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October 18, 2006 Stock Pick: Centillium Communications, Inc. (CTLM)

Stock Price: $2.05

Centillium Communications, Inc. is a leading innovator of high performance, cost-effective semiconductor solutions that give consumers, enterprises and service providers the winning edge in broadband access. The company's complete, end-to-end system-on-chip solutions accelerate development time-to-market for "last mile" communications products.

CTLM gapped down on August 2nd and has been stuck in the same range since between $1.82 and $2.19. There is little downside at its current price with decent upside potential.

CTLM is in an industry that adapts semiconductors to communications. This industry has been hot lately and CTLM is just waiting to move higher.

CTLM has $35.47 million in cash on the balance sheet and $28.80 million in short-term investments. CTLM has a book value of $1.16 and market cap of only $83.37 million.

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