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December 26, 2007 Stock Pick: Activision, Inc. (ATVI)

Stock Price: $29.68

Activision, Inc. engages in the development, publishing, and distribution of interactive entertainment software and peripheral products. It offers a portfolio of products that spans various categories and markets, and is used on various game hardware platforms and operating systems.

At the beginning of this month, ATVI announced a merger deal between themselves and Vivendi's Blizzard. Vivendi's Blizzard created the World of WarCraft massively multiplayer online computer game. Blizzard has been leading the way in the computer game market and ATVI has been leading the way in the console game market with their Guitar Hero video game.

Blizzard's Starcraft II is expected to be released in late 2008 and could set new record sales numbers for a computer game. It could be the must have game of 2008 like Guitar Hero was the must have game of 2007.

This merger leaves room for huge long-term upside potential that is still being priced into ATVI. We believe there are lots of upside surprises ahead for ATVI shareholders.

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