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Symbol Company Name BS7AM
ORZCF Orezone Gold Corporation 0
OSBI Ohio State Bancshares Inc. 0
OSCN OneScreen Inc. 0
OSCUF Japan Exchange Group, Inc. 0
OSGFF OpSec Security Group plc 0
OSGIQ Overseas Shipholding Group Inc. 0
OSGSF Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. 0
OSIN Optimum Source International Ltd. 0
OSKA Osyka Corporation 0
OSKFF Osisko Mining Corporation 0
OSKIF Ocean Sky International Limited 0
OSLE America Greener Technologies, Inc. 0
OSTLY Arrium Limited 0
OSTO Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. 0
OTCM OTC Markets Group Inc 0
OTMN OT Mining Corp. 0
OTSHD Arrowhead Gold Corp. 0
OTSKF Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd. 0
OTSKY Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd. 0
OTTW Ottawa Savings Bancorp, Inc. 0
OTVLQ OneTravel Holdings Inc. 0
OUKPF Outotec Oyj 0
OUTB Outback Oil & Mineral Exploration Corp. 0
OUTKF Outokumpu Oyj 0
OUTKY Outokumpu Oyj 0
OVCHF Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited 0
OVCHY Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited 0
OVIT OncoVista Innovative Therapies, Inc. 0
OVTZ Oculus VisionTech Inc. 0
OWOO One World Holdings, Inc. 0
OWVI One World Ventures, Inc. 0
OXBC Oxford Bank Corporation 0
OXBDF Oxford BioMedica PLC 0
OXDG Occidental Development Group Inc. 0
OXFC Oxford City Football Club, Inc. 0
OXFCF Velocys plc 0
OXIHF Oxford Investments Holdings Inc. 0
OXINF Oxford Instruments plc 0
OXIS OXIS International Inc. 0
OXYS OxySure Systems, Inc. 0
OZMLF OZ Minerals Limited 0
OZON Cyclo3pss Corporation 0
PABK PAB Bankshares Inc. 0
PABL Parabel Inc 0
PABN PanAmerican BanCorp. 0
PACC Pacific CMA, Incorporated 0
PACI Precision Auto Care Inc. 0
PACM Pacific Metals Corp. 0
PACQF Prime Acquisition Corp. 0
PACV Pacific Ventures Group, Inc. 0
PAEGF Peace Arch Entertainment Group Inc. 0
PAEKY Perusahaan Perseroan 0
PAIOF Paion AG 0
PALAF Paladin Energy Ltd 0
PALAY Paladin Energy Ltd 0
PANC Panacos Pharmaceuticals Inc. 0
PANG Panacea Global, Inc. 0
PANRF Panoramic Resources Limited 0
PAOS Precision Aerospace Components, Inc. 0
PAOTF Parrot S.A. 0
PAPA Papa Bello Enterprises, Inc. 0
PAPQF Papillon Resources Limited 0
PARA Premara Financial, Inc. 0
PARD Poniard Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 0
PARF Paradise Inc. 0
PARR Par Petroleum Corporation 0
PARS Pharmos Corp. 0
PARXF Parex Resources Inc. 0
PASO Patient Access Solutions, Inc. 0
PATAF Patagonia Gold plc 0
PATCA Patriot Coal Corporation 0
PATD Patapsco Bancorp Inc. 0
PATZF Patrys Limited 0
PAUFF Papuan Precious Metals Corp. 0
PAWEF Pacific North West Capital Corp. 0
PAWP Paw4mance Pet Products International, Inc 0
PAYD Paid Inc. 0
PAYM PayMeOn, Inc. 0
PBCO Peoples Bank of Commerce 0
PBCRY PT Bank Central Asia Tbk 0
PBEC Pacific Blue Energy Corp. 0
PBEGF Petrobank Energy and Resources, Ltd. 0
PBFI Patriot Berry Farms, Inc. 0
PBHG PBS Holding, Inc. 0
PBIO Pressure BioSciences, Inc. 0
PBKOF Pollard Banknote Limited 0
PBKX Partners Bank of California 0
PBLSQ Phoenix Associates Land Syndicate, Inc. 0
PBMFF Pacific Bay Minerals Ltd. 0
PBMRF PT Bumi Resources Tbk 0
PBMRY PT Bumi Resources Tbk 0
PBNI Peoples Bancorp 0
PBNK Pinnacle Bank 0
PBSFF ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG 0
PBSFY ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG 0
PBSOQ Point Blank Solutions, Inc 0
PBSV Pharma-Bio Serv, Inc. 0
PCBN Piedmont Community Bank Group, Inc. 0
PCBS Provident Community Bancshares, Inc. 0
PCCLF Phoscan Chemical Corp. 0
PCCRF Curis Resources Ltd. 0
PCCWY PCCW Limited 0
PCCYF PetroChina Co. Ltd. 0
PCFBF Pacific Basin Shipping Ltd. 0
PCFBY Pacific Basin Shipping Ltd. 0
PCFG Pacific Gold Corp. 0
PCFO Pacific Office Properties Trust, Inc. 0
PCGLF PC Gold Inc. 0
PCGO Prince George's Federal Savings Bank 0
PCGR PC Group, Inc. 0
PCHM PharmChem, Inc. 0
PCHUY PTT Public Company Limited 0
PCLB Pinnacle Bancshares Inc. 0
PCLI Protocall Technologies Inc. 0
PCMC Public Company Management Corp. 0
PCMXF Pace plc 0
PCOGF Pancontinental Oil & Gas NL 0
PCOLF Pacific Online Ltd. 0
PCPJ Paperclip, Inc. 0
PCPZ Leeward Group Holdings Inc. 0
PCQRF Petrolympic Ltd. 0
PCRBF Pricer AB 0
PCRFF Panasonic Corporation 0
PCRFY Panasonic Corporation 0
PCRTF PureCircle Limited 0
PCSO Protective Capital Structures Corp. 0
PCSV PCS Edventures!.com, Inc. 0
PCWLF PCCW Limited 0
PCWT Pacific Clean Water Technologies, Inc. 0
PCYN Procyon Corporation 0
PCYS PrimeCare Systems Inc. 0
PDEP PureDepth, Inc. 0
PDER Pardee Resources Company, Inc. 0
PDGE PDG Environmental Inc. 0
PDGO Paradigm Oil and Gas, Inc. 0
PDGRY PDG Realty S.A. Empreendimentos e Participaco 0
PDMDF Petra Diamonds Ltd. 0
PDMI Paradigm Medical Industries Inc. 0
PDNLB Presidential Realty Corp. 0
PDOB Presidio Bank 0
PDOS Platinum Studios, Inc 0
PDPR Marathon Group Corp. 0
PDPYF Painted Pony Petroleum Ltd. 0
PDRB Pandora Bancshares Inc. 0
PDRDF Pernod-Ricard SA 0
PDRDY Pernod-Ricard SA 0
PDRX PD-Rx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 0
PDSSF Paradise Entertainment Limited 0
PDTRF Pure Industrial Real Estate Trust 0
PEDH Peoples Educational Holdings, Inc. 0
PEFDF Petra Foods Limited 0
PEFF Power Efficiency Corp. 0
PEGFF Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp. 0
PEGRF Pennon Group Plc 0
PEII Petron Energy II Inc. 0
PEIMF Pepinnini Minerals Limited 0
PEIW PEI Worldwide Holdings, Inc. 0
PEMC Pacific Energy & Mining Company 0
PENFF Pennant Energy Inc. 0
PENGF Primary Energy Recycling Corp. 0
PENMF Peninsula Energy Limited 0
PENYF Petromanas Energy Inc. 0
PEPFF Petroplus Holdings AG 0
PEPR Pepper Rock Resources Corp. 0
PERL Perla Group International, Inc. 0
PERT Permanent Technologies, Inc. 0
PESAF Panoro Energy ASA 0
PEUGF Peugeot S.A. 0
PEXNY PTT Exploration and Production Public Company 0
PEXZF Pacific Ridge Exploration Ltd. 0
PEYE Precision Optics Corporation, Inc. 0
PEYTF Parallel Energy Trust 0
PEYUF Peyto Exploration & Development Corp 0
PFCI Pacific Commerce Bank 0
PFDB Patriot Federal Bank 0
PFED Park Bancorp Inc. 0
PFGY PerfectEnergy International Limited 0
PFGZP Principal Financial Group Inc. 0
PFHO Pacific Health Care Organization, Inc. 0
PFLC Pacific Financial Corp. 0
PFMS PaperFree Medical Solutions Inc. 0
PFND Pathfinder Cell Therapy, Inc. 0
PFNI Psychic Friends Network Inc. 0
PFNO ParaFin Corporation 0
PFODF Premier Foods plc 0
PFOH Perpetual Federal Savings Bank 0
PFRRF PetroFrontier Corp. 0
PFSCF ProMetic Life Sciences Inc. 0
PFSD Pacific Sands Inc. 0
PFTI Puradyn Filter Technologies Inc. 0
PGCX Virtual Sourcing, Inc. 0
PGDIF Peregrine Diamonds Ltd. 0
PGEI ProGreen Properties, Inc. 0
PGEJF Petroleum Geo Services ASA 0
PGENY Pigeon Corp. 0
PGFY Pingify International Inc. 0
PGICQ Progressive Gaming International Corporation 0
PGIE PGI Energy, Inc. 0
PGLA Progen Pharmaceuticals Limited 0
PGLC Pershing Gold Corporation 0
PGLO Pan Global Corp. 0
PGNE PrimeGen Energy Corp. 0
PGNN Paragon National Bank 0
PGNRF Pan Global Resources Inc. 0
PGNT Paragon Technologies Inc. 0
PGOG Perf Go Green Holdings, Inc. 0
PGOL Patriot Gold Corp. 0
PGPEF Publicis Groupe SA 0
PGPHF Partners Group Holding AG 0
PGPM Pilgrim Petroleum Corporation 0
PGRD Proguard Acquisition Corp 0
PGSI Pegasi Energy Resources Corporation 0
PGSVY Petroleum Geo Services ASA 0
PGSY Portlogic Systems Inc. 0
PGTK Pacific Green Technologies Inc. 0
PGUZ Pegasus Pharmaceutical Company 0
PGWFF PGG Wrightson Limited 0
PGXPF Pelangio Exploration Inc. 0
PHFB Phantom Fiber Corp. 0
PHGFF Koninklijke Philips N.V 0
PHGO PhotoAmigo, Inc. 0
PHIL PHI Group Inc. 0
PHJMF Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna tbk PT 0
PHLH Pacer Health Corporation 0
PHLI Pacifichealth Laboratories Inc. 0
PHMB PharmaCom Biovet Inc. 0
PHMZF Patient Home Monitoring Corp. 0
PHOEF Tellza Communications Inc. 0
PHOS Phosphate Holdings, Inc. 0
PHRX Pharmagen, Inc. 0
PHSL PHSL Worldwide Inc. 0
PHTCF Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company 0
PHUN PetroHunter Energy Corporation 0
PHXHF PHX Energy Services Corp. 0
PHXXF Phoenix Group Holdings Plc 0
PHYH Physicians Healthcare Management Group Inc. 0
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