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March 8, 2006 Stock Pick: Angeion Corporation (ANGN)

Stock Price: $4.41

Angeion Corporation develops, manufacturers and markets non-invasive diagnostic systems for the management and improvement of cardiorespiratory health. The company also sells health and fitness products.

ANGN is currently at a market cap of only $15.92 million. Angeion just reported record revenue of $6.9 million for the first quarter and net income of $176,000. Annual revenue for 2005 was $23.7 million. Right now, ANGN is trading at a price to sales ratio of only 0.67.

Volume has been picking up for ANGN since the beginning of January. Eyes are still on this stock and any sort of volume could move this stock $1 - $2 higher.

ANGN has a book value of $3.31 with only 3.6 million shares outstanding.

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