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December 23, 2004 Stock Pick: DataLogic International, Inc. (DLGI)

Stock Price: $0.58

DataLogic International, Inc. is a technology and professional services company providing a wide range of consulting services and telecommunications products such as VoIP phones, videophones, communications servers and GPS vehicle tracking devices. The company also provides Information Technology outsourcing and consulting services.

For the third quarter, the company announced revenues of $3.0 million with a net loss of $0.3 million. DataLogic undertook several strategic initiatives, including an expansion of its VoIP business into the consumer market.

DLGI has hit this level in the past, and has bounced back strongly. It appears DLGI is still relatively undervalued and undiscovered. DLGI hit a high of $1.69 last March.

VoIP stocks will begin to heat up again in the near future, and DLGI is always a major play.

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