
WEEEF Western Energy Services Corp. $0.996
WEET iPath Pure Beta Grains ETN $31.80
WEFIF Westfield Group $6.20
WEFP Wells Financial Corp. $
WEGOF Wescan Goldfields Inc. $0.048
WEGYF Westbridge Energy Corporation $0.0753
WEGZY Weg SA $7.70
WEICF Weichai Power Co. Ltd $1.2015
WEICY Weichai Power Co. Ltd $14.46
WEIGF The Weir Group PLC $24.85
WEIGY The Weir Group PLC $
WEIN West End Indiana Bancshares, Inc. $25.40
WELL Capsalus Corp. $
WELPP Wisconsin Electric Power Company $92.00
WELX Winland Electronics Inc. $1.91
WEN The Wendy's Company $14.26
WEQL WellQuest Medical & Wellness Corporation $0.027
WERN Werner Enterprises Inc. $36.05
WES Western Gas Partners LP $46.62
WEST Andalay Solar, Inc. $0.0003
WETF WisdomTree Investments, Inc. $11.30
WEWWF Webtech Wireless Inc. $
WEX WEX Inc. $121.36
WEYL Weyland Tech Inc. $3.45
WEYS Weyco Group Inc. $28.07
WF Woori Finance Holdings Co., Ltd. $42.85
WFAFF Wesfarmers Limited $32.00
WFAFY Wesfarmers Limited $16.41
WFBI WashingtonFirst Bankshares Inc. $33.76
WFC Wells Fargo & Company $54.26
WFCF Where Food Comes From, Inc. $2.70
WFD Westfield Financial Inc. $
WFEMF Woulfe Mining Corp. $
WFEPA $26.26
WFGPY Westfield Group $13.35
WFIFF WaterFurnace Renewable Energy, Inc. $
WFM Whole Foods Market, Inc. $
WFREF Long Run Exploration Ltd. $
WFSC Weststar Financial Services Corp. $
WFSTF Western Forest Products Inc. $
WFT Weatherford International Ltd. $3.79
WFTBF West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd. $61.5571
WFTSF Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc. $0.165
WFWL Wi-Fi Wireless Inc. $0.024
WG Willbros Group Inc. $1.47
WGA Wells-Gardner Electronics Corp. $
WGAS Worthington Energy, Inc., Prior to Reverse Me $0.0001
WGATQ WorldGate Communications, Inc. $
WGBS WaferGen Biosystems, Inc. $5.70
WGEE WGE Holdings Corp. $0.001
WGEI WindGen Energy Inc. $0.00
WGHGY Wing Hang Bank Limited $
WGIH WGI Holdings, Inc. $
WGL WGL Holdings Inc. $85.54
WGLCO Washington Gas Light Co. $101.00
WGMGY World Gaming Plc $
WGMI Win Global Markets, Inc $
WGNR Wegener Corp. $0.014
WGO Winnebago Industries, Inc. $48.45
WGP Western Gas Equity Partners, LP $38.86
WGPLF Wellgreen Platinum Ltd. $0.234
WGTB Washington Bancorp, Inc. $
WH WSP Holdings Ltd. $
WHCA Williston Holding Company, Inc. $0.80
WHCI W Holding Co. Inc. $
WHEN World Health Energy Holdings, Inc. $0.0003
WHF WhiteHorse Finance, Inc. $14.26
WHFBL WhiteHorse Finance, Inc. $25.45
WHG Westwood Holdings Group Inc. $61.13
WHGRF WH Group Limited $0.94
WHHT Wonhe High-Tech International, Inc. $0.177
WHITF Whitehaven Coal Limited $2.87
WHLKF Wheelock and Company Ltd. $7.445
WHLKY Wheelock and Company Ltd. $100.00
WHLM Wilhelmina International, Inc. $7.80
WHLR Wheeler Real Estate Investment Trust, Inc. $9.71
WHLX WLMG Holding Inc. $0.20
WHR Whirlpool Corp. $168.88
WHTGF Mangazeya Mining Ltd. $0.0182
WHWRF World Houseware Holdings Ltd. $0.08
WHX Whiting USA Trust I $2.79
WHXT Whiting USA Trust I $
WHYRF West High Yield $1.675
WHZ Whiting USA Trust II $
WIA Western Asset/Claymore Inflation-Linked Secur $11.53
WIBC Wilshire Bancorp Inc. $
WICEF Williams Creek Gold Limited $
WIEI Wonder International Education & Investme $
WIFI Boingo Wireless, Inc. $23.58
WIIM Mining Minerals of Mexico, Corp. $454.00
WILC G. Willi Food-International Ltd. $5.8059
WILD Wild Craze, Inc. $0.00
WILLF William Demant Holding A/S $28.95
WILN Wi-Lan Inc. $1.4046
WILS Wiless Controls Inc. $7.03
WILYY William Demant Holding A/S $13.98
WIMHF William Hill plc $3.60
WIMHY William Hill plc $13.54
WIN Windstream Holdings, Inc. $2.23
WINA Winmark Corp. $131.75
WING Wingstop Inc. $37.29
WINS Wins Finance Holdings Inc. $225.00
WINT Windtree Therapeutics, Inc. $0.41
WIP SPDR DB Intl Govt Infl-Protected Bond $56.37
WIPKF Winpak Ltd. $37.3167
WIPSO Wisconsin Public Service Corporation $
WIRE Encore Wire Corp. $45.45
WIRX Wireless Xcessories Group Inc. $
WISH Wright Investors' Service Holdings, Inc. $0.51
WISHY Wishbone Gold Plc $0.60
WIT Wipro Ltd. $5.34
WITE ETFS Physical White Metals Basket Shares $27.49
WITIF Witan Ord $
WIW Western Asset/Claymore Inflatio $11.13
WIWTY Witwatersrand Consolidated Gold Resources Lim $
WIX Ltd. $54.40
WIZD Wizard World, Inc. $
WJAFF Westjet Airlines Ltd. $
WJAVF Westjet Airlines Ltd. $
WJRYY West Japan Railway Company $71.76
WJXFF Wajax Corporation $19.3749
WK Workiva Inc. $
WKBT Weikang Bio-Technology Group Co., Inc. $
WKCMF Wacker Chemie AG $151.45
WKHS Workhorse Group Inc. $2.94
WKLDF West Kirkland Mining Inc. $0.0561
WKLN Walker Lane Exploration, Inc. $0.10
WL HomeAway, Inc. $
WLAN Wialan Technologies, Inc. $0.001
WLB Westmoreland Coal Co. $1.69
WLBMF Wallbridge Mining Co. Ltd. $
WLBPZ Westmoreland Coal Company $
WLCDF Western Lithium USA Corporation $
WLDN Willdan Group, Inc. $24.52
WLDVF Wildcat Silver Corporation $2.596
WLFC Willis Lease Finance Corp. $
WLFDF Wolford Aktiengesellschaft $
WLFGP Wells Fargo & Company $
WLGC WordLogic Corp. $
WLH William Lyon Homes $
WLK Westlake Chemical Corp. $93.51
WLKP Westlake Chemical Partners LP $24.25
WLKR Walker Innovation Inc. $0.52
WLL Whiting Petroleum Corp. $6.61
WLMIF Wilmar International Limited $2.44
WLMIY Wilmar International Limited $24.625
WLOC Willow Creek Enterprises Inc. $
WLOL Winland Ocean Shipping Corp $
WLP WellPoint Inc. $
WLRHW WL Ross Holding Corp. $
WLRMF Wolverine Minerals Corp. $0.067
WLSE Wilshire Enterprises Inc. $3.35
WLSI Wellstar International Inc. $0.0001
WLT Walter Energy, Inc. $
WLTG Walter Energy, Inc. $
WLTW Willis Towers Watson Public Limited Company $161.57
WLWHY Woolworths Holdings Limited $5.78
WLYW Wally World Media, Inc. $0.0008
WM Waste Management, Inc. $81.70
WMAC WMAC Holdings Corporation $0.015
WMAR West Marine Inc. $
WMB Williams Companies, Inc. $27.72
WMBC West Milton Bancorp, Inc. $
WMBI WiseMobi, Inc. $
WMC Western Asset Mortgage Capital Corporation $10.71
WMCB Willamette Community Bank $10.40
WMCR Wilshire Micro-Cap ETF $33.8299
WMEG World Mortgage Exchange Group, Inc. $0.02
WMGI Wright Medical Group Inc. $24.80
WMGIZ Wright Medical Group, Inc. $1.55
WMHI World Mobile Holdings, Inc. $0.011
WMIH WMI Holdings Corp. $1.10
WMK Weis Markets, Inc. $38.83
WMLLF Wealth Minerals Ltd. $1.58
WMLP Westmoreland Resource Partners, LP $3.00
WMMVF Wal-Mart de Mexico SAB De CV $2.3301
WMMVY Wal-Mart de Mexico SAB De CV $
WMNS Westmont Resources Inc. $0.00
WMPN William Penn Bancorp, Inc. $23.69
WMRSF Westminster Resources Ltd. $
WMS Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. $19.35
WMSI Williams Industries, Incorporated $1.60
WMT Wal-Mart Stores Inc. $99.62
WMTM White Mountain Titanium Corp. $0.0022
WMTN WestMountain Gold, Inc. $
WMW ELEMENTS Morningstar Wide Moat Focus ETN $28.21
WNBD Winning Brands Corporation $0.0001
WNC Wabash National Corp. $20.31
WNCG Wyncrest Group, Inc. $0.0001
WNDLF Wendel $163.00
WNDM Wound Management Technologies, Inc. $0.066
WNDW SolarWindow Technologies Inc. $4.09
WNEA Wind Energy America Inc. $
WNGRF George Weston Limited $76.87
WNR Western Refining, Inc. $0.27
WNRC WENR Corporation $
WNRL Western Refining Logistics, LP $22.76
WNRP West Suburban Bancorp Inc. $640.00
WNS WNS $37.16
WNTR Worldwide Internet Inc. $0.0001
WNWG Wentworth Energy, Inc. $0.00
WNXDF Wincor Nixdorf Aktiengesellschaft $69.60
WNYN Warp 9, Inc. $0.02
WOFA Wisdom Homes of America, Inc. $0.0002
WOGI World Oil Group, Inc. $0.0018
WOLTF Wolters Kluwer NV $43.49
WOLV Wolverine Exploration, Inc. $0.0042
WOLWF Woolworths Limited $
WONEF WesternOne Inc. $1.0712
WOOD iShares Global Timber & Forestry $49.35
WOOF VCA Antech Inc. $92.44
WOPEF Woodside Petroleum Ltd. $23.275
WOPEY Woodside Petroleum Ltd. $23.27
WOR Worthington Industries, Inc. $45.17
WORC Wake Up Now, Inc. $0.10
WORX Worlds Online Inc. $0.12
WOSCF Wolseley plc $
WOSSF Water Oasis Group Ltd. $0.1274
WOSYY Wolseley plc $6.08
WOTC W3OTC, Inc. $
WOW WideOpenWest Inc. $
WOWO Wowo Limited $
WPC W. P. Carey Inc. $70.99
WPCS WPCS International Incorporated $1.49
WPEC Western Power & Equipment Corp. $0.025
WPHM Winston Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $0.0431
WPKS The World Poker Store, Inc. $0.0395
WPNV WindPower Innovations, Inc. $
WPP Wausau Paper Corp. $
WPPGF WPP plc $16.77
WPPGY WPP plc $86.30
WPRT Westport Innovations Inc. $3.259
WPS iShares International Developed Property $38.6046
WPSHF Western Potash Corp. $0.10
WPT World Point Terminals, LP $15.40
WPTH Westport Energy Holdings Inc. $0.10
WPTIF WPT Industrial Real Estate Investment Trust $13.30
WPUR WaterPure International Inc $0.0004
WPWR Well Power, Inc. $0.0002
WPX WPX Energy, Inc. $11.88
WPXXP WPX Energy, Inc. $
WPZ Williams Partners L.P. $39.96
WQNI WQN Inc. $0.00
WQTEF Weiqiao Textile Co. Ltd. $0.515
WR Westar Energy, Inc. $54.48
WRAP WrapMail, Inc. $0.05
WRB W.R. Berkley Corporation $68.5332
WRCDF Wirecard AG $98.49
WRD Weingarten Realty Investors $12.67
WRE Washington Real Estate Investment Trust $30.37
WREI Wilshire US REIT ETF $45.28
WRES Warren Resources Inc. $0.33
WRFX WorldFlix, Inc. $0.001
WRGL Warrior Girl Corp. $0.0005
WRI Weingarten Realty Investors $32.62
WRIT WRIT Media Group, Inc. $0.1544
WRK WestRock Company $56.66
WRLD World Acceptance Corp. $77.09
WRLSU Pensare Acquisition Corp. $10.36
WRLSW Pensare Acquisition Corp. Wt $0.54
WRN Western Copper and Gold Corporation $0.90
WRPSF Western Pacific Resources Corp. $0.01
WRSPQ WorldSpace, Inc. $
WRT Winthrop Realty Trust $
WRTBF W $67.25
WSBC WesBanco Inc. $40.16
WSBF Waterstone Financial, Inc. $18.35
WSBHF Whistler Blackcomb Holdings Inc. $
WSCC Waterside Capital Corporation $0.01
WSCE Wescorp Energy Inc. $
WSCI WSI Industries Inc. $3.10
WSCO Wall Street Media Co., Inc. $0.0693
WSCRF North American Nickel Inc. $0.0558
WSFL Woodstock Holdings, Inc. $0.59
WSFS WSFS Financial Corp. $50.05
WSFSL WSFS Financial Corp. $
WSGF The World Series of Golf, Inc. $0.0012
WSGI World Surveillance Group Inc. $
WSGP Western Graphite Inc. $0.0001
WSH Willis Group Holdings Public Limited Company $
WSHE E-Debit Global Corporation $0.005
WSKKF $0.01
WSM Williams-Sonoma Inc. $52.08
WSML White Smile Global, Inc. $
WSO Watsco Inc. $164.10
WSR Whitestone REIT $13.72
WSRA Western Sierra Mining Corp. $0.0061
WSSH West Shore Bank Corp. $
WSSRF Weststar Resources Corp. $0.15
WST West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. $101.63
WSTC West Corporation $23.485
WSTG Wayside Technology Group, Inc. $18.25
WSTI WindStream Technologies, Inc. $0.00
WSTL Westell Technologies, Inc. $4.22
WTAR Wataire, Inc. $
WTBA West Bancorp., Inc. $24.85
WTBCF Whitbread PLC $
WTBCY Whitbread PLC $27.25
WTBFA W.T.B. Financial Corporation $350.00
WTBFB W.T.B. Financial Corporation $316.00
WTCG W Technologies, Inc. $0.013
WTER The Alkaline Water Company Inc. $1.30
WTFC Wintrust Financial Corporation $80.75
WTFCM Wintrust Financial Corporation $29.09
WTFCW Wintrust Financial Corporation $58.34
WTFS Xinde Technology Company $
WTI W&T Offshore Inc. $3.04
WTII Water Technologies International, Inc. $0.0005
WTKN WellTek Incorporated $0.009
WTKWY Wolters Kluwer NV $49.58
WTLC Western Metals Corporation $0.211
WTM White Mountains Insurance Group, Ltd. $881.97
WTMK Whitemark Homes Inc. $
WTR Aqua America Inc. $36.08
WTS Watts Water Technologies, Inc. $67.50
WTSHF Westshore Terminals Investment Corporation $
WTSL The Wet Seal, Inc. $
WTSLQ The Wet Seal, Inc. $
WTSRF Westfield Retail Trust $
WTT Wireless Telecom Group Inc. $2.18
WTTR Select Energy Services Inc. $
WTW Weight Watchers International, Inc. $50.87
WTWB West Town Savings Bank $25.30
WTWO W2 Energy Inc. $
WTXR West Texas Resources, Inc. $0.50
WU The Western Union Company $19.545
WUBA Inc. $65.32
WUHN Wuhan General Group $0.02
WUMSF Wumart Stores Inc. $
WUMSY Wumart Stores Inc. $
WVE WAVE Life Sciences Ltd. $35.45
WVFC WVS Financial Corp. $16.05
WVNTF World Ventures Inc. $
WVVI Willamette Valley Vineyards Inc. $8.58
WVVIP Willamette Valley Vineyards Inc. $
WWAG WWA Group, Inc. $
WWAV The WhiteWave Foods Company $
WWBP Worldwide Biotech & Pharmaceutical Compan $
WWD Woodward, Inc. $79.22
WWE World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. $26.26
WWNTF Want Want China Holdings Ltd. $0.8149
WWNTY Want Want China Holdings Ltd. $34.90
WWPW Wind Works Power Corp. $0.023
WWRB WeWearables, Inc. $
WWRSY Goliath Gold Mining Limited $
WWSG Worldwide Strategies Inc. $0.00
WWTH With, Inc. $0.0004
WWW Wolverine World Wide Inc. $28.26
WWWW Group, Inc. $
WX WuXi PharmaTech $
WXMN Waxman Industries, Inc. $1.67
WY Weyerhaeuser Co. $32.09
WYGPF WorleyParsons Limited $10.5641
WYGPY WorleyParsons Limited $11.22
WYIGU JM Global Holding Company $10.19
WYN Wyndham Worldwide Corporation $109.09
WYNMF Wynn Macau Ltd. $2.80
WYNMY Wynn Macau Ltd. $27.55
WYNN Wynn Resorts Ltd. $150.10
WYNYF Wynyard Group Limited $
WYY WidePoint Corp. $0.59
WZENY Webzen Inc. $