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October 14, 2004 Stock Pick: Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. (ADSX)

Stock Price: $3.57

Our most recent stock pick of ADSX was on September 2nd at $2.17.

Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. is an advanced technology development company involved in radio frequency identification (RFID), systems integration, and telecommunications. Their main focus is RFID through ADSX and their majority owned company Digital Angel Corp (DOC).

The stock is up huge due to FDA approval of their implantable computer chip known as VeriChip. This chip is initially gaining attention through its use as a device that holds medical information. They are the only one to have FDA approval for such a technology. The approval gives them a huge jumpstart on everyone else in the RFID industry. For hospitals to read the VeriChip, they will have to purchase ADSX's proprietary scanner. This will create another stream of revenue for the company.

ADSX is up another 4% in after hours; however, we believe there is still time to get in on this one. The CEO will be on the Today Show tomorrow morning to discuss the significance of the VeriChip and its medical use. We would not be surprised if he discusses its other uses including security. Members of the Mexican government have already been chipped for authorization purposes within their buildings.

This technology is generating so much buzz in all kinds of news channels. We believe ADSX has the possibility to run up huge over the next year similar to the runs of TASR and TZOO.

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