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China Stocks & ETFs, Headlines, and Posts Bucket Watchlist of China Stocks, ETFs, Headlines and Posts

Types of Stocks and ETFs: China, Chinese technology, online China, etc.

Watchlist of Stocks and ETFs Based on Theme: Companies Related to China.

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Important Note: Most of the stocks and ETFs in this list directly relate to China; however, a few may just somewhat depend and/or be indirectly related to China. As always complete your own due diligence.

China Stocks & ETFs

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Recent China Headlines

11/16/2018: Experts cast doubt on whether China's news anchor is really A.I.

11/15/2018: China offer unlikely to spur major trade war breakthrough, senior US official says

11/15/2018: US Trade Representative said to tell business executives next China tariffs on hold

11/14/2018: No quick win for China on trade despite Kudlow-Navarro dispute, experts say

11/14/2018: No quick win for China in trade despite Kudlow-Navarro dispute, experts say

11/14/2018: China sends a written response to US trade reform demands

11/14/2018: Huawei is working on its own voice assistant to rival Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant outside China

11/14/2018: This chart of soybean prices signals traders see US-China trade deal progress

11/14/2018: White House curtails Trump trade advisor Navarro's public role as Kudlow rips him for China comments

11/13/2018: Trump's tariff battle with China is spurring record dollar-yuan trading

11/13/2018: White House economic advisors clash as Kudlow says Navarro's China comments were 'not authorized'

11/13/2018: Ford China sales fall by more than 40 percent, again

11/13/2018: Prudential already has a large footprint in China - the challenge is to grow that, says its CEO

11/12/2018: Starbucks CEO: 'We're not immune' to the trade war, but we're 'playing the long game' in China

11/10/2018: China's trade expo logs nearly $58 billion of deals: state media

11/09/2018: US presses China to halt militarization of South China Sea, drawing rebuke from Beijing

11/09/2018: China cracks down on celebrity hype and fake click-through rates

11/09/2018: Trump's trade war could dent China's domestic consumption, dragging down the rest of Asia

11/09/2018: White House trade advisor Navarro says China trade deal will be on Trump's terms, not Wall Street's

11/09/2018: How Mattis is trying to keep US-China tensions from boiling over

11/07/2018: India, not China, to take center stage in Netflix's expansion plan in Asia

11/07/2018: Here are the Asian countries that win and lose from the trade war

11/07/2018: China's exports and imports both grow more than expected in October

11/07/2018: China's trade figures exceed expectations in October

11/07/2018: China's trade figures beat expectations in October

11/07/2018: China October exports, imports beat expectations

11/07/2018: China and India will lead the world's nuclear power growth, experts say

11/07/2018: China puts on a big show, but not everyone is buying its trade message

11/06/2018: Here's what the US election results mean for Trump's trade war with China

11/05/2018: Starbucks CEO: We're going to apply to the US what we've learned in China

11/05/2018: Alibaba says it will help China buy $200 billion in goods in the next five years

11/05/2018: Strapped for cash, Pakistan looks to China and the Middle East for help

11/05/2018: US and China to hold a top-level security dialogue on Friday

11/05/2018: China's manufacturing sector has 'great need to automate,' says ABB chairman

11/05/2018: Beijing is ready for talks with the US to resolve trade issues: China's vice president

11/05/2018: Trump's trade war with China matters more to the market than the elections and it's not going well

11/05/2018: China's Xi promises to lower tariffs, broaden market access, and import more

11/04/2018: The US keeps cutting large checks to China, Japan and Germany

11/04/2018: China's services sector grows at slowest pace in 13 months as orders dry up

11/04/2018: Evidence that U.S.-China trade talks are the biggest catalyst for the stock market

11/03/2018: Evidence that U.S.- China trade talks are the biggest catalyst for the stock market

11/02/2018: Evidence that U.S.- China trade talks are the biggest catalyst for the stock market

11/02/2018: Alibaba co-founder warns a full-blown China trade war would really hurt the US stock market

11/02/2018: Kudlow says the Cabinet was not asked to draw up trade plan for China

11/02/2018: Kudlow says Cabinet was not asked to draw up trade plan for China

11/01/2018: China's Xi will deliver a major speech next week as Beijing promotes itself as an importer

11/01/2018: Trump is showing he 'actually wants' a trade deal with China, Stanford expert says

11/01/2018: Cramer: A 'thaw' in US-China relations and weaker data gave stocks what they needed to rally

11/01/2018: BlackRock's Larry Fink warns 'full-fledged' US-China trade war could happen if things don't change

11/01/2018: Trump says he and China's Xi exchanged 'long and very good' trade conversation

10/30/2018: Ford and Baidu team up to test self-driving vehicles in China

10/30/2018: China reports lower-than-expected manufacturing growth

10/30/2018: China reports lower-than-expected manufacturing growth in October

10/30/2018: China expected to post slowing manufacturing growth in October

10/30/2018: Yum China shares jump after earnings beat

10/30/2018: China's tariff on US natural gas delays Louisiana LNG project

10/30/2018: Trump says he expects a 'great deal' with China, but warned more tariffs are coming if he doesn't get it

10/29/2018: Investors are zeroing in on a Chinese sector 'entirely not affected by the trade war'

10/29/2018: Firm linked to Alibaba opens China's biggest robot warehouse

10/29/2018: BlackRock says tariffs helped spark China's slowdown, urges long-term investing

10/29/2018: Australian stocks fall after wild session on Wall Street

10/29/2018: The market will improve if US relations with China do, says CIO of Bessemer Trust

10/29/2018: US reportedly planning tariffs on remaining $257 billion in Chinese goods if Trump-Xi talks fail

10/29/2018: Chinese markets take another tumble amid a brutal month for mainland stocks

10/28/2018: These are all the reasons U.S. investors should keep worrying about China

10/26/2018: Worried about Trump iPhone eavesdroppers? China recommends a Huawei

10/26/2018: Military tensions around Taiwan could make it harder to resolve the trade war

10/25/2018: Abby Rockefeller buys four rare pigs from China in hopes of breeding them in the US

10/25/2018: Worried about Trump iPhone eavesdroppers? China recommends a Huawei

10/24/2018: The US-China trade war is worrying investors more than what the Fed is doing, Art Hogan says

10/24/2018: Sports entrepreneur Michael Rubin sees 'nothing but growth opportunity in China'

10/24/2018: Cramer: Pence's speech blasting China was 'the most important' of the Trump administration

10/24/2018: Maker of the Roomba vacuum gets hit by China tariffs

10/23/2018: Hedge fund manager Kyle Bass: Dire financial straits in China give Trump major leverage on trade

10/23/2018: Shares of China-based companies retreat after renewed selloff

10/23/2018: Dow off more than 300 points after China selloff, earnings disappointment

10/22/2018: Infrastructure projects must not add to a country's debt burden, says China-led bank

10/22/2018: Japan's Abe will meet China's Xi - under the shadow of Trump

10/22/2018: Impact of a trade war on China's luxury shoppers is 'minimal' for now

10/22/2018: Cramer: We could be facing a cold war with China, and these stocks may be sacrificed

10/22/2018: Stocks lose ground on global growth worries, earnings anxiety

10/22/2018: Stocks higher after Chinese equity rally; earnings in focus

10/22/2018: CEO of Buffett-owned Brooks Running considers moving out of China with 45% tariffs looming

10/22/2018: Stock futures point higher as China equities rise; earnings in focus

10/22/2018: Stock futures point slightly higher as China equities rise; earnings in focus

10/22/2018: China stocks are popping and history shows that means these Dow stocks should be winners today

10/21/2018: China state media lash out at Pompeo's advice to Latin America

10/19/2018: UBS said to warn staff over China travel after banker held in Beijing

10/19/2018: Dow up triple digits as stock market marks anniversary of the 1987 crash

10/19/2018: Dow up nearly 200 points as stock market aims to follow China rebound

10/19/2018: Dow poised to jump 100 points at the open as stock market aims to follow China rebound

10/19/2018: China's GDP disappoints, but stocks surge anyway as officials pledge to support markets

10/19/2018: Trade war hostility may be keeping US-China military relations in a state of friction

10/18/2018: Trump's trade war is forcing Beijing to retreat from its own anti-debt battle

10/18/2018: China reports economic growth below expectations - its worst pace since the financial crisis

10/18/2018: China says its economy slowed more than expected

10/18/2018: China is expected to announce slower growth in the third quarter amid its trade war with the US

10/18/2018: Larry Kudlow: China 'has not responded positively to any of our asks' in US trade talks

10/18/2018: Kudlow: China 'has not responded positively to any of our asks' in US trade talks

10/18/2018: China's stock market is getting pummeled and history shows that is bad news for US markets

10/18/2018: Stocks open lower on hawkish Fed minutes, China rout

10/18/2018: HSBC reportedly looking into becoming the first foreign company to list in China

10/17/2018: A crackdown in China is bad news for four Japanese stocks, expert says

10/17/2018: China may 'ease up' on sanctions against North Korea as the trade war drags on

10/17/2018: China is still the wildcard in the stock market's wild ride - here's why

10/17/2018: Tesla buys new plot for its first China factory

10/16/2018: Asia's natural gas prices are rising. Now higher oil prices and tariffs could cause more pain

10/15/2018: Ford releases new Territory mid-size SUV in China to boost sales

10/15/2018: Google CEO on censored search app in China: We could serve 'well over 99 percent of queries'

10/15/2018: Even optimists are giving up hope of a quick resolution to the US-China trade war

10/14/2018: Global market turmoil could slow flurry of Chinese listings in the US

10/14/2018: China IPOs: Global market turmoil could slow flurry of public listings in the US

10/14/2018: Asia stocks fall following sell-off last week

10/14/2018: Australian stocks fall following poor weekly performance on Wall Street

10/14/2018: China finds Trump's team 'very confusing' to diplomats, ambassador to US says

10/14/2018: China's central bank still has plenty of tools to counter detrimental trade war effect: Governor

10/12/2018: Ford sales in China dropped 43 percent in September

10/12/2018: Treasury Secretary Mnuchin isn't worried about China dumping Treasurys: 'There'll be other buyers'

10/12/2018: China looks the most hurt by the week's global market turmoil

10/11/2018: Trade war could cut China's growth by nearly 2 percentage points over two years: IMF

10/11/2018: Amid trade tensions and stock turmoil, China cracks open its bond market further to foreigners

10/11/2018: China 'won't be found' a currency manipulator, bank lobby group says

10/11/2018: China posts record trade surplus with the U.S. in September, government data show

10/11/2018: Mainland China markets decline following extended rout on Wall Street

10/11/2018: Greater China markets decline following continued rout on Wall Street

10/11/2018: Asia stocks mixed following continued market rout on Wall Street

10/11/2018: Australia stocks lower following continued market rout on Wall Street

10/11/2018: Kudlow says Trump and China's Xi could meet this year as trade clash widens

10/10/2018: US-China trade dispute could drag down global confidence, says Asian Development Bank president

10/10/2018: China increases investment in emerging private space industry

10/10/2018: Amid China trade war, US moves to broaden review of foreign investment

10/10/2018: Mnuchin warns China against devaluing currency, says renminbi agreement must be part of trade deal

10/10/2018: A 'geopolitical recession' has arrived and the US-led world order is ending, Ian Bremmer says

10/09/2018: US Republican senator seeks briefings on reported China hacking attack

10/08/2018: Private equity billionaire David Rubenstein: US-China trade dispute is a "skirmish, not a war"

10/08/2018: IMF chief economist says he's not concerned about China's ability to defend the yuan

10/08/2018: The US-China dispute 'is not about the trade deficit,' Barclays says

10/08/2018: British banks could benefit from US-China trade war: Barclays chairman

10/08/2018: Cramer: China is more of a 'paper tiger' than people think, and that plays into Trump's hand on trade

10/08/2018: Why China may soon regret its tariffs on US natural gas

10/08/2018: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's visit to China kicks off with a frosty exchange

10/07/2018: China's markets tumble after the central bank moves to spur the economy

10/07/2018: China says it's not afraid of trade war with the US - its actions show Beijing is nervous

10/07/2018: Global dealmaking appetite falls to a four-year low amid Brexit, US-China trade fears, study says

10/06/2018: US Homeland Security says no reason to doubt firms' China hack denials

10/06/2018: China's central bank announces a new policy change to spur growth

10/06/2018: The Trump administration just escalated its high-stakes competition with China

10/05/2018: US Commerce's Ross eyes anti-China 'poison pill' for new trade deals

10/05/2018: Lindsey Graham welcomed Trump's China tariffs, then helped companies avoid them

10/05/2018: China's alleged tiny-chip spying on US tech giants was 'pretty amateurish,' says ex-Senate advisor

10/05/2018: After Pence slams China in new speech, Beijing says he's 'confusing right and wrong'

10/04/2018: US markets have a trade war edge over China: Commodities

10/04/2018: Pentagon sees China as 'growing risk' to US defense industry

10/04/2018: Apple says it has 'absolutely no evidence' of China spy chip claims, says it's not under gag order

10/04/2018: US and China are at risk of a '10- or 20-year' economic cold war, former Fed governor Warsh says

10/04/2018: Beating China to the market with new technology is best US defense: AT&T Communications CEO

10/03/2018: China respects others' trade secrets - unless it wants something, experts say

10/03/2018: Tesla shares drop after analysts worry about China trade war risk

10/02/2018: Asia markets set for cautious open despite Dow's record high overnight

10/02/2018: China has a $6 trillion 'great wall of capital' - and a lot of it will get poured into mutual funds

10/02/2018: Tesla says it's getting slammed in China because of tariffs

10/02/2018: There'll be 'blood on the streets' until China and the US reach trade deal, Mark Mobius says

10/02/2018: Trump's trade victories mean the White House can now 'focus all its ire on China'

10/01/2018: Beijing says US warship sailing near South China Sea islands is 'provocative'

10/01/2018: Defense Secretary James Mattis cancels trip to China as trade tensions get worse

10/01/2018: China says it will never use its currency as a weapon in the trade war

10/01/2018: Kudlow: No trade deal with China is 'imminent'

10/01/2018: The new NAFTA deal doesn't mean US-China trade relations are about to improve

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