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Saturday, February 11, 2017 Stock Pick

Stock Price: $4.38

Aspen Aerogels, Inc. operates as an energy technology company that designs, develops, and manufactures aerogel insulation used primarily in large-scale energy infrastructure facilities.

ASPN provides thermal insulation for natural gas, petrochemical, power generation and other energy projects that need thermal insulation. With more and more energy needing transported, demand will only increase for ASPN's aerogels.

ASPN is at a great point in its chart right now after settling down from the $4.70+ level recently. ASPN has its 50-day moving average below at $4.28 and its 200-day moving average above at $4.75.

ASPN is trading both below sales and below book value. The company has no short-term or long-term debt with $21.13 million on its balance sheet while trading at a market cap of $102.35 million. ASPN looks undervalued, but it is still being discovered by investors.

Speculative Score: 5

1 Being the Least Speculative and Most Confident

10 Being the Most Speculative and Possibly the Most Risky

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