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February 19, 2006 Stock Pick: Bolt Technology Corp. (BTJ) Bolt Technology Homepage

Stock Price: $12.68

"Bolt Technology operates in the geophysical and industrial energy space. Net income last quarter grew 224% while revenue grew 47% to $6.57 million."

Industry: Oil and Gas Equipment and Services

Market Cap: $68.92 million

52wk High: $19.85

P/E: 22.97

Shares in the Float: 5.0 million

BTJ News Stories

January 25, 2006: Bolt Technology Reports Second Quarter Results

Bolt Technology is a solid company with great financial metrics. The stock dropped for no apparent reason since the beginning of February and should recover quickly and efficiently. BTJ hit a low of $10.55 three trading days ago and has already moved higher $2.00 following the reversal. Volume has really sustained at its higher level as BTJ is becoming widely recognized by the investment community.

Net income last quarter was $897,000 on $6.57 million in revenue. The company is running at an amazing 13.6% profit margin. EPS came in at $0.16. BTJ is currently trading at a forward P/E of only 19.8 based on last quarter's earnings. Bolt Technology expects strong results to continue. Their seismic energy sources business has really grown propelling them to the next level of high growth.

BTJ had a strong long-term chart until the drop this month. Luckily, all of the action has created a buying opportunity and one of our member's found it at just the right time. BTJ has the potential to climb into the mid-twenty dollar range.

We will be following BTJ's progress within Stock Updates.

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