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Watch Silver Stocks Over the Next Month


FSM, Fortuna Silver Mines

There are several factors merging that could lead to a rise in silver.

Released on Thursday, July 13, 2017, 12:05 PM ET
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Pittsburgh, PA (SpeculatingStocks) - The DOW is at all-time highs and the S&P and NASDAQ both look ready to reach new all-time highs. However, it's silly season in the stock market heading towards end of July and there is still a great deal of political confusion. This leads the door open to silver coming into play before the market gets serious in September and Sell in May and Go Away season expires.

Currently, silver prices are slightly above a 13+ year support level. The support level is approximately at $15 and current silver spot price is at $15.85. See the silver price chart here that shows the trend that makes silver and silver stocks so attractive right now. Even the six-month chart of silver is showing that silver is in a trough right now and ready to see a move most likely starting in the next week and possibly extending for 2 to 4 weeks. The natural move right now would be higher for silver and there are possible upside surprises if the market has any sort of correction that is outside of a normal correction.

A few stocks with heavy exposure to silver include Silver Standard Resources Inc. (NASDAQ:SSRI), Coeur Mining, Inc. (NYSE:CDE), Hecla Mining Company (NYSE:HL), and Fortuna Silver Mines Inc. (NYSE:FSM). FSM just reported today that second quarter silver production climbed 36% year over year. All of these stocks also have options chains with expiration a little over a month out on 8/18/17. Silver stocks might not be as exciting and don't move as fast as tech stocks, but over a one-month window, silver stocks should do just fine.

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