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August 7, 2006 Stock Pick: Natural Health Trends Corp. (BHIP)

Stock Price: $3.05

Natural Health Trends Corp. is an international direct-selling company operating through its subsidiaries in 15 countries throughout Asia, North America, Europe and Latin America. The Company markets premium quality personal care products under the NHT Global (formerly Lexxus International) brand.

BHIP recently named Stephanie Hayano as the company's new CEO. She was general manageer and COO of the Personal Care Division of Cosmopolitan Cosmetics, a $150 million division of Proctor & Gamble. She led a management team that turned around P&G's unprofitable cosmetics division. Ms. Hayano also generated major business through her own business consulting company.

This CEO has run much larger operations than BHIP. There is no doubt that she will make BHIP much larger than its current market cap of $25 million. The company recently divested from their Kaire subsidiary to focus their attention on their NHT Global division.

BHIP has grown revenue the last three years from $62.88 million in 2003 to $133.22 million in 2004 to $194.47 million in 2005. The company has $20.7 million in cash and no long-term debt.

We expect BHIP to perform well in both the short and long-term. BHIP has bottomed and is now moving trending higher again. BHIP has a 52-week high of $16.90.

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