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November 22, 2005 Stock Pick: Core Molding Technologies, Inc. (CMT)

Stock Price: $7.27

Core Molding Technologies, Inc. is a compounder of sheet molding composites (SMC) and molder of fiberglass reinforced plastics. The Company produces high quality fiberglass reinforced, molded products and SMC materials for varied markets, including light, medium and heavy-duty trucks, automobiles, automobile aftermarket, personal watercraft and other commercial products.

The company reported revenue of $31.6 million and net income of $1.51 million for the most recent quarter. Profit increased by 216% in a one year span. Investors have yet to realize the opportunity. CMT hit $8.00 on November 8th and has since been volatile. CMT is just beginning to settle.

CMT is trading at a market cap of only $70.6 million and a P/E of 9. There are only 5.3 million shares in the float and 10 million outstanding.

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