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Novemeber 15, 2007 Stock Pick:, Inc. (BIDZ)

Stock Price: $16.02, Inc. operates as an online retailer of jewelry primarily in the United States and internationally. The company operates a Web site,, for the purpose of selling merchandise, utilizing an online sales auction platform.

On November 12th, BIDZ reported third quarter revenue of $40.1 million, up 48% over the same period last year, and net income of $3.6 million. The company reported record gross margin of approximately 31.7% and raised its guidance for 2007.

BIDZ has $18.7 million in working capital and no long-term debt and a revolving credit line of $15 million if needed. The company expects 2008 revenue to be in the range of $225-$230 million and pre-tax income of $23.5 - $25.5 million to be taxed at approximately 40%. is a unique site that we believe will continue to receive attention. The company's financial growth and situation should allow the company to expand and make a huge splash in the online auction market.

Based on 2008 financial forecasts and the growth the company is experiencing, BIDZ current market cap of $377.08 seems be modest.

BIDZ has corrected the last two days and may be ready to move again with the 50-day moving average fast approaching and the stock continuing to come on investor radar screens. We expect BIDZ to continue to receive a lot of attention.

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