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June 21, 2005 Stock Pick: Daystar Technologies Inc. (DSTI)

Stock Price: $14.96

DayStar Technologies Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of proprietary high performance photovoltaic products including silicon-free solar cells on specialty metal foils.

Solar energy stocks have been the latest fad in the market, and DSTI is beginning to lead the way. At the start of 2005, DSTI was at the $2.50 level and has since trended up strongly, most recently doubling from $8 to $16 on heavy volume.

The company finally completed its first purchase order from a German company worth an estimated $60 million through 2008. We believe this will now lead to other orders from major companies from all around the globe.

DSTI only has 2.40 million shares in its float and a market cap of just over $50 million.

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