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July 22, 2005 Stock Pick: B.O.S. Better Online Solutions Ltd. (BOSC)

Stock Price: $2.62

We first released BOSC as a stock pick back on April 27th at $2.28. On July 14th, BOSC hit $4.99 on news that their recently acquired Odem Electronic Technologies division has signed $3.5 million in new contracts to supply components to customers in the U.S., Asia, and Europe.

B.O.S. Better Online Solutions operates in three markets -- communications, connectivity, software utilities. Through these markets they are involved in VoIP, LAN Networks, and solutions for the design, distribution and management documents for a range of operating systems.

Second quarter results are due out in a month and on the heels of the Odem news, results should exceed those of the first quarter. First quarter revenues were $7.3 million compared to $1.2 million for the same period last year.

BOSC has been volatile as of late, but is beginning to stabilize already, and should head higher in the near future. There are only 2.35 million shares in the float and the company is trading at .43 times possible future sales based on first quarter results. BOSC has a market cap of only 12.4 million.

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