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Febuary 1, 2006 Stock Pick: Big Dog Holdings, Inc. (BDOG) Big Dog Holdings Website

Current Price: $8.92

"Big Dog Holdings is an undervalued, financially strong clothing and footwear retailer. BDOG shares have steadily moved higher for a 346% gain over the last three years."

Industry: Apparel Stores

Price to Earnings: 15.93
Price to Sales: .45
Market Cap: $81.31 million

BDOG News Stories
February 1, 2006: UPDATE - Big Dog Q4 net sales up 6.6 pct, same-store sales fall
February 1, 2006: Big Dog Holdings, Inc. Reports Sales for the Fourth Quarter and 2005...
December 12, 2006: Knobias, Inc. Announces Big Dog Holdings, Inc. as the SPOT of the Week...
November 2 , 2006: Big Dog Holdings, Inc. Announces Third Quarter 2005 Financial Results

Bottomline: Big Dog Holdings reported a record $179.1 million in sales for 2005. This $179.1 million in annual sales is up from $161.35 million in 04' and $103.75 million in 03'. BDOG will not stay unnoticed this year as it has in the past, too many eyes are on retail stocks. Even under a thin volume environment, BDOG has traded from $2.00 a share in early 2003 to its current price of $8.92. The Knobias report points to a turnaround based on Big Dog becoming profitable in the first nine months of last year. We strongly back this data.

Right now... BDOG is 61.63% held by insiders and 15.90% held by institutions. This equates to a BDOG float of only 2.04 million shares. Virtually no one is taking a risk in shorting this stock with its long-term uptrend established.

A little history... The last time BDOG was close to the current price was on November 22, 1999 when BDOG hit $8.50. This stock is about to break out of its five year range!

Technical issues... On its IPO day, BDOG traded close to $16.00 a share, BDOG deserves to reach this level again. The stock recently broke $7.50, a major area of resistance concern.

Latest acquisition... BDOG just bought substantially the assets of Steve's Shoes, Inc. in an auction sale, buying them at a low price of $4.2 million. Steve's Shoes will be consolidated into The Walking Company stores, a subsidiary of Big Dog Holdings, Inc.

We will be following BDOG's progress within Stock Updates.

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