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  Top 10 Stocks from Twitter
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We've scoured Twitter and determined
10 of the top stocks from Twitter.

Released on Friday, October 14, 2011, 8:00 AM ET

Pittsburgh, PA (SpeculatingStocks) - A lot of discussion of stocks goes on within Twitter. We identify stocks that are trending on Twitter and release our Top 10 Twitter stocks to you. These are stocks receiving a good amount of attention on Twitter.

CBS (CBS Corporation) – It was just announced that CW Network shows will be available for streaming on Netflix beginning as early as this Saturday. CW Network is a joint venture between CBS and Time Warner’s Warner Brothers. Netflix is expected to pay $1 billion to CBS and Time Warner Inc. over about 10 years.

LNKD (LinkedIn Corporation) – LNKD will be announcing its Q3 financial results and business outlook on Thursday, November 3. LNKD has a 52-week high of $122.69 (set at its IPO) and is now trading at around $86.

AKAM (Akamai Technologies Inc.) – Akamai is a solid company for the current times. AKAM provides services for accelerating and improving the delivery of content and applications over the Internet. AKAM reported revenue last quarter of over $276 million and net income of over $47 million. We don’t believe that AKAM is overvalued at a market cap of around $4.6 billion.

WYNN (Wynn Resorts Ltd.) – WYNN has been rebounding after taking a big hit, dropping from $160 a share to under $110 a share. Now, WYNN is back up to $131. This company operates one of the newest and best casino resorts in Vegas. It looks like WYNN may be overvalued at its current price though. If it drops back down to $110 again, we believe that’d be a strong opportunity.

NFLX (Netflix, Inc.) – This stock blew up when the company decided to split its long-standing DVD business into a whole separate brand. NFLX plummeted from over $300 to around $117 now. Investors are now questioning whether this company can regain its form. NFLX is wavering sideways. NFLX will now most likely have to compete in the streaming space with Apple iCloud. Things are not looking good for Netflix. Just like they out maneuvered Blockbuster, looks like Apple could do that to them in the next year or two.

FMCN (Focus Media Holding Ltd.) – FMCN is a multi-platform digital media company, operates liquid crystal display (LCD) network using audiovisual digital displays in China. FMCN is profitable and trading at a PE of 16.46.

TSLA (Tesla Motors Inc.) – Tesla is trying to make it in the tough automotive industry. The company is losing money and we don’t think they government would care to bail them out. We hope TSLA will be able to make it on their own as their spirit is great. The company does have $330 million on the balance sheet and current assets to current liabilities of around 3 to 1.

P (Pandora Media, Inc.) – Pandora is a popular service. is the 60th most trafficked site in the US. Pandora is that new type of service that can swipe old competitors out of the way. It looks like Pandora is moving in on Sirius XM.

NUAN (Nuance Communications, Inc.) – Nuance has been working on speech recognition for years and years. NUAN could become a super hot play. They provide voice and language solutions for businesses and consumers worldwide. Guess what? Apple just made voice recognition super important by launching Siri in its iOS5 software. Businesses are going to want to offer similar services. NUAN has been running, from under $17.00 a share to over $23.00 a share now and has broken out to a new 52-week high. 

OPK (OPKO Health Inc.) – OPK just acquired privately held, Claros Diagnostics, which has developed a new blood testing system. Opko, which is based in Miami, said the Claros system uses a test cassette that resembles a credit card and a desktop processor. The system can take a drop of blood and perform up to 20 separate tests. Claros has validated the technology for urology and infectious disease market applications.

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