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August 8, 2005 Stock Pick: Apollo Resources International, Inc. (AOOR)

Stock Price: $0.51

Apollo Resources International, Inc. is focused on the acquisition and development of upstream oil and natural gas production assets. The company also evaluates and develops existing and future alternative energy sources, such as biodiesel fuel.

AOOR has reached $1.70 or higher three times this year after being down at its current level, twice it hit $2.00. Volume has also picked up significantly since mid-May and is showing no signs of slowing. AOOR is one of those oil plays that investors continue to follow.

If you look at AOOR insider buying you will notice that the CEO Dennis Mclaughlin has bought several times since the beginning of the year. Most recently, the CEO purchased $238,800 worth of AOOR at $1.99 and had an even larger purchase at $1.69. There is no doubt that this CEO has a major vested interest in his company and will strive his hardest to move them forward.

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