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April 27, 2005 Stock Pick: B.O.S. Better Online Solutions Ltd. (BOSC)

Stock Price: $2.62

B.O.S. Better Online Solutions operates in three markets -- communications, connectivity, software utilities. Through these markets they are involved in VoIP, LAN Networks, and solutions for the design, distribution and management documents for a range of operating systems.

The company's Odem division recently recieved a $2 million contract to supply electronic components to customers in the US and Asia. BOSC jumped to $3.68 on this news, over 1.67 million shares were traded. Two weeks before this contract the same division signed a 5 year contract worth $3 million. We expect there to be more contracts from the Odem division in the near future.

Revenues for Q4 were $4,239,000, up from $1,526,000, or 178% from the same period last year. Net loss was $620,000 for the quarter compared to a profit of $36,000 last year. Acquistions held down profits last year; however, the company should reap the rewards in the near future as they continue to be synergized.

There are currently 4.74 million shares outstanding and 3.90 million in the float. The book value of a BOSC share is $2.21.

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