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The Story Behind the 184% Move in MYSZ


MYSZ, My Size Breakthrough App

My Size, Inc. (MYSZ) the #1 Gainer on Monday has a highly rated app.

Released on Tuesday, February 14, 2017, 6:15 AM ET
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Pittsburgh, PA (SpeculatingStocks) - My Size, Inc. (NASDAQ:MYSZ) came out of nowhere yesterday to be one of the biggest 1-day gainers on the NASDAQ in a little while. MYSZ moved $7.12 to $10.97, for a 184% move to value them at a market cap of $198 million, not a bad day at all for a company that doesn't have any revenue yet. So, what is the big deal behind MYSZ? Well, the company has an app in the Apple App Store called "SizeUp - a Smart Tape Measure" to with a 4.5 out of 5 star rating and a good many positive reviews over the last few days. The app is starting to catch on for sure and the company boasts 150k downloads on their Website.

MYSZ's app serves one purpose currently, measuring a surface, but the possible applications of a simple app like this apply to apparel measurements, shipping measurements and e-commerce in general. The app states that it has 2 cm accuracy in measurements under 1.5 meter. This app could start showing up on clothing sites across the web to help consumers find their waist size. My Size, Inc. already partnered for pilot programs. Right now, the price is moving based on this sort of promise and on the brilliance of the team that built this app.

It's not out of the realm of possibility that if the company markets the app right and partners with clothing sites and shipping sites that a SizeUp app download link could start to show up on many mobile sites and apps. The programming technology behind the app is likely not easy to replicate and according to the company uses sophisticated algorithms and cutting edge technology. Best of all, they have patents-pending on the algorithms. This protects the app as My Size, Inc. doesn't have an Android app yet, but that would be the next logical step.

MYSZ was trading only a few hundred or few thousand shares a day before yesterday when it all of a sudden trading close to 1 million shares. Now, MYSZ is certainly on microcap investor radar screens. The company has a lot of work ahead still, but it may have had its breakthrough moment from a finance perspective at least and the app certainly isn't doing too shabby at all right now in terms of downloads.

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