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February 18, 2005 Stock Pick: Cell Therapeutics, Inc. (CTIC)

Stock Price: $10.00

Cell Therapeutics, Inc. (CTI) develops, acquires and commercializes novel treatments for cancer. The Company's research and in-licensing activities are concentrated on identifying new, less toxic and more effective ways to treat cancer.

The company is releasing fourth quarter and year end numbers on February 28th; however, the bigger catalyst for CTIC will be the results from their Xyotax drug study. Results from Phase III studies are now expected to be released in early March to mid-March instead of April, previously reported. The market took this as good news and drove CTIC up 12%.

As a warning, biotech stocks are extremely risky, if a drug falls through trials the stock usually plummets.

The picture right now looks good for CTIC, it has been in a strong uptrend since late last summer when it was under $5.00.

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