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August 3, 2005 Stock Pick: Trump Entertainment Resorts, Inc. (DJTE)

Stock Price: $21.10

We first released DJTE as a stock pick when it was DJTC back on September 13th of last year at $0.40 a share before the company went into bankruptcy and reorganized.

Trump Entertainment Resorts, Inc. is a leading gaming company that owns and operates four properties. The Company's assets include Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort, Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino, Trump Marina Hotel Casino, and the Trump Casino Hotel. The Company is the sole vehicle through which Donald J. Trump conducts gaming activities and is consistent with the Donald J. Trump standard of excellence.

The company through its hotels offers various table games including poker. Poker will continue to bring new gamblers into casinos to experience a real live game. Trump Taj Mahal has sponsored poker tournaments that have been televised and is one of the premier poker casinos on the east coast.

Since, reorganizing DJTE has went from $9.95 to a high of $21.50, moving steadily higher.

Trump Entertainment just hired a new COO, the former President of Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Mark Juliano, where he reestablished that property as a leader on the Las Vegas Strip.

Trump Entertainment has a good chance of turning around their operations and returning the Trump casino name to greatness.

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