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January 20, 2006 Stock Pick: Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. (ADSX)

Stock Price: $2.76

Applied Digital is a leading provider of identification and security technology. The company is the majority owner of Digital Angel Corporation (DOC).

ADSX has been in a slump for a little while and is now at a market cap of only $185 million. ADSX has major support at the $2.50 level and has the potential to make a strong move higher in a short time span.

Verichip, an ADSX unit, has applied for an IPO. The money from the IPO will be used to pay down the debt owed to its parent. This should help ADSX and even be a catalyst for it moving forward. Verichip Corporation would still be majority owned by ADSX. This IPO will create excitement and drive DOC, ADSX, and the new Verichip Corporation shares higher.

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