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July 1, 2004 Stock Pick:, Inc. (DSLN)

Stock Price: $0.31, Inc. provides broadband communications services to businesses by offering T-1, DS-3 and business-class DSL connections. The company provides additional services including virtual private networks, web hosting, DNS management, and firewall installation as well as VoIP offerings in select markets. is very well positioned to get their business customers signed up for their VoIP service. Internet Service Providers such as are inherently well positioned in the VoIP industry due to their already established customer base.

The company has suffered, but has survived the shakeout in the DSL industry by focusing on the small to medium size enterprises who demand a quality, broadband Internet connection.

The company had $10.3 million in cash and total assets of $52.3 million at the end of Q1 with gross margin improvements of 20%. We are confident will reach its goals of EBIDTA positive, bringing in additional financing, and pursuit of VoIP sales.

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