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December 30, 2004 Stock Pick: Arel Communications & Software Ltd (ARLC)

Stock Price: $1.64

Arel Communication & Software Ltd is a technology leader in interactive web communications. They develop, market and sell a universal conferencing software solution for enterprise-wide deployment of integrated voice, video and data web conferencing/collaboration and training applications.

ARLC double-dipped at the $1.20 level twice in the past two months and is about to break through its resistance at $1.68 and $1.80. Once ARLC breaks through its resistance, it will have clear sailing to above $2.50.

Billionaires George Soros and Clayton Mathile both own large stakes in ARLC.

The company generated $1 million in revenue for the latest quarter. Next quarter should show an increase in revenues as the company turns around.

There are only 5.80 million shares in the float. ARLC has a market cap of $21.7 million.

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