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November 24, 2004 Stock Pick: Euro Tech Holdings Co. Ltd. (CLWT)

Stock Price: $3.46

Euro Tech Holdings Company Limited is a premium distributor and manufacturer of high-quality technology instruments. Their instruments are designed to meet the environmental needs of the China market. Euro Tech is currently focusing on areas such as water treatment, water plant, power plant, metals and petrochemicals for which the company can supply monitoring instruments, gas chlorinators, analytical instruments and testing equipment.

CLWT is another one of those China stocks we think has a strong future. In early October, the company signed two major contracts worth $1.9 million with the EPA of China. The contract calls for Euro Tech to supply Flow Injection Analyzers and Sample Preparation Equipment for water quality analysis.

CLWT is beginning to trade more volume as of late and with only 6.4 million shares outstanding, CLWT has the ability to move quickly to the upside. More contracts in China may be on the horizon.

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