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Important Note: Most of the stocks and ETFs in this list directly relate to firearm; however, a few may just somewhat depend and/or be indirectly related to firearm. As always complete your own due diligence.

Firearm Stocks & ETFs

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Recent Firearm Headlines

04/05/2018: BlackRock to offer new funds that exclude stocks of gun makers and retailers including Walmart

03/27/2018: Here's the critical factor missing from the debate about gun control

03/27/2018: Citigroup acted. Now, here are two new ideas on how banks can limit gun sales

03/26/2018: St. Pete mayor calls for divesting city holdings in gun firms

03/24/2018: 'March for Our Lives' rally in DC for gun control draws thousands from around the country

03/23/2018: Companies are taking action on gun control because the government won't: CNBC survey

03/22/2018: Congress's spending deal has a small victory for gun violence research

03/14/2018: US students to abandon class for 17 minutes to protest gun violence

03/13/2018: Dick's Sporting Goods CEO expects to lose customers over gun stance

03/12/2018: Harvard, MIT and Yale among colleges that won't penalize applicants protesting gun violence

03/11/2018: Trump gun proposal skips age limits, focuses on teaching educators how to use guns instead

03/11/2018: Trump readies gun plan that will hike minimum age of ownership, arm school staff: Report

03/08/2018: The gun control debate in Congress is no longer about guns

03/07/2018: Florida House passes new gun restrictions against NRA wishes

03/06/2018: Big investors have clout - and they can use it with gun makers

03/03/2018: Goldman Sachs' investment in a gun retailer puts it in an awkward position

03/02/2018: Outdoor retailer temporarily halts sale of products made by gun maker Vista Outdoor

03/01/2018: Trump stuns lawmakers and says some are too fearful of the NRA to take action on gun control

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