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  Obscene Jeans Has Caught Our Eye
We may have discovered the next huge
clothing play. OBJE the next TRLG?

Released on Monday April 25, 2011, 8:00 AM ET

Pittsburgh, PA (SpeculatingStocks) - We have discovered a new small company that no one else has really discovered yet. It's potential is massive at its current price and could become a four bagger or more.

OBJE could become the next TRLG. True Religion was a stock that we discovered somewhat early on, but hardly as early on as we are discovering OBJE.

TRLG ran from under $0.70 to over $13.00 a share in less than a year. The management team at OBJE has the aggression and style to take Obscene Jeans big.

Obscene Jeans (OBJE) is being dubbed the hot new lifestyle brand for 2011. The company is based out of Sarasota, FL and run by visionary Robert Federowicz, who has created Obscene Jeans to stand out and look amazing.

The stock has basically just begun to trade consistent volume this month. Volume has increased significantly over March.

OBJE just began trading in late February. OBJE traded to $2.95 on March 18th and is now in a trend around its current price of $2.60.

This stock could be an extreme mover as it becomes discovered. OBJE currently appears to have great support at $2.50.

We've been seeing some creative marketing for OBJE starting and we think this stock could really be a big flyer.

As of February 28th, 2011, Obscene Jeans Corp. had 13 million shares outstanding. This is a tight share structure. Shares only increased 3 million from September 2009 to August 2010.

As always, do your own due diligence. OBJE is a small company worth only around $34 million right now.

Just remember, when OBJE becomes a huge play, you found it here!