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December 15, 2004 Stock Pick: Biophan Technologies, Inc. (BIPH)

Stock Price: $1.20

Biophan Technologies, Inc. develops and markets cutting-edge technologies designed to make biomedical devices safe and compatible with the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) environment. Biophan and its licensors now hold a total of 103 U.S. patents, licenses or applications. Four Biophan technologies include advances in nanotechnology and thin film coatings.

BIPH broke out of its trading range yesterday as it hit $1.25 on over 1 million shares traded. Attention is beginning to be gained by BIPH again as their anti-antenna patent has now been issued giving them market dominance in MRI safety.

Last Thursday, The CEO spoke at the Wall Street Reporter's Small-Cap Discovery Conference. Before that he presented at the Bay Area Biotechnology and Healthcare Investor Forum. Most importantly, BIPH was highlighted as a "Company to Watch" in the latest issue of Forbes/Wolfe's Nanotech Report.

Remember, the company is currently in research and development with Boston Scientific. Boston Scientific will have the first right to negotiate the licensing of Biophan technologies that come out of the joint venture between the two companies. The marketing strength of Boston Scientific will greatly enhance the future success of Biophan’s products.

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