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November 28, 2004 Stock Pick: Beacon Power Corporation (BCON)

Stock Price: $1.87

Beacon Power Corporation designs and develops advanced products and services to support more stable and reliable electricity grid operation. The company's energy storage systems provide uninterruptible electric power.

BCON rose after its third-quarter results were released on November 14th and has since dropped back down to its pre-earnings level. The company reported a 276% increase in revenue to $304,064. Net loss came in at $2.1 million or ($0.04) a share, though we expect this to change once the company's flywheel technology is accepted by power companies.

Beacon Power has some practical technology including its Beacon Flywheel technology storage system that can be utilized in the California market and acrossed the country. With all the energy problems acrossed the United States, BCON will surely become a strong energy play once again. Be sure to watch the "Flywheels and Frequency Regulation" flash movie at This company has the technology that the energy market has been waiting for and will accept once introduced. Right now, Beacon Power is introducing the Flywheel technology in the California and New York market and later to other power sensitive grids.

BCON is at a great area for accumulation and has little downside risk from here with much upside potential.

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