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April 1, 2004 Stock Pick: Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. (ADSX)

Stock Price: $3.32

We now believe ADSX is oversold and should turn the corner in the near future. We believe ADSX can make a similar run from this level as it did last fall.

Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. is an advanced technology development company involved in radio frequency identification (RFID), systems integration, and telecommunications. Their main focus is RFID through ADSX and their majority owned company Digital Angel Corp (DOC).

RFID will continue to gain steam in 2005, and ADSX has some of the best patented technology. The company's VeriChip is the only implantable chip to have FDA approval. The chip can only be read by their proprietary scanner. Applied Digital Solutions also has a livestock tracking solution through their wholly owned subsidiary Digital Angel Corp.

Applied Digital Solutions is an exciting company that we believe is still in its infancy and has enormous future potential.

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