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February 12, 2006 Stock Pick: Beacon Power Corporation (BCON) Beacon Power Homepage

Current Price: $1.88

"Remember the New York power crisis in August of 2003? The power problems that seem to constantly afflict California, year in and year out? This company has the technology to provide uninterruptible electric power and effectively put an end to power grid fluctuations with its Flywheel technology. Best of all, Beacon Power is just entering the sales phase."

Industry: Electric Utilities

Market Cap: $112.74 million
Balance Sheet Cash: $5.10 million
Current Ratio (Current Assets/Current Liabilities): 3.13
52-wk High: $5.35

BCON News Stories
February 7, 2006: Beacon Power Hires Energy Industry Veteran for New Marketing and Sales Role
December 19 , 2005: Beacon Power Responds to Nasdaq Letter and Regains Compliance with Marketplace Rule
December 15, 2005: SuperModels' Best and Worst of 2005
December 12, 2005: Beacon Power Demonstrates Smart Energy Matrix System
November 14, 2005: Beacon Power Announces Third-Quarter 2005 Results

BCON is trading at a $112.7 million market cap due to its technology. Believe it or not, even with little revenue, this company is severely undervalued. Their flywheel has the potential to enhance the entire national electricity power grid in the United States. People can not deal with an extended power outage, the flywheel technology will be adopted. Its not a matter of if, but when.

BCON acquired the intellectual property rights of Advanced Energy Systems and with this grew their focus to solar power. Alternative, renewable energy is a hot industry with oil prices so high. Beacon Powr will capitalize on the growing solar push.

Notice, Beacon just hired an Energy Marketing and Sales Veteran, Chet Lyons. Chet Lyons has experience with a Solar Energy company. It is clear the company is ready to generate major sales off of its practical technology. This new sales push will drive BCON shares to a new 52-week high and a gain of over 184% in the near future.

BCON has major support here and is at a highly attractive buying point.

We will be following BCON's progress within Stock Updates.

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