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Symbol Company Name BS7AM
CPKF Chesapeake Financial Shares Inc. 0
CPKPF C.P. Pokphand Co. Ltd. 0
CPKPY C.P. Pokphand Co. Ltd. 0
CPLT Commerce Planet, Inc. 0
CPLY China Premium Lifestyle Enterprise, Inc. 0
CPMCF Coastal Pacific Mining Corp. 0
CPMK Capmark Financial Group Inc. 0
CPMNF Champion Iron Ltd. 0
CPNBF Telef 0
CPNFF Carpathian Gold Inc. 0
CPNVF Copper North Mining Corp. 0
CPOKY Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Co. Ltd. 0
CPOW Clean Power Concepts, Inc. 0
CPOYF CapMan Oyj 0
CPPD Circa Pictures and Production Co., Intl., Inc 0
CPPMF Copper Mountain Mining Corporation 0
CPPXF Continental Energy Corporation 0
CPQQ China Power Equipment, Inc. 0
CPSE CapStone Bank 0
CPSH CPS Technologies Corp. 0
CPTCQ Composite Technology Corporation 0
CPTP Capital Properties Inc. 0
CPWW Composite Power Corp. 0
CPWY Clean Energy Pathways, Inc. 0
CPXGF Cineplex Inc. 0
CPXP Coupon Express Inc. 0
CPXWF Capital Power Corporation 0
CPYYF Centrica plc 0
CPYYY Centrica plc 0
CQPT Conquest Petroleum Incorporated 0
CQXFF Cadillac Mining Corporation 0
CRARY Credit Agricole S.A. 0
CRBBF Corby Spirit and Wine Limited 0
CRBO Carbon Natural Gas Company 0
CRCL Circle Star Energy Corp. 0
CRCTF Crocotta Energy Inc. 0
CRCUF Canarc Resource Corp. 0
CRCX Continental Rail Corp. 0
CRDAF Coronado Resources Ltd. 0
CREAF Creative Technology Ltd. 0
CRECF Critical Elements Corporation 0
CREQF China Rare Earth Holdings Ltd. 0
CRERF Carrefour SA 0
CRFU Carefree Group, Inc. 0
CRGAF Corona Gold Corp. 0
CRGE Clenergen Corp. 0
CRHKY China Resources Enterprise Ltd. 0
CRHVF Chorus Aviation Inc. 0
CRIOF Corio NV 0
CRIUF Crius Energy Trust 0
CRJI China Runji Cement Inc. 0
CRLI Circuit Research Labs, Inc. 0
CRLN Carolina Alliance Bank 0
CRLRF Crailar Technologies Inc. 0
CRMI Core Resource Management, Inc. 0
CRMK Cermetek Microelectronics, Inc. 0
CRMLF Clear Media Ltd. 0
CRMMF CRH Medical Corporation 0
CRMQF Cermaq ASA 0
CRMZ Inc. 0
CRNCY Cairn Energy plc 0
CRNJF China Renji Medical Group Limited 0
CRNZF Cairn Energy plc 0
CROCF Crocodile Gold Corp. 0
CROJF Coro Mining Corp. 0
CROL Carroll Bancorp, Inc. 0
CROMF Crombie Real Estate Investment Trust 0
CROOF Cariboo Rose Resources Ltd 0
CRPB California Republic Bancorp 0
CRPJF China Resources Power Holdings Co. Ltd. 0
CRPJY China Resources Power Holdings Co. Ltd. 0
CRPOF Ceapro Inc. 0
CRRA Capital Resource Alliance, Inc. 0
CRRFY Carrefour SA 0
CRRGF Chaparral Gold Corp. 0
CRRWF China Heli Resource Renewable Incorporated. 0
CRSB Cornerstone Community Bank 0
CRSXF Corsa Coal Corp. 0
CRTCF Current Technology Corp. 0
CRTSF Chr. Hansen Holding A/S 0
CRVH Chilco River Holdings, Inc. 0
CRVW CareView Communications, Inc. 0
CRVYF Canadian Oil Recovery & Remediation Enter 0
CRWD C2C CrowdFunding, Inc. 0
CRWE Crown Equity Holdings Inc. 0
CRWFF Cinram International Income Fund 0
CRWG CrowdGather, Inc. 0
CRWOF China Railway Group Limited 0
CRWOY China Railway Group Limited 0
CRXEF Creso Exploration Inc. 0
CRXIF Canadian REIT 0
CRXM TaxuCardium Pharmaceuticals Group Inc. 0
CRYO American Cryostem Corporation 0
CRZBF Commerzbank AG 0
CRZBY Commerzbank AG 0
CRZY Crazy Woman Creek Bancorp, Incorporated 0
CSBB CSB Bancorp Inc. 0
CSBI Carroll Shelby International Inc. 0
CSBQ Cornerstone Bancshares Inc. 0
CSBR Champions Oncology, Inc. 0
CSCE Cascade Energy, Inc. 0
CSCGY China Shanshui Cement Group Ltd. 0
CSCMY Cosco Corp. 0
CSDT Cascade Technologies Corp. 0
CSDXF China Shipping Development Company Limited 0
CSDXY China Shipping Development Company Limited 0
CSEAF Clearwater Seafoods Incorporated 0
CSEI Receivable Acquisition & Management Corp. 0
CSEY Casey Container Corp. 0
CSFD Coastal Foods, Inc. 0
CSFFF Capstone Mining Corp. 0
CSFSF The Cash Store Financial Services, Inc. 0
CSGH China Sun Group High-Tech Co. 0
CSGKF Credit Suisse Group AG 0
CSHB Community Shores Bank Corp. 0
CSHEF China Enterprises Ltd. 0
CSHX Cashmere Valley Bank 0
CSHZ China Shen Zhou Mining & Resources, Inc. 0
CSIOY Casio Computer Co., Ltd. 0
CSKH Clear Skies Solar Inc. 0
CSKI China Sky One Medical, Inc. 0
CSLI Critical Solutions, Inc. 0
CSLVF Columbus Exploration Corporation 0
CSNG China Ginseng Holdings, Inc. 0
CSNT Crescent Banking Co. 0
CSNVY Corbion N.V. 0
CSOC Caduceus Software Systems Corp. 0
CSOL China Solar & Clean Energy Solutions, Inc 0
CSPT Consolidated Plentech Electronics Inc. 0
CSPUF Canadian Spirit Resources Inc. 0
CSPZF Coalspur Mines Limited 0
CSQSY CESP - Companhia Energ 0
CSRFF Estrella Gold Corporation 0
CSRGF CSR Corporation Limited 0
CSRGY CSR Corporation Limited 0
CSRH Consorteum Holdings, Inc. 0
CSRMY Consort Medical plc. 0
CSRNF Canstar Resources, Inc. 0
CSSI Costas Inc 0
CSSV Caspian Services Inc. 0
CSSXF China Singyes Solar Technologies Holdings Lim 0
CSTI Costar Technologies, Inc 0
CSTPF Donnybrook Energy Inc. 0
CSTU ColorStars Group 0
CSTW Central Steel and Wire Company 0
CSUAY China Shenhua Energy Co. Ltd. 0
CSUWF EnerCare Inc. 0
CSVI Computer Services, Inc. 0
CSVN Cassidy Ventures Inc. 0
CSWG Sen Yu International Holdings, Inc. 0
CSWYF China Shineway Pharmaceutical Group Limited 0
CSYJF CSE Global Limited 0
CTAGF Capita plc 0
CTAIF CP Lotus Corporation 0
CTBG Coil Tubing Technology, Inc. 0
CTBK City Bank 0
CTBP Coast Bancorp 0
CTBPF CETIP SA - Mercados Organizados 0
CTCC City Capital Corporation 0
CTCK Coattec Industries Inc. 0
CTCO Cannabis Therapy Corp. 0
CTDH CTD Holdings Inc. 0
CTEI Cemtrex Inc. 0
CTEK CleanTech Innovations, Inc. 0
CTGO Contango Ore, Inc. 0
CTIG CTI Group Holdings Inc. 0
CTKH Cetek Technologies, Inc. 0
CTMCF Canterra Minerals Corporation 0
CTMMA CTM Media Holdings, Inc. 0
CTMMB CTM Media Holdings, Inc. 0
CTNR Central Natural Resources Inc. 0
CTNXF Cornerstone Capital Resources Inc. 0
CTON Second Street Capital, Inc. 0
CTOP Ceetop, Inc. 0
CTORF Creator Capital Ltd. 0
CTPCF CITIC Pacific Ltd. 0
CTPCY CITIC Pacific Ltd. 0
CTPNF Cortex Business Solutions Inc. 0
CTPZY CTEEP - Companhia de Transmiss 0
CTRV ContraVir Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 0
CTRYF Country Garden Holdings Company Limited 0
CTSO Cytosorbents Corporation 0
CTTAF Continental AG 0
CTTAY Continental AG 0
CTTC Competitive Technologies Inc. 0
CTTG Canadian Tactical Training Academy Inc. 0
CTUNF Clean Seas Tuna Limited 0
CTUY Century Next Financial Corporation 0
CTVIF China Travel International Investment Hong Ko 0
CTXAY Caltex Australia Ltd. 0
CTXE Cantex Energy Corp. 0
CTXIF China Linen Textile Industry, Ltd. 0
CTXV CTX Virtual Technologies, Inc. 0
CTYP Community Bankers Corp. 0
CTYX Connectyx Technologies Holdings Group, Inc. 0
CTZN Citizens First Bancorp, Inc. 0
CTZR Citizens National Bancorp, Inc. 0
CUAEF China Shenhua Energy Co. Ltd. 0
CUAU Casablanca Mining Ltd. 0
CUBN Commerce Union Bancshares, Inc. 0
CUBV CUBA Beverage Company 0
CUEYY Cue Energy Resources Limited 0
CUGCY China Oriental Group Co. Ltd. 0
CUII China United Insurance Service, Inc. 0
CUMD County First Bank 0
CUPUF Caribbean Utilities Co. Ltd. 0
CURN Currency Exchange International Corp. 0
CURXQ Curaxis Pharmaceutical Corporation 0
CUSI Cuisine Solutions Inc. 0
CUSXQ ContinuityX Solutions, Inc. 0
CUUHF The Churchill Corporation 0
CUYTF Etn Fr Colruyt NV 0
CUYTY Etn Fr Colruyt NV 0
CVALF Covalon Technologies Ltd. 0
CVAS Creative Vistas Inc. 0
CVAT Cavitation Technologies, Inc. 0
CVCS Charter Corporate Services, Inc. 0
CVGFY Corporacion Geo SAB de CV 0
CVHL CV Holdings, Inc. 0
CVLL Community Valley Bancorp 0
CVNSQ Conversion Services International Inc. 0
CVONF Carnarvon Petroleum Limited 0
CVPBF CP ALL Public Company Limited 0
CVST Covista Communications Inc. 0
CVTPF CVTech Group Inc. 0
CVVRF Cavan Ventures Inc. 0
CVVT China Valves Technology, Inc. 0
CVVUF CanAlaska Uranium Ltd. 0
CVXHF Calico Resources Corp. 0
CVYPF Calvalley Petroleum Inc. 0
CWAFF China Water Affairs Group Limited 0
CWBB Commonwealth Business Bank 0
CWBK Commerce West Bank, N.A. 0
CWBYF Carthew Bay Technologies Inc 0
CWEGF Crew Energy Inc. 0
CWGL Crimson Wine Group, Ltd. 0
CWGYF Carnegie Wave Energy Limited 0
CWIR Central Wireless Inc. 0
CWIXF Cable & Wireless Communications Plc 0
CWLDF Crown Resorts Limited 0
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