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Sugar and Coffee In Play This AM


SGG, Sugar and Coffee ETNs

Yes, that's right, we check out some Sugar and Coffee ETNs.

Released on Monday, May 1, 2017, 6:30 AM ET
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Pittsburgh, PA (SpeculatingStocks) - There's something about May where sugar and coffee both start to move, it happened last year at this time, which saw both Sugar and Coffee move from early May into late September. Check out the 1-Year Chart for Sugar and 1-Year Chart for Coffee. Sugar complements coffee, but they are also both grown in the same regions of Brazil, India and other similar areas of the World.

As you see in the charts, both sugar and coffee are around 52-week low levels. In the Premarket, Sugar is up 4.54% and Coffee up 3.01%. Something is definitely up with both. Sugar and coffee harvesting takes place in Brazil from June through September in Brazil.

So why is this important, can investors really make money off of sugar and coffee? Yes, some ETN's were created just for this purpose to give investors exposure to sugar and coffee.

Two sugar ETN's are: 1) the iPath Bloomberg Sugar SubTR ETN (NASDAQ:SGG) and 2) Turcrium Sugar ETF (NYSE:CANE).

Two coffee ETN's are: 1) iPath Bloomberg Coffee SubTR ETN (NASDAQ:JO) and 2) iPath Pure Beta Coffee ETN (NYSE:CAFE).

Sugar ETN SGG charged from under $36 last year at this time to over $53 by late September for a 47%+ gain overall.

Coffee ETN JO climbed from under $18 last year at this time to over $26 by early November for a 44%+ gain overall.

Money can be made in Sugar and Coffee and in a market where tech is getting extremely overprice, it's a reasonable idea.

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