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Recent China Headlines

05/19/2018: China agrees to bolster purchases of US goods, in a move to 'substantially reduce' trade gap

05/19/2018: China lands bomber on South China Sea island for first time

05/19/2018: China says opening up of financial sector will need reciprocity

05/18/2018: Trump may give in on China trade to get North Korea's Kim John Un, says former ambassador

05/18/2018: A US-China trade pact is taking shape, with tariff reductions on the table, official says

05/18/2018: Stock market opens mostly lower as investors focus on U.S.-China trade talks

05/18/2018: China says it hasn't offered Trump a $200 billion trade surplus cut

05/18/2018: Asian markets mostly gain as investors digest US-China trade news

05/17/2018: China's reported offer to slash trade deficit with US is about politics: Insead academic

05/17/2018: China drops US sorghum dumping probe amid signs of trade thaw

05/17/2018: It will be challenging for US and China to reach an agreement at trade talks, says strategist

05/17/2018: Asian markets narrowly mixed as investors digest US-China trade news

05/17/2018: Asian markets trade mixed as investors digest US-China trade news

05/17/2018: President Trump meets China's Vice Premier Liu He on trade issues: Chinese state media

05/17/2018: Asian markets edge up, shrugging off soggy US close after Trump's trade comments

05/17/2018: Asian markets set to climb, shrugging off soggy US close after Trump trade comments

05/17/2018: China hawk Peter Navarro is not involved in Trump team's trade meetings with Chinese officials

05/17/2018: US, China launch trade talks to avert tariff war, economic damage

05/16/2018: Tough negotiations as US-China trade talks kick off, but there's scope for compromise

05/16/2018: Trump says his actions on China's ZTE relate to 'the larger trade deal'

05/15/2018: Kudlow: Trump-Xi 'bromance' could lead to a China trade deal

05/15/2018: Two surgeons in China developing a method to transplant a human head

05/14/2018: MSCI announces 234 China A shares to be added to indexes

05/14/2018: US and China are still 'very far apart' on trade: US ambassador

05/14/2018: Trump administration braces for criticism from U.S. companies over China tariffs

05/13/2018: JP Morgan submits application for majority-owned China securities business

05/13/2018: China set to deliver world's largest amphibious aircraft by 2022: Chinese state media

05/12/2018: China's first home-built aircraft carrier starts sea trials

05/10/2018: Here's where major military powers stand in the global hypersonic arms race

05/10/2018: How tech CEO Pony Ma became the richest man in China

05/10/2018: Take a look around Huawei's headquarters in China

05/10/2018: The shocking Malaysian election result could hit Chinese investments

05/10/2018: North Korea airline plans new China charter flights amid diplomatic thaw

05/09/2018: The compromises that companies make to do business in China

05/08/2018: China is the big wild card in Trump's Iran decision

05/08/2018: US and China to hold Round 2 of trade talks next week

05/07/2018: US and China to hold Round 2 of trade talks next week

05/07/2018: Why US companies are changing their websites to please China

05/06/2018: US condemns China for 'Orwellian nonsense' over airline websites amid trade spat

05/05/2018: Warren Buffett: US and China will avoid an 'extremely foolish' trade war

05/05/2018: Trump will meet with his China trade delegation Saturday as they return from talks

05/04/2018: Cramer's game plan: This China-led strength could continue thanks to earnings

05/04/2018: US and China kick off talks to avoid a trade war

05/04/2018: China is determined to steal the A.I. crown from US, and not even a trade war will stop it

05/04/2018: China denies US accusation of lasers pointed at planes in Djibouti

05/04/2018: US reportedly lays down a list of trade demands to China

05/04/2018: Asia markets close subdued as investors watch US-China talks

05/03/2018: A full-blown, US-China trade war would mean 'significant' blow to global growth

05/03/2018: Growth in China's services sector increased in April

05/03/2018: Mnuchin says having good conversations in China

05/03/2018: Asia markets to keep an eye on US-China trade talks after a mixed close on Wall Street

05/03/2018: Jobs report will be a big deal, but China could be what moves stocks Friday

05/03/2018: Cramer on trade: China could wait out Trump's presidency to make a trade deal-that's bad for stocks

05/03/2018: White House: China faces 'consequences' for militarization of South China Sea

05/03/2018: US trade team arrives in Beijing for talks, and China media are cautious

05/03/2018: US and China kick off talks to avoid a trade war

05/02/2018: We should dedicate the 'utmost effort' to strengthening the open trade system, development bank says

05/02/2018: China's globe-spanning infrastructure plan may have risks, but Citi sees big opportunities

05/02/2018: These East Asian cities are leading the way for entrepreneurs - you can start up for under $3,000

05/02/2018: Cramer Remix: Apple could have just signaled that Trump will make a trade deal with China

05/02/2018: Why US-China trade talks will struggle to reach 'grand bargain'

05/01/2018: Chinese state media has a message for the US ahead of trade talk in Beijing

05/01/2018: A major Chinese manufacturing indicator shows better growth than expected

05/01/2018: A major Chinese manufacturing indicator is expected to show a growth slowdown

05/01/2018: Apple CEO Tim Cook takes a victory lap as China revenue rockets on strength of iPhone X

05/01/2018: U.S. Trade Representative Lighthizer wants to open China, not change its economic system

05/01/2018: Cramer: The stock market isn't down even bigger because investors hope Trump gets lucky on China

04/30/2018: China's HNA isn't buying Scaramucci's SkyBridge, after all: Report

04/30/2018: China prepares a hard-line stance on Trump's trade demands

04/29/2018: Asian shares rise on final trading day of the month

04/29/2018: China and India are trying to write a new page of the world economy

04/29/2018: China says its manufacturing activity slowed down in April amid trade fight with the US

04/29/2018: Asian shares carve out gains on final trading day of the month

04/29/2018: Asian shares carve out slight gains on final trading day of the month

04/29/2018: 'Avengers: Infinity War' shatters box office record, hauls in $630M worldwide, even without China

04/29/2018: Team Trump goes to China to avert a trade war

04/28/2018: China eases restrictions on foreign ownership of securities ventures

04/28/2018: China and India agree to maintain border peace as Modi wraps up visit

04/27/2018: US-China trade tensions a pressing concern for Southeast Asia, says Singapore's prime minister

04/27/2018: Trump team heads to China, but may have missed out on opportunity in trade battle

04/27/2018: Trump team heads to China, but may have missed out on opportunity in trade battle with China

04/27/2018: US considers tightening grip on China ties to technology giants

04/26/2018: US considers tightening grip on China's ties to Corporate America

04/26/2018: China's top court rules in favor of Dior in trademark case

04/26/2018: China's smartphone market plunges; Apple falls out of the country's top-4 sellers

04/25/2018: What Trump gets right about China and trade

04/24/2018: Tesla can help China's electric car market grow bigger and stronger, says start-up WM Motors

04/24/2018: Volvo Cars CEO on US-China trade tariffs: 'We are very worried'

04/24/2018: Treasury Secretary Mnuchin to visit China in 'a few days,' Trump says

04/24/2018: China's ride-hailing giant Didi in talks for a massive IPO as early as this year

04/24/2018: China and UAE move a step closer to opening a 'Belt and Road Exchange'

04/24/2018: Volkswagen's new CEO: We've no plans yet to go it alone in China

04/23/2018: Caterpillar shares rise after Citi upgrades, citing a construction rebound in China

04/22/2018: At war with Alibaba: Top brands fight China e-commerce giant

04/22/2018: China opposes all forms of protectionism, its commerce minister says

04/22/2018: China's ZTE says it's seeking a solution to US tech ban

04/22/2018: US Treasury chief may visit China as trade tensions simmer

04/21/2018: Treasury Secretary Mnuchin may go to China as trade tensions simmer

04/20/2018: China's foreign ministry welcomes North Korea nuclear test halt

04/20/2018: China refuses to recycle more of the world's trash

04/19/2018: China's pharmaceutical industry is poised for major growth

04/19/2018: Cramer Remix: The trade war with China has shifted to tech

04/19/2018: Cramer points to 'China's ultimate weapon' in the trade war: Boycotts

04/18/2018: China says it's ready to deal with any fallout from trade row with US

04/18/2018: Hip hop culture comes under scrutiny in China, but some of it gets a pass

04/18/2018: Trump dismisses TPP, but may have missed opportunity in China trade skirmish

04/18/2018: Goldman CEO supports Trump's effort to 'even out' US-China trade

04/17/2018: US-China trade fight would not hit Chinese growth until end of this year, says JPMorgan

04/17/2018: US Commerce Department says aluminum sheet imports from China are subsidized

04/17/2018: China's ZTE may lose Android license as US problems build

04/17/2018: US-China trade: 24 hours that escalated the fight

04/17/2018: Chinese IPOs declined 74 percent. Beijing has a plan to kickstart more listings

04/17/2018: Asia markets drift lower as investors digest China data

04/16/2018: 'We have a very strong outlook on China,' says Eastspring portfolio manager

04/16/2018: China says its economy grew 6.8% in the first quarter, topping expectations

04/16/2018: China's economy grew 6.8% in the first quarter of 2018, topping expectations

04/16/2018: Asian stocks trade sideways as dollar eases

04/16/2018: The world is scrambling now that China is refusing to be a trash dumping ground

04/15/2018: China's central state-owned firms should strictly control debt investments, regulator says

04/13/2018: Trump misses opportunity to curb China's growing global influence by skipping Summit of the Americas

04/13/2018: White House reportedly to increase trade pressure on China through new tariffs, investment barriers

04/12/2018: Here's why that waitressing stint might just be the best job you ever have

04/12/2018: China's yuan-denominated imports and exports surge in the first quarter of 2018

04/12/2018: China presents huge rewards -- and serious risks -- for US banks

04/12/2018: US start-up WeWork buys rival Naked Hub in China expansion drive

04/12/2018: China has become a 'technological powerhouse' in artificial intelligence, says CEO

04/11/2018: Beijing says Xi speech wasn't a concession to US, it's ready to hit back at any escalation

04/11/2018: Ford will reportedly roll out new Lincoln models in China by 2022

04/11/2018: Trump economic advisor Larry Kudlow: Tariffs might come before negotiations with China

04/10/2018: China pledges to allow more foreign investment in financial sector by year-end

04/10/2018: China's factory and consumer inflation in March slows in a sign of ebbing economic growth

04/10/2018: How American cars are really sold in China

04/10/2018: Head of world's largest hedge fund 'worried' about a trade war

04/10/2018: How a US-China trade war could hurt (and help) others

04/10/2018: How did China end up posing as the defender of global trade?

04/10/2018: Asian shares bounce after Xi remarks on opening up

04/09/2018: If the US and China stop feuding on trade, the next clash could be over Taiwan

04/09/2018: American companies in China have much at stake in the trade dispute

04/09/2018: China is reportedly proposing a permanent military base in the South Pacific

04/09/2018: Australian media report China proposes military base in South Pacific

04/09/2018: Asian shares edge lower after US rally loses steam

04/09/2018: Your China-US trade fight questions, answered

04/09/2018: Tech leads stock-market rebound as investors watch U.S.-China trade spat

04/09/2018: Trump complains about 'stupid trade' with China

04/09/2018: Goldman Sachs: China trade dispute won't hurt earnings so buy the market here

04/09/2018: Tesla to recall 8,898 vehicles in China: China quality watchdog

04/09/2018: Larry Fink identifies China as a a critical BlackRock priority

04/09/2018: China blames US for trade frictions, says negotiations currently impossible

04/08/2018: CEO gives her top tip on negotiating your salary

04/08/2018: China may be leading in payments, but it is set for further growth in fintech, says an entrepreneur

04/08/2018: Tell us what you think: How will the US-China trade conflict play out?

04/08/2018: China bans exports to North Korea with potential dual use in weapons of mass destruction

04/08/2018: Trump hails friendship with China's Xi, suggests country will negotiate over trade spat

04/07/2018: US farmers in 'precarious position' with China as trade war fears escalate

04/07/2018: Your China-US trade fight questions, answered

04/07/2018: Why are US cranberries repeatedly threatened with tariffs?

04/07/2018: Trump's maximum pressure policy on North Korea may be working - thanks to China

04/06/2018: Cramer: Watch these risky trades to track progress in the US vs. China 'trade war'

04/06/2018: Conservative Koch network breaks with Trump over brewing trade war with China

04/06/2018: Why are US cranberries repeatedly threatened with tariffs?

04/06/2018: Top pro-Trump groups aren't worried that a trade war will hurt the GOP in the midterms – yet

04/06/2018: Goldman: How China could fight back next

04/06/2018: Trump's tariff gamble with China could be catastrophic for the economy, the GOP – and his own presidency

04/06/2018: Three investments to buy, three to sell as U.S.-China trade dispute intensifies

04/06/2018: Kudlow: No tariff talks yet with China, but 'this is not a trade war'

04/06/2018: Watch: China's Ministry of Commerce respond to the latest Trump trade threats

04/06/2018: Trump wants to protect farmers from Chinese retaliation. That may create a bigger problem

04/05/2018: China is massively betting on coal outside its borders - even as investment falls globally

04/05/2018: There's a better strategy than tariffs for countering Beijing's tactics, former ambassador says

04/05/2018: USDA is looking for ways to protect farmers in trade dispute with China: Official

04/05/2018: Hope for an US-China trade agreement just got 'thrown under the bus,' says a Wall Street veteran

04/05/2018: If tariffs go through, US-China relationship becomes 'much more dangerous': Foreign policy expert Ian Bremmer

04/05/2018: Market expects 'worst' of the U.S.-China trade woes won't happen: Market analyst Bob Doll

04/05/2018: China's $1.2 trillion weapon that could be used in a trade war with the US

04/05/2018: China, holding Treasurys, keeps 'nuclear option' in US trade war

04/05/2018: Are we in a trade war yet?

04/05/2018: China takes aim at America's soybean farmers

04/04/2018: Tariffs would hurt US consumers and companies, business group warns

04/04/2018: Fear of 'disastrous situation' in farm economy as China targets huge US soybean business

04/04/2018: China may be using US soybeans to hit Trump's political base

04/04/2018: China envoy says takes 'two to tango' in resolving trade dispute with U.S.

04/04/2018: The energy industry will likely emerge from any trade war with China unscathed

04/04/2018: Trump on trade war with China: “When you're already $500 Billion DOWN, you can't lose!”

04/04/2018: China's list of tariffs takes aim at US chemicals and plastics sectors

04/04/2018: Are we in a trade war yet?

04/04/2018: Kudlow sees ‘pot of gold’ resulting from U.S.-China trade dispute

04/04/2018: Chipmakers may have the most to lose in a trade war with China

04/04/2018: Tesla and China trade war: Elon Musk has tough tariff riddle to solve

04/04/2018: US-China trade battle: How we got here

04/04/2018: Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross: China tariffs amount to 0.3% of US GDP

04/04/2018: Here's the full list of US products that China is planning to hit with tariffs

04/04/2018: We must retaliate when people damage our interests, says China's vice finance minister

04/04/2018: China announces new tariffs on 106 US products, including soy, cars, and chemicals

04/03/2018: A China-US trade war could hurt the IPO market for a time: EY

04/03/2018: China says 'it is only polite to reciprocate' to US tariffs

04/03/2018: China finds California wine pairs well with a trade war

04/02/2018: US-China trade war is a 'very low probability,' says top market strategist

04/02/2018: China tariffs could be 'tip of the iceberg' in a 'long, entrenched trade war'

04/02/2018: Tyson Foods shares drop the most in 17 months on China's retaliatory tariffs

04/02/2018: China pledged to invest $250 billion in the United States. Now what?

04/02/2018: Asia markets lose steam to close lower as investors digest China tariffs

04/01/2018: Asia markets drift higher even after China rolls out tariffs

04/01/2018: A closely watched update on China's manufacturing is incoming

04/01/2018: China says space station will re-enter earth's atmosphere over South Atlantic on Monday

04/01/2018: Asia markets poised for muted open; China rolls out tariffs

04/01/2018: China announces it's imposing new tariffs on 128 US products

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