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August 12, 2005 Stock Pick: China Energy Savings Technology, Inc. (CESV)

Stock Price: $9.30

China Energy Savings Technology, Inc. develops and distributes energy saving products for commercial and industrial use. The company is a Nevada Corporation headquartered in Hong Kong.

As oil continues to rise, and energy prices sky rocket, large companies are looking to cut costs through energy saving. The United States is not alone in its energy crunch, China has been experiencing power shortages, leading to a major contract for China Energy. The company recently received a $4.15 million contract to provide products ranging from light savers to sewing machine savers to mechanical energy savers. Best of all, the profit margin on this contract is expected to be 70%.

The company expects its fourth quarter, ending September 30, 2005, to generate record revenue and profits, culminating in their best year ever. Annual EPS is expected to come in at $1.10.

CESV volume has really picked up over the last month and the stock has strong support at $8.00. It only looks up from here for CESV as energy prices continue to soar.

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