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August 16, 2006 Stock Pick: BluePhoenix Solutions Ltd. (BPHX)

Stock Price: $4.60

BluePhoenix Solutions Ltd. operates in the IT Modernization market by developing unique solutions that enable companies to automate the process of modernizing and upgrading their IT infrastructure. The company's comprehensive suite of tools and services (including technology for Understanding, Migration, Remediation, and Redevelopment) reduces the cost of renovation and speeds up the renewal process.

BPHX is undervalued and undiscovered. The company just reported a record second quarter with sales of $16.6 million and net income of $1.1 million, or $0.08 per share. This is up from an EPS Of $0.01 during the same period last year. The company currently has a backlog of $72 million in purchase orders.

BPHX is a major player in the International market. We expect BluePhoenix to expand into the emerging market space rather easily with offices all across the globe.

BPHX recently dipped from the $5.20 - $5.40 range. We expect BPHX to move back to that level and trend higher from there. BPHX has a book value of $4.05.

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