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Decemeber 9, 2005 Stock Pick: deltathree, Inc. (DDDC)

Stock Price: $3.09

deltathree, Inc. is a leading provider of Internet telephony solutions to consumers, resellers and service providers worldwide. deltathree offers a wide range of Voice over IP (VoIP) services including Broadband Phone, PC Phone, Virtual Calling Cards and more.

DDDC traded heavy volume today after the EGHT news. VoIP stocks tend to heat up around this time of the year and DDDC is an obvious play. The company had $7.1 million in revenue for the latest quarter and a net loss of only $40,000.

DDDC is poised for a breakout after reporting close to breakeven. The stock hardly moved at all and deserves to be valued at higher than a $92 million market cap due to their strong position in the VoIP market. DDDC's income statement situation is much stronger than EGHT.

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