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Symbol Company Name BS7AM
CDNAF Canadian Tire Corp. Ltd. 0
CDNN China Industrial Steel Inc. 0
CDNO Consolidated Capital of North America, Inc. 0
CDOC Coda Octopus Group, Inc. 0
CDOI Cardio Infrared Technologies, Inc. 0
CDOM Tiger X Medical, Inc. 0
CDPYF Canadian Apartment Properties REIT 0
CDRL Commodore International Corporation 0
CDSAF Cydsa SAB de CV 0
CDSG China Dongsheng International, Inc. 0
CDUAF Canadian Utilities Ltd. 0
CDVIF COM DEV International Ltd. 0
CDVT Card Activation Technologies Inc. 0
CDWD Cloudward, Inc. 0
CDXI Cardax, Inc. 0
CDYCF Cardero Resource Corp. 0
CEAI China Education Alliance, Inc. 0
CEBTF China Haidian Holdings Ltd. 0
CEBUF Cebu Air, Inc. 0
CECB Cecil Bancorp Inc. 0
CEENF VoodooVox, Inc. 0
CEFB Central Florida State Bank 0
CEFC Commercial National Financial Corporation 0
CEFLF Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited 0
CEGMF Cerro Grande Mining Corporation 0
CEGX Cardinal Energy Group, Inc. 0
CEHC Cephas Holding Corp 0
CEHD China Electronics Holdings, Inc. 0
CEII China Education International, Inc. 0
CELH Celsius Holdings, Inc. 0
CELM China Electric Motor, Inc. 0
CELO Ceelox, Inc. 0
CELTF Centamin Plc 0
CENC Centra Capital Corp. 0
CENP CenterPointe Community Bank 0
CEOS CeCors, Inc. 0
CEQXF Cequence Energy Ltd. 0
CERGF Ceres Global Ag Corp. 0
CERPQ Cereplast, Inc. 0
CERX Colombia Energy Resources, Inc. 0
CESDF Canadian Energy Services & Technology Cor 0
CESDY CESP - Companhia Energ 0
CESTY Chinese Estates Holdings Ltd. 0
CESX CES Synergies Inc. 0
CETC Clean Enviro Tech Corp. 0
CETEF Cathedral Energy Services Ltd. 0
CETG Capital City Energy Group, Inc. 0
CEVE Ceres Ventures Inc. 0
CEVIF China Everbright Ltd. 0
CEVIY China Everbright Ltd. 0
CEXE Circle Entertainment Inc. 0
CEXPF Cache Exploration Inc. 0
CEYFF Century Energy Ltd. 0
CEYHF Conergy AG 0
CFBN Community 1st Bank 0
CFCB Centrue Financial Corporation 0
CFED Confederate Motors, Inc 0
CFGX Capital Financial Global, Inc. 0
CFIC Cornerstone Financial Corporation 0
CFIN Citizens Financial Corporation 0
CFIS Community Financial Shares Inc 0
CFMSF Clifton Star Resources, Inc. 0
CFOK Community First Bancorp. 0
CFPUF Canfor Pulp Products Inc. 0
CFPZF Canfor Corp. 0
CFQSF MicroCoal Technologies Inc. 0
CFRHF Compagnie Financiere Richemont SA 0
CFRI Conforce International Inc. 0
CFRUY Compagnie Financiere Richemont SA 0
CFSO Community First Bank 0
CFSU Complete Financial Solutions Inc. 0
CFTN Clifton Mining Co. 0
CFWFF Calfrac Well Services Ltd. 0
CGAAY Cabcharge Australia Ltd. 0
CGBLF iShares Gold Bullion Fund 0
CGCCD Canyon Gold Corp 0
CGCO Commerce Group Corp. 0
CGDI China Growth Development, Inc. 0
CGDXF Candente Gold Corp. 0
CGEAF Cogeco Cable Inc. 0
CGEMY Cap Gemini S.A. 0
CGFI Colorado Goldfields, Inc. 0
CGHC Capital Group Holdings, Inc. 0
CGHOF China Gas Holdings Limited 0
CGIFF Chemtrade Logistics Income Fund 0
CGII Computer Graphics International Inc. 0
CGJCF Carlisle Goldfields Limited 0
CGJTF Cargojet Inc. 0
CGLJF Cangold Ltd. 0
CGLO China Global Media, Inc. 0
CGMLF Chalice Gold Mines Limited 0
CGMX Cigma Metals Corp. 0
CGND China Grand Resorts, Inc. 0
CGNH CardioGenics Holdings Inc 0
CGOOF Continental Gold Limited 0
CGRA CGrowth Capital, Inc. 0
CGRE China Green Energy Industries, Inc. 0
CGRIF Canadian General Investments, Limited 0
CGSXF China TopReach Inc 0
CGSYQ Capital Growth Systems, Inc. 0
CGUD Com Inc. 0
CGUIF Casino, Guichard-Perrachon Soci 0
CGUSY Casino, Guichard-Perrachon Soci 0
CGXEF CGX Energy, Inc. 0
CGXYF China Galaxy Securities Company Limited 0
CGYG China Longyi Group International Holdings Lim 0
CGYV China Energy Recovery, Inc. 0
CHADQ CHAD Therapeutics, Inc. 0
CHAG Chancellor Group Inc. 0
CHBAF The Chiba Bank, Ltd. 0
CHBH Croghan Bancshares, Inc. 0
CHBO China Biopharma, Inc. 0
CHBU China Agri-Business Inc. 0
CHCC China Chemical Corp. 0
CHCJY China CITIC Bank Corporation Ltd. 0
CHCLY Citizen Holdings Co., Ltd. 0
CHCR Advanzeon Solutions, Inc. 0
CHDGF Cosco International Holdings Ltd. 0
CHDP China Daqing M&H Petroleum, Inc. 0
CHDRF Christian Dior SA 0
CHDRY Christian Dior SA 0
CHEHF Concordia Healthcare Corp. 0
CHEOF Cochlear Ltd. 0
CHEOY Cochlear Ltd. 0
CHEUF Cheung Kong 0
CHEUY Cheung Kong 0
CHEXF Avivagen Inc. 0
CHFFF China Everbright International Ltd. 0
CHFHY China Foods Limited 0
CHFI China Finance, Inc. 0
CHFR China Fruits Corp. 0
CHFY China Forestry Inc. 0
CHGCF Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. 0
CHGCY Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. 0
CHGI China Carbon Graphite Group, Inc. 0
CHHE China Health Industries Holdings, Inc. 0
CHHHF Centric Health Corporation 0
CHHL China Holdings, Inc. 0
CHICF ChitrChatr Communications Inc. 0
CHIF China Food & Beverage Company 0
CHIO China Bio-Energy Corp. 0
CHKDG Chesapeake Energy Corporation 0
CHLKF China Mobile Limited 0
CHMD China Media Group Corp. 0
CHME China Medicine Corporation 0
CHMP Champion Industries Inc. 0
CHMR Chimera Energy Corporation 0
CHNC China Infrastructure Construction Corporation 0
CHNGQ China Natural Gas, Inc. 0
CHNUF China Education Resources, Inc. 0
CHOB Charter Oak Bank 0
CHOD Castle Holding Corp. 0
CHOLF China Oilfield Services Ltd. 0
CHOLY China Oilfield Services Ltd. 0
CHOR China Organic Fertilizer, Inc. 0
CHOS Choose Rain, Inc. 0
CHOWF Chow Sang Sang Holdings International Limited 0
CHPGF Chesapeake Gold Corp. 0
CHPO Clean Hydrogen Producers Ltd. 0
CHPTY CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Limited 0
CHPXY China Pacific Insurance 0
CHRI China Health Resource, Inc. 0
CHRN China Huaren Organic Products, Inc. 0
CHRVF Chorus Aviation Inc. 0
CHRYY Chorus Limited 0
CHSH China Shoe Holdings, Inc. 0
CHSO China ShouGuan Mining Corporation 0
CHSTF China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group 0
CHSTY China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group 0
CHSYF China Medical System Holdings Ltd. 0
CHVEF Charisma Energy Services Limited 0
CHWG China Water Group, Inc. 0
CHWTF Coolpad Group Limited 0
CHWWF Chesswood Group Limited 0
CHXMF Pitchblack Resources Ltd. 0
CHYCF Chiyoda Corporation 0
CHYCY Chiyoda Corporation 0
CHYHY Chr. Hansen Holding A/S 0
CHYYY Cathay Financial Holding Co., Ltd. 0
CIADF China Mengniu Dairy Co. Ltd. 0
CIBEY Commercial International Bank 0
CIBH CIB Marine Bancshares Inc. 0
CIBN Community Investors Bancorp, Inc. 0
CIBSF Cardio3 BioSciences SA 0
CICC China Internet Cafe Holdings Group, Inc. 0
CICHF China Construction Bank Corporation 0
CICHY China Construction Bank Corporation 0
CICI Communication Intelligence Corporation 0
CICN Cicero, Inc. 0
CICOF China COSCO Holdings Company Limited 0
CIDHY China Agri-Industries Holdings Limited 0
CIEC Chisen Electric Corp. 0
CIFAF CI Financial Corp 0
CIFHY China Fishery Group Limited 0
CIGEF China Green Holdings Ltd. 0
CIGW CIG Wireless Corp. 0
CIHHF China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd. 0
CIHKY China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd. 0
CIHN Caribbean International Holdings, Inc. 0
CIHPF CB Industrial Product Holding Bhd 0
CIIC China Infrastructure Investment Corp. 0
CIIX, Inc. 0
CILJF China Life Insurance Co. Ltd. 0
CIMDF CIMB Group Holdings Berhad 0
CIMVF Canadian Imperial Venture Corp. 0
CIND China Industrial Group Inc. 0
CIOMF Circle Oil plc 0
CIOXY Cielo SA 0
CIRPF Compagnie Industriali Riunite Societ 0
CITAF China Shipping Container Lines Co. Ltd. 0
CITC Children's Internet Inc. 0
CITY Avalon Correctional Services, Inc. 0
CIVX CTR Investments & Consulting Inc. 0
CIWT China Industrial Waste Management, Inc. 0
CIWV Citizens Financial Corp. 0
CIXPF CaixaBank, S.A. 0
CJCFF Canada Strategic Metals, Inc. 0
CJEWF Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Ltd. 0
CJEWY Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Ltd. 0
CJIMF Gunpoint Exploration Ltd. 0
CJPRY Central Japan Railway Company 0
CJREF Corus Entertainment Inc. 0
CJTF Gold and Silver Mining of Nevada, Inc. 0
CKCB Clark County Bancorporation 0
CKFC Clarkston Financial Corporation 0
CKGT China Kangtai Cactus Bio-Tech Inc. 0
CKISF Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Ltd. 0
CKKIF Cash Converters International Limited 0
CKNTF Cell Kinetics Ltd. 0
CKOCF Chudenko Corporation 0
CKSNF Vesuvius plc 0
CKTM Commerce Bank of Temecula Valley 0
CKVLF Copper Creek Gold Corp. 0
CKYI CallKey International, Inc. 0
CLAD China Liaoning Dingxu Ecological Agriculture 0
CLAR Clarion Technologies, Inc. 0
CLASF Colorado Resources Ltd. 0
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