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SpeculatingStocks, Inc. Corporate Information

Founder, President & CEO: Russ Urban

Russ Urban

"Creating a better social experience for investors."

Corporate Entity: C-Corp in Pennsylvania
Entity Number: 581719
Founded: 2006

Nickname: SpecStocks |

SpeculatingStocks is an advanced stock market site... the discovery engine for stocks. A revolutionary new data-driven and user-driven stock website for stock investors and traders to discover stocks. In 2015, launched SpeculatingStocks Pulse, a social network for investors, changing the way investors and traders interact with stocks and each other. Pulse is a completely new central location to track all that revolves around the stock market each trading day including stock market data and an investor social network filled with pulses and sentiment. Your account gives you full power to use all of the features provided within Pulse, 100% Free. It's Easy to Sign Up. You may place a 'buy' or 'sell' sentiment on any stock, discuss any stock, and/or follow your favorite stocks, investors and stock market data. Over 20,000 symbol stream pages. Explore the World's First Trending Stock Screener within Pulse. Screen trending stocks by platform, market cap and time interval. The Pulse platform transcends business.

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